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Another Talk show!
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21 / F / here duh
Posted 3/13/11 , edited 3/14/11
No I'm beating you up. Like I did before Science when you were mean to short people
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21 / F / Look Behind You.
Posted 3/14/11 , edited 3/14/11
Hehehe.....I was being mean to Abby, not short people!
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21 / F / The US of A
Posted 3/16/11 , edited 3/17/11
Al: Strip and then run around town. (You don't have to, but if you want to, I'm not stopping ya)

Black cat: Why wont u act like a normal kitty?

Bliss: Why u not with Adrian anymore?
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22 / F
Posted 3/16/11 , edited 3/17/11
I am not the kind of person who hangs out on Crunchyroll all the time,but I want to join this group so DON'T expect me to comment all the time
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19 / F / Somewhere else
Posted 3/17/11 , edited 3/17/11
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20 / Milkyway
Posted 3/28/11 , edited 3/28/11
Bliss is with Adrian.. o:

~ * ~

Yuki: Uhm, Uhm, UHm, UHM.. Yeah... I've got nothing.. WAIT WAIT! DRESS UP AS A PIE! :DD
Al: Hug addiction_freak again xD
Bliss: pop the balloon. <.< Stupid things people say..
Adrian: [ because he deserves to be shown! ] Do you actually REALLY love Bliss?
Bliss: Are you seriously pregnant.. o.o
Random Wolf: HI HI!
Black Cat: Dress up as.. A DOG!
Hana: Get off your honey moon, DAMNIT.
Ikuto: Tkae her to Paris first though.
Since you guys completely ignored a person. GO JUMP OFF A CLIFF! DIE! Then magically come back! :DD
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21 / F / The US of A
Posted 3/30/11 , edited 3/30/11
Oh! I really need to read the forums before I post
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19 / F / Somewhere else
Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/25/11
Yuki: Hello! Another fun episode for the Another Talkshow! You know the deal around here so let's get started!

Al: Our lov- umm wonderful guests are Chisel and Kina!

Chisel: *jumps in* Hello!

Kina: *comes in* Hi and I'm still alive!

Black Cat: Hello Kina. Last time I saw you was when I didn't talk and we were near Yuki's and Al's alleyhouse.

Yuki: Kina-chi! It's been so long! *hugs her*

Al: Hey Kina!

Kina: *whispers to Al while hugging Yuki* Just put the cake in the back.

Al: Okay! *goes off*

Yuki: You said something?

Kina: Oh no.

Yuki: *refering to Chisel* I remember you! You were the ummm...........................

Chisel: Yes?

Yuki: Ummm...........

Black Cat: She doesn't remember.

Yuki: Moving on! First question! Let Al take in charge. WHAT!?!

Al: *comes in and jumps on the table* It's about time! *rips his shirt off and dances on the table* WHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Fangirls: *squeals*

Five minutes later.

Things are being thrown around as some people (mostly Al) is drunk from soda.

Kina: *at Yuki* Now I can see why you don't let him be in charge of the show.

Yuki+Black Cat: *nods* Yeeeeeeeeeeeah........

Al: *still shirtless* Next question! Black Cat, wear an "Amulet Heart" kitty cosplay suit.

Black Cat: No no no no noooooooo.

Fangirl: KAWAII!!!!!!!! *mob comes to Black Cat and puts the clothes on her*

Black Cat: I feel so pathathic. T.T I'm going outside. *leaves to be mob by more fangirls and some cats as well*

Chisel: Al, give Yuki the cake.

Al: *gives her the cake while swaying because he is drunk* Happy birthday Yuki!

Yuki: It's not even my birthday. My birthday is in 4 months and 1 day.

Al: Really?

Yuki: Open your mouth.

Al: *does so*

Yuki: *stuffs the cake in his mouth* If I eat the cake you make, I might die.

Al: But Hana was the one who made it.

Yuki: Oh. Oopes.

Kina: Next one is for Bliss. Blow up a balloon so you can have a new best friend.

Bliss: Yay! *blows up a yellow one with a smiley face on it*

Yuki: Pop the balloon! Pop the balloon!

Bliss: If you do, I will kill you. *eyes turn white*

Yuki: Meh, who cares? Everyone! Get her!!!!! *the whole cast, guests, and host/hostesses doggy pile her* I got it! *pops it with the needle*

Bliss: I'M GONNA FREAKIN' KILL YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!! *goes on a rampage*

Yuki: Security! Lock her in the room!

Security: *throws her in while trying to keep the door from being destoryed*

Yuki: Ikuto, do you REALLY love Hana?

Ikuto: Of course! I think.............

Al: *still drunk* Hana, someone said you don't belong to Ikuto.

Hana: I will kill that person! *holds Yuki's chainsaw*

Yuki: No no no! *takes chainsaw away* I'm chainsaw girl. Bliss is the gun girl. And you are the Oh-crap-she's-about-to-kill-us-run! girl.

Hana: Ooooh. Awesome.

Black Cat: *comes back in without the clothes (fangirls: aww....)* Next one, Tadase, die in a pit.

Tadase: What? Nev-

Black Cat: *pushes him out the window and into a hole*

Yuki: Bye bye Tadagay. *pours in a pile of dirt on him*

Black Cat: Yuki, you will start those annoying fan wars.

