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"(You're not doing yourself any favors right now, Sway. You need to calm yourself.)".... and with that said, she takes a deep inhale.... and closes her eyes. Remaining quiet, she listens in on where the sounds are coming from... "(One on my right... no... if I'm facing north, its northeast... and the other... hmmm)" she listens further until she gets the apt response.... GRAAAAAAAA..... "(Hmmm... Yes... so that's where you're hiding.)" She opens her eyes and cautiously taps around the mirror behind her.

As if on signal, the mirror breaks, an out comes a staffer.... with an extra arm on the side. She pauses, tilting her head on the side and thought, "(Carny?)" before she lifts her one blade and attacked.


In the aftermath of the 2nd Wave….

…. “HELP MEEEE!”…. “Doctor! We have another patient here and we’re running out of space.”…… “AHHHHHH!! What’s wrong with my arm?! What thing is moving in there???”…. “Nurse Gillian, take these other two patients to the operating rooms available. Stat!!”… “MY BABY!! WHAT’S WRONG WITH MY BABY?!”… “We have a patient here with non-stop convulsions!”…. “Dude! Your hair’s falling off. Aha ha ha ha, you’re becoming a retard.”… “Shut up, Mike. It’s not funny. You’re not Mr. Perfect yourself. Why are you here? Your teeth’s falling off. Dude, this is a hospital, not a dental clinic. Go buzz off.”…

Hyde can only shake his head, as he hides behind a curtain of a hospital ward. The entire hospital is in chaos, as doctors and nurses receive more and more patients from a cause they weren't aware of. Derrence and Emma was with him for the past weeks now, collecting data after the Second Wave fanned through Badger City, and just like him, they were showing signs of fatigue. “I can’t believe we have to disguise ourselves as hospital wardens just to collate info on this project.”

Emma sighs, “It can’t be helped. We can’t just barge into people’s homes just to find out how they’re doing. That’s no different from stabbing a man and then asking if he’s alright.”

“Do you really need to cite that as your example?” Derrence looks at her in mild surprise.

“What. You can’t blame me after what we’ve witnessed so far. Even if I work for a conglomerate, it doesn’t mean I like what I’m doing.” Emma continues as she sees Hyde about to answer, “And Hyde, before you say anything, I’ll answer it for you. No. N-O. Derrence and I worked our butts off, and to find another job similar to Tricell isn’t as easy.” She turns her back as she tallies the data from her clipboard to that written on the whiteboard before her. “Even if we find another occupation with decent pay that covers our field of study, there’s none around here. Our families both grew up in this city and it has been an established fact that our future lies here as well. Besides…” she paused, her eyes on the floor, “now that I think of it, I don’t want my family to suffer the same fate as the people outside. I know it sounds selfish of me to say it, but… Sway and the other kids whose parents worked for Tricell, they are all saved because of the underground tunnel….. as for the rest of our family… they…” her voice trails away.

“I’m sorry.” Hyde whispers.

Derrence went to his wife and quietly holds her, while she replies, “Its okay uhm..” wiping her eyes, she nods, “Its okay. Hey, a-at least we can test our hypothesis we built, right? Took us many months but we finally finished it.”

Her husband was the one who answered, “Took this long, yeah. Just need to check if it’ll work against the Saser and the strain.” He faces his colleague. “Same time?”

The doctor makes a confirmation, “Yes, I’ll be there. Let’s just hope that no one’s around.”

“Fine, its settled then.” Emma gives her genuine smile. A token she has not shown ever since Mortis announced that humans will be involved as test subjects for the project. “Well, we’d better get this done then. I guess Derrence will examine the patient that just came in for constant bowel movements, while I check on the patient with moving tumor inside his forearm.”

“Heyyyy, wait a second. How come I’m always getting the people that smells funny?” Derrence’s hands on his hips, a brow lifted.

Emma makes a sideglance, “I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but Sway is getting that mannerism of yours with the eyebrow. “

“Noooo. She’s getting my intelligence and getting your toughness and cute smile.” Afterwhich, Derrence walks towards the receiving area, strutting his stuff while feeling proud of the facts he stated.

“Uhh, I hope your daughter doesn’t inherit his ego.” Hyde whispers to Emma.

“You got that right.” Emma replied in a small smile, “Let’s go.”

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A pile of dead bodies lies at the foot of the ferris wheel. ("That should leave enough opening for now") He jumps and slides down the rail to the seat below him and continues until he lands on the ground "Now for that building" He turns his attention to the back of the Carnival and begins running, making sure not to trip on any of the corpses and pauses for a moment to exam the otherside of the carnival ("Smoke? This isnt good, need to hurry and get out of here") He resumes running, his focus on getting the train fixed
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KUHRASHHHHH KRASHHHHH KSHHHHHHH!!!.... for every move that Sway does to avoid its blows, more mirrors get broken... GRAAAA RAAAA AAAAA!!... and just as it cleared the images around her, the other enemy was exposed, hissing at her. SSSSSSS-SHAAAAA!!...

