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-Application Form-

Are you active?(Be Honest)
Why do you think you should be a moderator?:
Do you have any experience? (if yes, please do tell):
What are your specialties?(Avatars, banners, icons, etc.):
Examples (in spoiler tags):

If I think you qualify, I'll send you a PM to notify you.
And to those who I reject, don't be so disappointed. You could try again next time ^^

Good Luck!

Vice President Of Cooking Acad
42980 cr points
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Posted 10/15/10 , edited 10/16/10
Username: Sesshys-Angel
Name: Rachie (my name)
Are you active? im here everyday, and if i cant well im at college trying to listen =P
Why do you think you should be a moderator?: I always want to help others with whatever they need. So im happy to help you out even if I just joined up here =]
Do you have any experience? Ive got my group Twisted Past RP and other groups im mods of, Immortal RP, Dragon Academy.
What are your specialties? I'll be honest, im not the best with the graphics, but Im happy to approve members, keep the forums going and come up with events between the classes.
Examples (in spoiler tags):
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