Classes Guide
Posted 10/15/10 , edited 10/16/10
Most classes are all given one special ability, or their "trademark" skill. These skills are often in the format of "Basic skill," "Strengthened Skill," then "Twilight Skill."
The Twilight Skill also usually comes with a "Special," or one powerful ability that can be used once per roleplay.

**If you want a class that is not listed, request it with our staff and we will talk it over and see if it is meshable with the forum

The following Classes are allowed for your character:

  • Archer- The Archer, sometimes called Ranger, is a physical class that specializes in ranged weapons, which do less damage, but allow them to attack from a distance. Hunters traditionally use bows and crossbows for damage. Aside from their bow attacks, many Hunters have buff abilities that temporarily raise their stats, such as accuracy or increasing the damage their arrows inflict. They can also inflict status effects with their arrows, and sometimes have forestry related abilities such as detecting, capturing, or hiding from mosters.

  • Bard- Bards use songs to cause effects, often strengthening the party or weakening the opposition through temporary stat reduction by using the Sing command. They generally equip instruments as weapons, which vary in strength. Many Bards have summoning abilities, as well. Moreover, some Bard have the ability to Hide from the enemy. This is used maingly due to the Bard's low physical abilities.

  • Berserker- A Berserker is a warrior who fights battles in an unbridled rage, and is thus extremely vicious but uncontrollable. Berserkers characteristically dress in animal skins, much like the classic Norse Berserkers The Berserker has access only to physical attacks and can hardly control themselves during battle.

  • Death Knight- Being the opposite of Paladins, Death Knights love nothing more than danger, mainly concerning others. They have developed strong Dark Magic, which they use in battle. They normally wear dark-elemental armor, and usually weild a dark-elemental broadsword to channel their power through.

  • Druid - The druid class has the strongest ties to nature.
    They are naturally able to converse with mortal creatures, and have the ability to summon and control weather, such as rain or sunlight. Stronger druids can summon more powerful weather, such as thunderstorms or blizzard. One of the druid’s most potent characterisitcs lie in their ability to heal others through the energy they channel from the environment.

  • Elementalist- Elementalists have the power to control one element. But the more elements the user can control, the weaker their control overall becomes.
    Controllable Elements are: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Lightning, Steel, Ice, Light, or Shadow.

  • Mage (black, white, or red)
    Black Mage
    - A Black Mage is a magic-user that specializes in attack magic, Black Magic. Many of their spells utilize the elements to attack their enemies, though many others specialize in Shadow-based magic.

  • White Mage-A White Mage uses White Magic to heal allies, revive the wounded, cure status conditions, and deal holy damage to the enemy. They often use White Magic spells to temporarily increase allies’ statues, or even to perform a spell that makes all allies immune to opponent Spells.

  • Red Mage- Red Mages use the abilities of both Black Mages and White Mages and have the combat abilities of a Fighter, but are dilettantes and are not as good at any one ability as are any of the other classes. In general, they are only able to cast Intermediate spells, and even then, not necessarily every one of those. The Red Mage also have some specialized magic that the other mages are not able to.

  • Monk- The Monk is the master of martial arts (especially karate) who shuns heavy weapons or armor in favor of barehanded fighting, sometimes supplemented with claws. In the later levels, Monks can use certain meditative techniques which can improve attack power, or heal battle wounds. They usually are able to immediately counterattack against physical attacks directed at its person.

  • Necromancer - Also known as the Death Sorcerer. Necromancers are powerful Mages with extremely low strength and defense. But to make up for this, Necromancers can raise the dead from almost anywhere and have them fight in place of the Necromancer.

  • Ninja- The Ninja, is generally both fast and powerful, combining the agility of a Thief and strength of a Fighter. However, in order to achieve this level of dexterity, Ninja are limited in defense, unable to wear heavy armor. They can equip a number of Ninja-specific weapons, such as Ninja Swords, Katanas, Knives, Boomerangs, etc. Also, they often throw weapons like shruikens at the opponent. Many ninja also possess the Ninjutsu moveset.

  • Paladin- Paladins are powerful Knights who think nothing other than the safety of others. They have developed strong White Magic, which they use to heal those in need. Due to being Holy, Paladins are often seen in white armour wielding a warhammer.

  • Priest/Priestess- Priests and Priestesses are Mages that follow a certain God or Goddess for support. They generally range from Evil to Good depending on what type of God they are aligned under. In addition, all Priests are naturally strong against Angels and Demons.

  • Seer- Seers have the unique ability of peering into the future or past, whether it be immediate or far off in time. They can use this to "see" what opponents are planning, and in turn tell this to their comrades.

  • Shapeshifter- Shapeshifters usually have multiple forms which can be beneficial in battle. When transformed the character has entirely new abilities which includes both physical and magic attacks. The few Shapeshifters that have had a Master to learn how to control their shifting are able to shift into anything they want for long periods of time.

  • Summoner- Summoners call upon entities of great power (whose name and source varies from creature to creature) to attack their enemies, protect their party or render other forms of aid. Summoners often use White Magic in battle.
    Occasionally, some creatures can be summoned through various trinkets. This usually is a willing behavior on the creature's part, usually in return for assistance.

  • Thief- The Thief is generally a slightly weaker physical combatant, but with an unusually high skill at evasion, speed and often luck due to their natural dexterity. They are known most for stealing other’s items for their own use. They can also disarm various traps, and sneak up on their opponent while they're unaware.

  • Trickster- A trickster or illusionist is one who mainly has low stats in everything but evasion and speed. To make up for this, they can make things seem like they're not, distracting them enough to either get away, or for an ally to get in to attack.

  • Warrior/Samurai- A warrior or knight is portrayed as a skilled swordsman who can make use of some of the most powerful heavy armors and weaponry. As such, it is a well-rounded physical combatant with both high attack and defense statistics.

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