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Posted 10/25/10 , edited 10/26/10
*Gives Utau the choc-chip mint*
*Grabs lollipop from bag*
He he he he he
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Posted 10/26/10 , edited 10/26/10
Utau giggled then she said "Oh No! I'll be late for the concert" she said just realizing that she has at the night "Amu, Rima.. Take this and thanks Rima!" she said taking the Choc-Chip Mint Ice Cream and going to her concert
Posted 10/26/10 , edited 10/26/10
*Takes Utaus tickets for tonights performance*
*Gives one to Amu*
There you go Amu!"
Now lets go hurry home, change, then go see Utau backstage
*Runs home*
Posted 10/26/10 , edited 10/27/10
Thanks rima!Ran chara change!
Ran:Ok! Hop,step,jump! *wings appear* *fly home*
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