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Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/24/10
I'm working on a portfolio (15~20 artworks) to apply to Studio Art in
the university that I would like to go~~~ and I got some critic from a
professional~~~ he said that my drawing is good but you need to work
with all kind of material~~ such as acrylic and watercolor (I only have 2
acrylic and 1 watercolor work in my portfolio because I'm really bad
with those...) and it's better to take a look on others people's works~~
because the few artworks I made with acylic and watercolor are
lacking in term of knowlege about art~~~ it's kinda expensive to take
painting's classes 320$ CA for 10 courses ~~ so I plan to improve by
myself~ and if possible~ with the help of crunchyroll's members, I still have 3 months before I send my portfolio (the deadline is February)
is there anyone here who applied to university that require a portfolio? if so, can you show me some of your artworks please?

I have 14~ artworks ready to send ~~ and only 3 of them that I'm satisfy
with~~ sorry I couldn't upload them here~ because they're all in a large
format 30cm x45 cm~ and my scanner is small so I don't want to damage

If you're experienced with painting ~ please help me!!
this year's entrants seem to be very skilled with art ~~ there are many
22~ 35 years old experienced guy who will apply to the same university
~~ and the university only takes about 120 students... and I'm not
confident enough with the ability I have right now~~~

any advice?
Posted 10/23/10 , edited 10/24/10
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