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Posted 10/22/10 , edited 10/23/10
Erm, I'm new here and I thought that I would share one of my favorite past times that my nerdy self just loves. Writing fanfiction!! W00t!

Um, anyway, SetoxKisara is my all time favorite pairing, they are cute together and share a very special bond. I haven't seen Yu-Gi-Oh! in a VERY long time but I'm determined to buy the DVDs to watch/own. It was my favorite show and I have TONS of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards stashed away. I told you I was a nerd. Well here is my fanfiction for the KisaraxSeto pairing and I came across this site looking for pictures, enjoyed the group, and decided to post something related to it. =) My unfamiliarity with the show kinda shows in my fanfiction even though it was based on a RolePlay from Gaia. My friend and I were total nerds together and watched the show religiously 'till I moved but I'm determined to get back in the game. Once I get some artwork done, I'll post that up as well. Like I said, they're my favorite couple and there is no real setting for the fanficiton, it's just kinda out there. Anyway here's the link, enjoy!! XD

I hope you like it!!! XD
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