Yuki: But still.........

Kina: He is NOT gay! And don't just bury him alive like that!

Black Cat: See what I mean? Question for Nagi. Get over your fear of scissors and cut your hair so you actually look like a guy.

Nagi: Okay, I'll try. *dramatic music as he tries holding up the scissors to cut his hair in slow motion* Gaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! *scissors slip as he tries to catch it and music stops and scissors lands in his throat* X.X

Yuki+Chisel+Kina+Black Cat: Oooooooo! That's gotta hurt!

Rima: *yanks the scissors out of his throat* I swore when I became a laughing emo that I will never cry again but laugh. Hahaha. *cuts her hair short while getting blood on her hair*

Everyone: . . .

Chisel: Okay....Miki and Su take off your hats!

Miki: *takes it off to reveal beautiful hair*

Su: *takes hers off to reveal a completely dirty, messed up mohauk* What?

Kina: Y-You have horrible hair!

Su: *looks up* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries and leaves in embrassment and shame*

Kina: Kukamu date now! *shoves them in a small closet*

Both: *making out in the closet then you hear loud noises*

Yuki: *backing away from the closet* Next is Ikuto to act like Tadase and everyone to be nice to him.

Ikuto: I shall rule the world one day! Everyone bow to me!

Fangirls: o/////o *bows to him*

Al: *drunk while swaying like one* Tadase is dead soooo......yeah. Hana, let Kina beat you up.

Hana: No way!

Yuki: *holds Hana* I got her now attack!

Hana: I thought you were my friend!

Yuki: Hey, this is for revenge!

Hana: On what?

Yuki: For locking me up in a closet with Al!

Hana: You know, that sounds like a VERY good idea right now.

Kina: I know right?

Bliss: *comes out* Yep yep.

The Three: Let's get her! *drags her*

Yuki: Chisel! Save me!

Chisel: No, you didn't remember me!

Yuki: Why me. T.T *get thrown in with Al* Cmon, you guys put me with a drunk man!

The Three: That makes the whole thing a lot better!

Hana: Hey Kina, I know Ka-ra-te! *poses*

Kina: Oh yeah, I know Kung Fuuuuuu. *poses*

Both: *starts fighting really awesomely like a jackie chan movie*

Black Cat: Okay, so who wants to braid dead Nagi's hair?

Chisel: I do! *braids it*

Fangirls: Kawaii!!!!!! *takes him away*

Yuki: *makes a door with the chainsaw, panting* That was the worst 7 minutes of my life.

Bliss: *mumbles to the rest of the girls* More like the best.

Al: *drunk and wraps both of his arms around Yuki's waist*

Yuki: *turning a bit red and hits him with a lead pipe*

Al: *unconious and arms are still wrapped around*

Bliss: Well you sure are liking that Yuki.

Kina: Yeah, you were blushing!

Yuki: I was red from embrassment because there is a guy wrapped around me not because I like him.

Hana: Oh yes you do.

Chisel: Uh hun, uh hun!

Yuki: No I don't.

Four: Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuureeee.

Chisel: Yaya, grow up.

Yaya: Awwwww.............*puts on glasses and work outfit* Good bye wonderful childhood. *walks away*

Black Cat: *kicks her out*

Kina: Scratch Ikuto's face for being like you.

Black Cat: Okay. *attacks him*

10 weeks later.

Black Cat: I'm done.

Four: Hehehehehe. *taking pictures of Al's arms wrapped around Yuki, both asleep* Blackmail! >:3

Bliss: Since lovely dovey couple are asleep, I will say the next question. Nade! Come on stage!

Nade: *appears next to Nagi's dead body*


Hana: Is that how you do the dummy distraction Bliss? *behind fake Nade*


Black Cat: Yoru, pose.

Yoru: My pleasure! *pose nexts to the yarn while papperazzi takes pictures* Yeah! Nya!

Chisel: *tries to open the closet holding Kukai and Amu but can't* It's lock. From the inside.

Amu: *from the closet* Oh Kukai!

The cast: *moving away from the closet*

Kina: Utau! Sing the theme song to SC!

Utau: My pleasure! *sings very high pitch, completely off-key, and in a HORRIBLE way*

Bliss: *covers her eyes along with everyone else* Shut up already!

Yuki: *slowly waking up*

Hana: Crap, she's waking up, hide the pictures!

Four: *do so*

Yuki: *wakes up* He's still like this?

Al: *wakes up and is drunk.....still*

Yuki: Last question, Pepe, take off your bunny outfit.

Pepe: O-okay. *takes it off to reveal*

Chisel: Oh my god you're a woman!

Pepe: *nods in embrassment*

Yuki+Al+Black Cat: Anyway, this has been a VERY weird episode. You know the cue! This is Yuki, Al, and the cat. *Chisel and Kina join in* And we're signing off!


I promise I will get the other questions in another episode so bear with me!
Posted 5/25/11 , edited 5/26/11
Cat: hide Yuki's chainsaw
Al: Kiss Yuki
Yuki: Why do you kill the characters in every episode then somehow make them come back to life?
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