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Crunchyroll drops honorifics in simulcasts
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Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/24/10

Deltadestiny wrote:

Dropping honorifics from the subtitles alone will probably not affect most of us, but we too should consider anime lovers who have lost their hearing abilities. Having said so, these people will have to rely on the subtitles to get a firm understanding of the story. In order to understand the plot clearly, relationships between characters should be clarified. That is where honorifics come in.

Some of you may argue that those who have lost their sense of hearing may still understand the relationships between the characters clearly despite the absence of honorifics, but there isn't anything wrong with adding -kun, -chan, -san, -sama and etc. right? It gives a little more insight to the Japanese culture too, so perhaps there's more good in having the honorifics in the subtitles.

This is a very good point, actually. I completely forgot about the fact that there are people who rely on subs not just because they don't know the language, but rather need them because of an impairment.
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Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/24/10
i understand where you are coming from when you complain that honorifics have been removed from the subs. but it's really a non-issue for me as i can hear them spoken and understand the meaning behind each san, kun, chan, sama, dono etc..
Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/24/10

TerraGamerX wrote:

Be mindful of how the Japanese culture is with regard to respect. Many are very mindful of being respectful and choose their words carefully to remain respectful. You don't even have to go far to find married couples that still call each other with honorifics added. So if someone were to speak to someone without using an honorific, it would be well noticed that person is not being attentive to being respectful.

With regards to "relevance", such an aspect is indeed relevant! This would be a component of character development.

I'll try to not go too far in this direction, but for the element of changing actual content per simplifying understanding: changing actual content of a work is vandalism of art, changing an artist's creation with one's own personal decision. Thus it is a matter I despise. But looking away from the vandalism, I still dislike it in that a part of why I like anime so much is the exposure to another culture. There is so much to be learned from anime aside from 'X is dangerous to the world' and 'Y is in love with Z'. Not to mention a lot of the settings of anime are derived from historical events, history than you wouldn't learn outside of japanese history classes. So I really feel winding up looking things up is proper.

I think I mentioned that when Japanese history is essential to the plot it makes sense to keep it

What I'm talking about is when a joke or reference can be more easily understood if it is changed slightly to fit the general knowledge of the audience watching it. I'll give you an example from a dvd bonus that came with a Japanese video game I bought:

The character is informed that he has been chriogenically frozen for several years, and is upset that things are not the same as they were before and then asks:

"Does that mean it's not cool to point your fingers like guns and yell 'GETS!' anymore?!"

When I saw this I had to stop the video and read the subbers notes on how the reference was to a Japanese talkshow host who was very popular in 2004 for his catchphrase. However if it had gone like this:

"Does that mean it's not cool to point your fingers like guns and yell 'EYY!' anymore?!"

The translation barely changes and yet a North American like myself can make the connection between the motion the character is making and the reference being that his definition of cool is out of style without having someone explain it to me. At the same time, it is apparent that having the reference be purely Japanese does not have anything to do with the plot, as the videogame was set in a fantasy world similar to western Europe if the 1700's. Thus the character's knowledge base already seems out of place, and shouldn't depend entirely on the language in which it was originally written.

Also, I should like to think that when American movies get translated into Japanese, that certain purely American references are changed so that an entire theatre of Japanese speaking patrons does not have to go and study American history beforehand just so they can understand the film. It's not practical.

What I am speaking of is not removing Japanese culture from anime, not "vandalizing art" as you say, but making the slight changes needed to help two cultures understand eachother better. I make minute acceptions everyday in my life to accomodate people who, say, don't have the extensive knowledge of art and fashion dynamics that I have been privy to in my education, so that when I speak about my day to day life to them it doesn't require a great deal of explaination. I know that not everyone knows what a felt stich is, so I make sure to call it a "reinforced stitch" even though if my head designer heard me call it that, he'd have my head. And this is all in the same language...I'm sure most people don't call manga manga infront of their grandparents because I don't know that there are many elderly North Americans that know what language its in let alone what you'd be talking about.

Anyway, this has nothing to do with dropping honorifics, so I'm going to stop here.
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Posted 10/25/10 , edited 10/25/10
Bumped for great justice.
Posted 10/25/10 , edited 10/26/10
doesnt really matter =T

if someone says for example "Sakagami-san!" it will be translated as "Ms/Miss/Mrs/Mr.Sakagami!"
if someone says "Sensei" or "Okazaki-sensei", it will be translated as Teacher, Master, or Mr.Okazaki
if someone says "Usa-chan" it will be translated as "Bunny"
if someone says "Youhei-kun" it will be translated as just "Youhei"

Leaving in the honorifics isnt really translating it.
Stop getting so pissy that they took out something so small and unnessecary(sp?)
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