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Tall Girls/ Short Guys
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Posted 11/25/10 , edited 11/26/10
I'm 5' 4. So, pretty average I suppose. I wouldn't mind dating a guy that's a little shorter than me. Personality is more important than height to me. But I do feel nicer with taller guys.
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22 / F
Posted 11/27/10 , edited 11/28/10
hehe...I'm kind of tall for a highschooler (5'9) ....but the guy I like is shorter than me, so yes, of course id go out with a shorter guy...but i kinda wish I was just a bit ...
Posted 11/28/10 , edited 11/28/10
Yes... finally I can end the family curse and pass on some good height to my kids... I'll be happy as long as my kids are happy.. lol

Jokes aside I wouldn't mind. My mom's side had height with my grandfather being 6'2... Its my paternal grandfather who I take after. But Short guys have advantages too, like if you drop something we're closer to the ground to pick it up. All you tall girls can talk to me if you need to know all the benefits we shorties can offer.
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29 / M / I'm from Toronto,...
Posted 11/29/10 , edited 11/29/10
I'm 6'1ish and super skinny...I hate being so tall..

Honestly, I don't think I'd like(like) a girl who was taller than me. Just plainly for the reason, that I don't like being tall..
But if she was the same height as me...YAY!....I wouldn't mind at all..
I think anyone could look adorable!
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F / Asia
Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/15/11
well sometimes love is blind so some tall girls don't mind having short man

well for me i am 5 ' 2 i would love to have a guy taller then me ....
Posted 2/15/11 , edited 2/16/11
I do and don't like being tall. It has its pros and cons. I don't think I would date a short will just make me look even taller or people might mistake me as their mom - -

I've noticed that guys nowadays have grown taller. Goody for me!
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27 / M
Posted 2/17/11 , edited 2/18/11
I'm 6'3", so really I have to draw the line at girls as taller than me by a couple inches. Personal preference
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Posted 2/18/11 , edited 2/18/11
I hate being short, its a pain. You cant reach anything. Everyone pats your head if there taller than you and rubs it in your face and no one takes you serious bcause you got to look up at them. >.< Its annoying and im not extremely short im 5'5 1/2! (yes i know i am very point on with my hieght) It sucks. Also when people call you cute, or adorable or like a little 'puppy or animal refrence >...< not cool at all.
BTW... I am a girl (not that it matters) Id rather be at least 5'9 or something just a bit more hieght... T.T all my buds r tall no fair.
As for dating a guy shorter than me ... idk... I have my own hieght issues.... but if there too tall its just makes me feel bad... arrgh So bad.
I Give up!
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24 / M / Sweden
Posted 2/19/11 , edited 2/19/11
169cm short guy here.

I like being short, and I don't really see and disavantages or avantages of it.

Though I think it would look wierd if I got an 180cm tall girlfriend, but some cm's difference would be okay.
Posted 2/19/11 , edited 2/19/11
I like guys to be taller, my ex used to pick me up and pretend I was a baby and swing me back and fourth

It makes them feel more masculine to be taller and us feel more cute and protected. Imo.
Posted 2/19/11 , edited 2/19/11
I have had a girlfriend who was 6'3 (I'm 5'11). It was not an experience I would like to repeat. I felt like a dwarf whenever I was with her...
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35 / M / Oslo, Norway
Posted 2/19/11 , edited 2/19/11
I'm 1.74 (meters obviously, damn you imperialists!) and I don't care much about hight.
The only downside I can think of is that I would look real stupid in a long leather coat!

edit: Came up with another disadvantage for being short.
Being at a concert, and some real tall guy places himself right in front of you. Nice to see nothing but hair and shoulders..
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23 / F / Leaf village
Posted 2/19/11 , edited 2/19/11
I should know. I'm tall, like rly, rly, tall, & i'm crushing on a rly little guy in school. He's half a head smaller than me.

He's soooooooo......... cute, he's like, dunno, like, to me, a tungsten bulb to a fly, or whatver it is...

Ahem. I don't do this here usually.

But he's rly cute. He's got a slash across his left eyebrow, & everyone in class likes him.

Well, he's got a g/f. She's from another school. She's much uglier than he is.

I'm strayin off-track, sorry.
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