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hello everyone xD

here's how can u draw an anime guy's body

Step 1. This is just a very simple sketched diagram that shows you the
differences between a muscular, and feminine or skinny body type or frame.

Step 2. All I talk about here is the differences between the two body types. Here you will understand how a male body should be drawn. As you will see there are many differences when it comes to drawing anime boys.

Step 3. This is a quick sketch of three mouths. There is a feminine mouth, normal mouth, and a masculine mouth. Pick which type of mouth you would like your anime boys to have.

Step 4. Not only is there different body, and mouth types, there is also various eyes you can choose for your anime boy character. This is a sketch I did on four types of anime eye; seductive, innocent, normal, and of course masculine.

Step 5. This is the last helpful tip that I will be giving you before we move onto the actual lesson. Three ways you can draw an anime boy; the classic feminine anime style, the original normal style, and of course the masculine way to draw an anime boy.

Step 6. This might seem like an extremely long lesson, but in all reality, it's just filled with helpful tips and cool sketched diagrams. Start by drawing the shape of the head, and then draw the wire lining which will form a frame for your anime boy.

Step 7. Here all you have to do is sketch out the shape of the jaw line, and chin like you see here. Next draw the eyes, and nose.

Step 8. Now that the face structure is drawn out, you can start sketching out the front part of his hair style which his the bangs. Next finish drawing out the eyes, nose, and mouth. Sketch out the ears, and then proceed to draw the beginning parts of the neck.

Step 9. Finish drawing out this anime boys hair, and then start drawing out the muscle shirt like so. Be sure to take your time so that you sketch comes out looking good.

Step 10. Here is when you choose the type of build you want your anime boy to have. I chose the slender look, this way here, the tutorial will be a much more easier lesson to learn from. What you want to do now is start sketching out the body or torso. Start with the arms, chest, and hips. You will need to crinkle up the bottom of his shirt like so, and then sketch in the muscular definition under the arm pits, and chest.

Step 11. Finish drawing out the arms, and then begin sketching out the top part of his pants which includes the belt, and all. Be sure to give your pants some life by adding pockets, pleats, and creases.

Step 12. Draw the fingers on the right hand, and then continue to sketch out his baggy type of pants. Take your time, and don't let frustration take you in. Stay focused, and you will do fine.

Step 13. You are almost at your end step for this very long, and helpful tutorial that is teaching you how to draw an anime boy. All you have to do is finish sketching out the pants and then move to the last drawing step.

Step 14. Well, you have made it to your last step, and all you need to do now is draw out his sneakers or shoes. Once that is done you can start erasing all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one. Remember, you can draw any type of anime clothes on your male figure, it's all about preference.

Step 15. When you have finished your character, it should look like the one you see here. You can just eyeball the shading to get a good idea as to how you can shade in your anime boy.

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