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Posted 10/24/10 , edited 10/30/10
Drawing Contest

Rules :
1: No Copying
2: if using base please give credit to that person
3: Use your OC if using someone's OC please Credit!!
4:Do not use someones art on any website , use your own skills and try


December : Its Near Chrismas! The Theme is : what would u wear or how u celebrate chrismas , show you playing in the show, drinking hot chocolate . Like what u do for Chrismas! ( you do not have to draw a background , do so if you want to )

This is a monthly Drawing Contest for you people who draw! it would go by months . u can pick any thing for theme if its avialible

If i am forgeting anything please let me know

(need to ask mods if they will judge too XD )

EDIT: Mods can enter too
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F / stalker!!! :O
Posted 10/29/10 , edited 10/30/10

Me day dreaming of richard trying to kiss me. sigh~!
anno sorry i dont have a scanner if i did id let you guys see my drawings on paper! :'(

Kiss Base By: Sabinaa, deviant art

Me Thinking Base By: pika-pixel, deviant art

this is actually one of my first contests, im not some1 with a sob story of how i should win.

aaaaaaanyway, good luck to you peeps!
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