[GAME] Shugo Chara Roleplay
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Posted 10/19/10 , edited 10/20/10
I had a sudden urge to revive
this thread and keep it back on track.



1. IMPORTANT;; Please keep your posts longer then 120 words. The more the better.

2. NO GODMODDING;; I don't know how much more that could be emphasized.

3. No Marysues. We all have flaws. OCs have flaws. Show 'em. No ' Number 1' kind of stuff and ' Almighty healing powers. ' & ' Invinciblee ' : No, it just doesn't work out.


1. PLEASE write in 3rd person.


3. When talking OOC please use brackets " [] "or " () "

4. 1.) Literacy is HIGHLY appreciated here. \/\/3 60n't 1yk d!s. We don't need you people going around flouncing master degrees in english literature, but... we just love "i"s more than exclamation marks.

5. Be specific! Just put something detailed in the personality where we can have a clear idea of how your character acts.

6. Story format - Observe: No = Tokyo: *shoots down Barney* HARHAR. **. :U/shot

Yes = Seizing a rifle, Tokyo immediately took down the weird purple dinosaur frolicking happily outside her window. With a maniacal cackle of glee, she was taken away by the insanity asylum. (We encourage this.-Please Don't Do Ths At Home-)

7. Be courteous - Basic kindergarden rule, right? I sure hope so. No cursing at others outside of the RP. We don't mind casual profanity as long as it's not insulting.

8. No spamming - Two, three posts. Mah bad. You're excused. Continually spam and on purpose, we'll have somebody come slap you with a fish. The lil' edit button's your best friend from now on. Use it. Have fun;;

cнαяαcтєя pяofιℓє




Occupation: (Student, Easter, Guardian, etc )



Charas: (Include chara changes&charanari )


Etc?: (optional)

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Posted 10/19/10 , edited 10/20/10

Name: Hans

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student, Easter

Appearance: His hair is dyed black, kept in a slightly disheveled"bed-head" style, the longest tips reaching down to the base of his neck in layers. Although nobody's quite sure if it's actual eye color, or just contacts, his eyes are cold ice-blue, accompanied with his simple-kind of handsome.Tall, lean, and lightly toned, Hans has a pale complexion, standing at 5'10". When he smiles, his eyes arch in half moons, his smile dimpled.

Wears a black stud earring on his left ear.

Personality: A dry-cut kind of guy. Hans is also known quite contrarily known as a "suave gentleman" by the female species. Sarcastic, with an ego as big as Asia, he could most honestly be summarized as an ass.

Charas: Tono- An agressive dog chara who acts impulsively on emotions. His his eyes match the color of his jet black hair, cut short in layers with the bangs brushed to the side accenting his pale skin. He wears a white off shoulder long sleeve and black ripped skinny jeans and hightop shoes. He also wears black stud earrings and can be identified by his dog ears and tails. During a chara change, Hans produces a pair of black, slender dog ears and tail as well.

He prefers not to use his charanari.

Background: He works for Easter and simply does what he's told to do. He has no intentions of finding the embryo, but collects x-eggs for the higher ups. Any further information is unknown.

Etc?: He's a mix. Speaks in an australian accent but appears asian.
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Posted 10/20/10 , edited 10/20/10
Here's my character: (Hehe... I like your rules... I prefer writing novel style, and I also like writing lots in a post, so it's not a problem... Don't be intimidated by my format for the character, it's just basic. XD Hmm... in advance, this roleplay is awesome!)

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Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/24/10
Name: Lady Beatrice Amour Hybrid

Age: 15


Occupation: High school studen, 5's chair of the high school branch of the guardians.


Personality: Kind, shy, smart, Has an erational fear of floresent colored bunnies, has parent problems, dosn't like people.

Character change
character transformation
Character change
character transformation

Background:Born and raised in an orphanage in Canada, This girl is half vampire and half witch.

Etc?: crush: Tadase Hotori
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Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/24/10
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