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Weapons Items

  • Dark Fall - A bow made of extremely tough Hickory wood, yet is very flexible and easy to string. The souls of Shadow Crests are embedded deep within the bow, and whenever an arrow is shot, they give the arrow more speed and power. The bow is Dark-elemental. Comes with 100 free bows.
    Special Attack: Dark Crest - The souls of the Shadow Crests are permitted to exit the bow and absorb energy from its surrounding environment, giving the energy to the user. Once done, the Shadow Crests return to the bow.
    Price: 10 uploaded pictures with screenshots or links

  • Living Fire - This sword's blade is as red as fire and the hilt is encrusted with only the purest rubies! Magic can be stored into the gems, providing the user more Magic Stanima. The blade itself will never rust or break.
    Special Attack: Blaze of Fury - The sword's blade turns into a long powerful whip that's as hot as lava.
    Price: 10 invite buddies with screenshots

  • Aqua Limit - A broadsword that seems to be made out of a hollow diamond filled with glimmering water. The blade is extremely strong and can break through enchantments and pure strength easily. Created by Light Elves, the blade is razor sharp and can stun any enemy even that come even in brief contact.
    Special Attack: Ocean's Wrath - The sword opens up like a flower and allows the water to whip out. If it touches an opponent, it instantly ensnares the opponents in an unbreakable barrier. Those incased inside the ice cannot be harmed, though from outside forces, so this special attack should only be used to save up time for casting summons, spells, or running.
    Price: Invite 3 buddies with screenshots

  • Wind Flash - A Whip made of the tail of a Wind Pheonix, as thin as a wire but as deadly as the jaws of a King Black Dragon. Guided with the element of wind, Wind Flash moves so fast you'll feel it before you realized what happened. The hilt will never unwillingly leave its ownders hand and will defensively spin like a blade if anyone tries attempts to steal it.
    Special Attack: Haste Confusion - The User moves at an alarming speed, making everyone else seem in slow motion. The whip then multiplies and can reach out longer than it really is.
    Can only be used for a short amount of time or else the User might die.
    Price: Invite 2 buddies with screenshots

  • Nature's Defense - A staff made of three types of intertwining wood- Hickory for strength, maple for magic, and yew for balance. Because the staff is living, it can suddenly grow to block an attack or to strike an opponent. This staff is immune to fire.
    Special Attack: Balance of Earth - If the staff is stabbed into the ground and allowed to grow, Balance of Earth is activated. Trees and plants will grow from the ground in a matter of seconds, all of them attacking enemies around. But beware, as long as this Special Attack is in use, the User of the Staff becomes temporarily paralyzed. To end the attack, the User must let go of the staff with the help of another.
    Price: 1 post on the wall post with no screenshots

  • Shocking Disaster - Clear claws that have electricity snapping within can become quite a weapon. These claws will automatically meld into your hand to give the impression that you really do have these frightening claws. When the claws hit an opponent, electricity will rush through their body, momentairily stunning them, allowing the user to hit again.
    Special Attack: Thor's Night- If the claws are raised to the air, Lightning will strike at the ground in an unmerciful way as the sky grows black. To stop the attack, the claws just have to be lowered again. Warning, the lightning will strike both friend and foe.
    Price: 2 post on the wall post with no screenshots

  • Angelic Death - Two daggers made of an unknown marble white material that glow with a sparkling gold aura. The Daggers, if thrown or dropped, will always automatically return to the Users hands unless the User commands them to stop.
    Special Attack: Death to Life- Blazing light will suddenly flood the area, temporarily blinding everyone in the area but the User. Skeleton hands will then break from the gruond and ensnare everyone around.
    Price: 1 uploaded Non-Anime photos with screenshots or links
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  • Fire Elvish Tunic - A exquisitly made tunic made of fine material that is both flexible and strong. The secret to the material is fire-elemental threads are worked into the tunic, magically enhancing it! This tunic will absorb any fire-based magic attack directed at it and add it to its own power.
    Price: 5 uploaded photos with screenshots or links

  • Dragon's Foot - No, it's not an actual Dragon's foot! But the outside of the shoe is made of a powerful King Black Dragon's scaled, just melted down and smithed to make the exterior of the footware. Inside is heavenly soft fur from a pure-bred Celestial Rabbit. This shoe is guaranteed to never fail you, and will prove painful to the opponent after a good kick!
    Price: 1 wall post

  • Cursed Chainmail - This chainmail is rather powerful in battle- It is completely unpenatrable and nothing can slip through its small chains. It also absorbs magic on contact. But the longer the user wears it, the faster their stanima will get. To reverse the curse, the user must take it off and throw it in a fire, then dump holy water onto it.
    This must be performed every time the curse gets into action, else the user'll keep getting weaker. Only to be used for the Expert warriors.
    Price: 3 wall post

  • Elements - This tough armour was made only by the best crafters of elves and humans. During combat, if an element is sensed, the armour automatically switches elements. It's default element is Poison.
    Price: 2 wall post

  • Tony's Top Thocks - This fine bundle of socks made by Sir Tony, the well-known sock maker! Every bundle includes 5 socks at random. All the socks are:
    - #1 Always stays fresh and clean.
    - #2 Camoflauge socks! They changes color depending on environment.
    - #3 Becomes warm or cool depending on the temperature.
    - #4 Automatically picks selves up and places selves at the foot of the wearer's bed.
    - #5 Element-proof socks
    - #6 Musical socks (just request a song and they play! Radio included.)
    - #7 Sockaphone! The socks can temporily change into a phone, allowing you no-charge calling for 1 hour! Can only be used once a day.
    - #8 Tracking-socks. They'll tell you where other missing pieces of clothing are located.
    - #9 The Multiplinator! Throw one sock and watch it turn into twenty-thousand! Great for pranks or a quick way to hide! To make the socks disapear, command the original sock to come back.
    - #10 They everyone-sock! This sock can change its form, color, texture, and material to whatever their wearer wants.
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    Beast Types

  • Immortal
    Price: 20 invite buddies
    - Egg
    - Young
    - Full-grown *Required level 40

  • Mortal
    Price: 3 invited buddies
    - Egg
    - Young
    - Full-grown *Required level 30

  • Non-living
    Price: 1 wall post
    - Undead - *Required level 25
    - Machine - *Required level 25


  • Speech
    Price: 2 invite buddies with screenshots
    - Telepathy with Partner
    - Telepathy with Allies/Partner
    - Telepathy with everything
    - Normal speech

  • Elements
    Price: 20 invite buddies
    - Fire, Water, Wind, or Earth
    - Steel, Ice, or Poison
    - Life or Death -
    - Second Element - (Element Price + 500) SP *Required level 20
    - Third Element - (Element Price + 1,500) SP *Required level 35
    - Fourth Element - (Element Price + 3,000) SP *Required level 55

  • Stats
    Price: 3 wall posts
    - Higher Strength
    - Higher Defense
    - Higher Magic
    - Higher Accuracy
    - Higher Speed
    - Higher Evasion
    - Lower Strength
    - Lower Defense
    - Lower Magic
    - Lower Accuracy
    - Lower Speed
    - Lower Evasion

  • Other
    Price: 10 invite buddies
    - Unnatural Wings - 3,500 SP
    - Transformation - 4,000 SP
    - Shadow Meld - 2,000 SP
    - Flight Without Wings - 2,000 SP
    - Perfect Hearing/Sight etc. in Darkness
    - Teleportation
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