Races Guide
Posted 10/15/10 , edited 10/16/10
The allowed races at Red Skull Academy:

  • Demon/Angel
  • Dwarves
  • Elves of all types (Blood, Night, Dark, Light, Drow etc.)
  • Fairy/Sprites
  • Human
  • Lycan
  • Part-beast
  • Part-divine
  • Vampire

    Multiple Races, Lycans and Vampire Information, and Part-Something Information can be found below.


    Multiple Races
    Your character is allowed to be a mixture of several races, the most popular being a Human/Elf mix. Only if it is an even split* between the two Races, your character will only get the benefits of the Major Race.
    *Even Split Exception- If a character is an even split between two Races, he or she will recieve both benifits, but they will be considerably weaker.

    Example One
    Reba is a mix of several races, being approximately 10% Fairy, 40% Human, and 50% Dwarf.
    Because she is mostly Dwarf, she gains the benefits of being a Dwarf. At most, from being Human and Fairy, her appearance could be slightly altered.

    Example Two
    Amber is an Even Split between a Human and Elf. Being evenly of both Races, she recieves benefits of both classes, but not to full potential. Her endurance, magic, speed, and similar stats are nearly half of a full blood elf, the weaker Human Race lowering her abilities.


    Lycan and Vampire Factor
    Most Lycans and Vampires are not born. Rather, they become what they are from several different methods, including bites, attacks, or cult-joining. So, before they "turned" they had a different race, such as human.
    When a Lycan becomes a Lycan, they keep their original Race while in their "normal" form.
    When a Vampire becomes a Vampire, they completely change from their previous Race to fit into their new Race.

    Example One
    Andrea was once a normal Human. After becoming a Lycan due to a bite, she still remains in her Human Race, but obviously only while she is in her Human Form. While in her Wolf form, her abilities are completely different, as she has changed from Human to Beast.

    Example Two
    Pat was a powerfully strong Human, working all day being a Lumberjack. After becoming a Vampire, he lost his strength and ability to work for long hours in the sunlight. Rather than having an overall ability, his strength was lowered and his magic abilities were enhanced.


    Part-Something Information
    Being a Part of the three available "Part-"s, students are able to keep their first Race, as well as keep the ability of their "Part-"

    Part- Races are merely used to keep Godmodding low.
    Rather than allowing God-like Divine creatures here, we only allow Part-Divine students, possibly a relative to a God, but does not possess unworldly powers.

    As for Part-Beasts, due to the fact that teaching animals would be difficult, one may be part of a creature. Students may have the head of an animal, or body parts such as legs or tails.

    Example One
    Liz is the daughter of a Minor Forest Goddess known as Akira. Though she does not possess any powers of the gods as she is part human, she has an uncanny nack of connecting with Nature.

    Example Two
    Dan was born a part-elf, part-bull mixture. Similar to a minotaur, he has thick hooves for feet and two deadly horns on his head. He has somewhat of a strength bonus from this, but the speed he had as an elf is reduced.
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