Nevi di Caduta(Falling Snow)
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Posted 10/21/10 , edited 10/22/10
In the late future an energy source called AURA was found. When found many companies providing and manipulating energy sources based on gasoline and electricity such as the company, ASURA, were put out of business. The power of AURA was a rare and powerful resource that causing the next World War. The world crumbled under the war and the great overuse of AURA. Aura was a great power source but it also had an equally lethal side effect. Those who overused AURA start to crave an addiction for the energy, they lose their sense of self, deform, yet they have an increase in physical ability. These people are called the WOE.
During the world war, because of the great overuse of AURA on Earth sent a signal throughout the galaxy. A people in a deep sleep had received this signal and during the war on Earth they had been slowly approaching towards their target Earth. The planet Novantus was slowly approaching.
The war on Earth had lasted for twelve years. Many countries torn apart, population of the Earth now less than half. The survivors of the war lived in an apocalyptic world almost everywhere a danger to humans. Near the end of the world war Novantus had reached Earth. The people of Novantus had awaken, seeing the state of Earth they came and offered homage to the remaining humans on Earth. Many went leaving their destroyed homes going into a new world, but some stayed suspicious of the extra-terrestrials.
The people of the new world Novantus are called the VERA. They are a humanoid type of being who have been in harmony with the energy AURA. Sharing their information they show their advanced uses of AURA and tell the humans that they can never turn into WOEs for the VERAs have a great resistance to the cravings.
Change had came into man-kind. Humans had evolved into a lesser state of being called WOEs, the Earth a near barren wasteland, and the appearance of Novantus. The ASURA Corps had disbanded disappearing into the change.
The Novantus government, HELIO, made a Halycon treaty with the humans declaring that the VERAs had offered humans homage on to Novantus. Novantus had become the humans new home. Earth was abandoned and Novantus was found. But change was still yet to come.

Next-The Epic of Shirakumo

This story was made by my friend. I am only here to help my friend with the story and review over his material. More info is yet to come. Please leave comments on what you think of the story when done reading.
Character BIO's and settings will come in the early future.
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