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Posted 10/16/10 , edited 10/16/10
[News] BEAST Members Want to be Closer to SHINee

Idol group BEAST is battling it out with SHINee in the charts right now, but the BEAST members express their camaraderie for their seniors.

In a recent interview, BEAST members were asked which idols they want to become closer too. They rattled out quite a few names, but the members Lee Kikwang, Yang Yoseob, Son Dongwoon, Yong Junhyung, and Yoon Doojoon had one group as a consistent answer.

Lee Kikwang
‘SHINee’s Jonghyun. His singing is particularly good. Just very curious how he could sing so well. Recently we’ve exchanged contact numbers, hope we will become closer.’

Yang Yoseob
SHINee’s Jonghyun and CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa. They sing particularly well, so want to share our thoughts together.

Son Dongwoon
SHINee’s Key, FT Island’s Jaejin, MBLAQ’s Mir, KARA’s Nicole, 2AM’s Jinwoon and miss A’s Min etc 91’ line. Compared to other celebrity friends, when we see each other, the feeling is like chatting with high school friends.

Yong Junhyung
SHINee’s Onew and MBLAQ’s Seungho hyung. Apart from them, there are other 89-er born friends. There are friends who have done promotions around the same time so we became close after chatting and also friends introduced by Doojoon.

Yoon Doojoon
SHINee’s Minho, ZE:A’s Dongjun etc, members who plays soccer. Want to play soccer together.

Looks like more proof of idol love. Surely their fans will support both SHINee and BEAST’s new singles in this weekends music charts.

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