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Posted 12/14/11 , edited 12/15/11
1. Blue/Green. I like their pale versions because they're kind of calming to me. Earth tones are what I prefer anyway.
2. I don't think I have a favorite animal.
3. I'd feel spacious. I'd need a crayon to color all the whiteness and fill it in with food and stuff.
4. Puddles are the best. You can't die in them, but you could still play with them on a rainy day.
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Posted 12/14/11 , edited 12/15/11

What is your favourite colour. Describe it. blue: cold/cheerful (reminds me of winter)
What is your favourite animal. Describe it. tiger:exotic and panda: cute both are tied
Imagine standing in a room that's completely white (possibly infinite in all directions, I'm pretty sure it didn't have any exits or anything). Describe how you're feeling. curious of what will happen
Think of water. In what form do you like it best (pond, river, ocean, etc). Describe it. ocean because it's endless and majestic.
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Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/15/11
1. Yellow: Exited, fun, happy, boisterous
2. Bird: Wild and free
3. I would feel safe but lonely
4. Sex like rain???
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Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/15/11
1. Black ~ I look good on it
2. Dog ~ sweet, huggable and stress reliever
3. Peach~ Relaxing, I won't feel lonely even if I'm alone.
4. River~ Overflowing SEX
Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/15/11
I'd pick 1 because I wouldn't want to get home too drunk falling on the floor, rather than being afraid of the wife.

(1) Green - just awesome.
(2) Ducks - they always seem happy.
(3) Kinda interesting.
(4) Rivers interest me more.
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Posted 12/15/11 , edited 12/15/11


For the first question, I picked number one.

Second question:

1. Blue; I feel empty.
2. Wolf; Smart, a loner, stalker, killer.
3. I feel that death is infinite.
4. I feel sex is like a cup of water. This one does not make sense.

i also chose cup
hmm personally i would choose 2, but in reality i'd play all the cards at once. parenting wise, im strict yet lenient. i try to show that there is equality but if a certain line is cross hell will let loose. biggest issue for me is i'm just lazy. i don't have a kid yet but i do raise my lil bro and my nephew, i am the one responsible for all pets training and feeding. so i think im set for that area

1. favorite color is white, because its pure and empty meaning plenty of room for "canvas" (i deem this true)
2. wolf: strong willed, independently strong, prideful, physically strong, noble, passionate. (i guess, if so i am truly screwed: no such girl under the age of 30)
3. happy/content: (only when depressed but thats the same with anyone, i fear death even more than public speaking and i'm antisocial, i see this false)
4. cup of water : readily available and refreshing (readily available yes /refreshing no)
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