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Korea into Japan fine. Japan going to Korea bad.
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Posted 11/3/10 , edited 11/3/10

AkanishiJinIsLove wrote:

BonBonNana wrote:

AkanishiJinIsLove wrote:

BonBonNana wrote:

AkanishiJinIsLove wrote:

Many Chinese Also Still Hate Japan for the Sino-Japanese war

Ah yeah~ I read before about a Chinese girl forced to strip in the street in China because she was wearing Japanese traditional clothing!

U know what's even more sad...
It wasn't even a Japanese Kimono *face palm*
That was a traditional Chinese dress =__= EF (Epic Fail)
I Can tell I watch many ancient Chinese dramas, and I've seen a Japanese Kimono b4.

Check this one xD xD

Chinese Premier Refuses to Stand Next to Japanese Prime Minister at Photo Op.

Funny xD Plz grow up xD

I actually understand older generations hating on Japan,
but the new generations...Oh please! Give me a break, What did the new generations of
Japan ever do to u

Okay, he hates Japan but..refusing to stand next to him? Isn't that too childish..?
And lmao I know xD And I pity the peaceful Chinese... I read many comments from Chinese feeling ashamed of such ppl..*sighs*
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Posted 11/17/10 , edited 11/17/10
then, Japanese people shouldn't be open to Koreans~ since they treat them like that...
Posted 5/17/11 , edited 5/17/11
Jpop has a different feel and the same goes for Kpop. It's just that K-POP fans can't imagine a Kpop song having a full Jpop vibe. Plus don't you think that Kpop loves experimenting while Jpop doesn't? Kpop always do concept change while Jpop don't. What makes some of the fans love Kpop is because of this concept thing.
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Posted 5/17/11 , edited 5/17/11

fallingrain wrote:

I think Korea don't want anyone else except their "Koreans" getting big in Korea....lmao

BonBonNana wrote:

Well, many Koreans hate Japanese. 'cause of something that happened 374537 years ago xD

And just like you, I think Japanese are more open than Koreans. They were very nice to KARA and Perfume were talking to SNSD politely and all...and yeah...I hope Japan haters would grow up someday.
Because Jpop and Kpop, being the top among Asian music, they should be friendly towards eachother. *sighs*

These vids show the latest rankings, all featured SNSD and KARA with different ranks:

But you know that you can't just generalize every Korean hates Japanese. I mean, I'm not Korean and I am a huge Kpop fan myself. When Morning Musume wanted to expand in Korea I really wasn't to happy about it. Because honestly, I don't like them >_> as for SDN48, I didn't mind them so much.

But I think they get so upset with Japanese coming into Korea is because they are simply over popular compared to them. Japan's music market is the 2nd or might even be the 1st most powerful and biggest music industry in the world. They make tons of money too. And Korean music, although the accomplished success though out the years, is still very over looked. Especially when Koreans go through 3 - 6 years of vocal, dance, and acting training. And I hate to say this, but Japanese really don't hate any one, and as for "certain" Koreans, well.. When Jessica from SNSD got a Twitter, there were so many antis that blocked she got banned from the site.

Anyways, I know it doesn't seem like it from what I've been saying, I am a Jpop fan myself ^^ (not as big as Kpop though :P). But that is just my point of view. Plus, I don't see why Japanese artists need to expand in Korea, I'm sure they won't make as much money as they do in Japan anyway o-o

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Posted 5/18/11 , edited 5/19/11
Omg! I totally agree with what your saying. I am shocked that the Japanese music market lets the Koreans in so openly while they can't promote their own artists in Korea! Basically only one side gains making it seem like a monopoly! No offense but the hallyuwave is really starting to get overwhelming. Ever since Tohoshinki and BoA etc. worked their butts off and came into the market the other kpop artists got a free ride and think its soo easy. They kind of seem fake to me. They arent original because they are all releasing the same tracks which are just their old translated songs and just make 2 or 3 new ones and sell it as an album or single. I mean effort at all. On top of that artists like Tohoshinki didnt get to appear on Music Station and those other big talk shows till years after their debut but these k-artists appeared on these shows right after their debut. It really pisses me off! I mean all and I mean ALL of the k artists are debuting in Japan. And they blow up their news out of porportion like when they get on the oricon chart or something. They make it seem like no other artist has done that. I could say much more but i dont feel like typing a 5 page essay here so I'll stop! ;P
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