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Posted 10/16/10 , edited 10/16/10
Ami : *opens eyes* "Huh?.." *notices alarm clock* * * "I-Im late! noooooo!" *rushes to bathroom with clothes in hand* *comes out of bathroom having done teeth,changed and done hair* *sighs and runs down the stairs,nernly falling in the process* "Gah..f-food?" *runs to kitchen,grabs school bags and runs into hall again* *yells upstairs* "im off!" *runs out of house*

2 minutes later :

Ami : *arrives at school* *sighs with relife*
Debbie : "Ami?"
Ami : "Ah? D-Debbie?"
Debbie : "Your early.."
Ami : "no im not i-"
Debbie : *points to school clock*
Ami : *looks* * * "AN HOUR EARLY!?!?!?!?!?!?!"
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Class :

Ami:*sighs and sits down*
Josh:"An hour?"
Debbie:"i know,shocking" *sits down*
Ami:*sighs again* "Why me..? why..?"
Ami:*looks at Josh* "Josh?"
Becky:"Hey! look who it is!"
Ami:* * "Tell you after.."
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