"Eat this." Sway uses the glass shards, as one after another, it gets thrown to the enemy like mini-shurikens, while the one behind her received a bigger blow by stabbing its eyes with a bigger triangular shard. As they both fell to their knees, Sway didn't waste time as she cut through their necks, and exits the booth.


BLUG!!...”Dammit!!!”… BLUG! BLUG! BLUG!

“Derrence!” Hyde goes to his colleague and stops him from further injuring his fists. “Look, I know the solution was not holding out as we supposed. But punching a wall won’t help us either. Please. Calm yourself. You’re scaring your wife even.”

“It’s alright, Hyde.” Emma interjects while still sitting by their workstation, “We’re running out of time here. I can perfectly understand his frustration.”

Derrence remained quiet for a few minutes, his head to the wall, before he spoke “It is not meant to just hold out or suspend the biotes. It’s to eradicate them, you know as much as I do.”

“I know that,” Hyde replies back as he glances at his colleague’s bleeding hands, “But for now, we’ll have to see this as a stepping stone. At least we have something, better than no results at all. We just need to improve it.

A muscle twitched in Derrence’s cheek as he tries to compose himself. “Sorry. These past days and nights were just taking a toll on me. As much as I’d like to sleep after our usual work schedule, I just can’t." He takes a clean cloth from the drawer and wraps his hands around it. "Not when I’ve seen what that virus has done to many of the residents of this city. And to think that’s only the Second Wave.” He turns and went back to his laptop, as he reviews their formula once again. “The deadline is set for the final outbreak and we cannot afford throwing guesses in the wind.” He tries segregating each element as he talks, “We’ve got what? Four? Five months?”

“Its five,” It was his wife who answers as she looks through her microscope, analyzing a fresh batch of strain samples from the storage box. “I believe Mortis needed to see a progression or in this case, digression of the human tissues while the citizens try and go on with their lives.” She stops and rolls her eyes, noting the irony of a sufferer trying to live normally under such conditions.

Hyde resets the Saser as he asks, “Well, my question now is this…. Are we going to at least produce the temporary serum out of this initial result or will we just push onwards with the true and final product once we find it, and hope its not too late?”

When he realized that the room suddenly becomes quiet, the doctor had to stop working and check. The Evanses were looking at each other…. And then turned their gaze at him. “What? Was it something I said?”
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The zombie began to charge at them once more, but this time Miku threw a vial at it, knocking it back with a small explosion. "We can't be kept busy with this thing too long, we don't have enough resources to waste on this for too long" Grim says limping away from it with mikus help. "Alright then, its weak spot is its head right?" Miku said pulling out her pistol and began firing at it, how ever none of the bullets hit it on the head. "Don't waste any more ammo on it, your accuracy isn't good enough where you can score a head shot easily" Grim says. "Then why don't you try?" Miku asked. "Not gonna bother, chances are that I won't hit it just like you, I can't hold my hands as steady anymore plus the effect are still in effect, so my aim would probably be horrible" Grim says. "Then what? that thing is getting back up again" Miku says as it got back up onto its feet. "Throw another vial at it, I got an idea" Grim says grabbing a cloth from a stall and wetting it along with his arm with water. "Alright" Miku says tossing another vial at it by them a little more time.
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She barely got out of the exit when... THWWWWIP-WIP-WIP-WIP... a 3-pronged whip wraps itself around her sword, as a staffer with a huge moving hunchback, tries to pull it off of her hand. "Oh no you don't." She slashes through the restraint with her other sword, and just as she was to cut down the threat, its back starts to grow. Sway's eyes turned fierce... her stance on the ready.



Amidst the hustle and bustle of getting things done in time for the 3rd phase, Emma approaches Hyde with a box and a test tube. The liquid alone did give him the hint of what it was but looking into Emma’s eyes confirmed it all.

One moment, Hyde was sitting there holding the said items…. The next, he was pacing back and forth in his bedroom, wondering where to stash it. “Hurrrgh!” He ruffled his hair out of frustration as he sat at the edge of his bed… He turns on the TV just to distract him a bit, when a commercial came on that left his mouth open and his eyes a-wonder… No later was that idea sparked, his car screeches away from his garage door towards the hospital grounds.

“Sir? You’re not allowed to go in there—“ The man in charge of the graveyard shift at the morgue was about to stop him had he not shown his ID card. He makes a turn for one of the rooms carrying a duffel bag and leans himself on a wall. He waits for the staffer to turn his back, as well as wait for his heart to calm down. Hyde slowly peeks out at the right to check on the warden….. he still sits, reading a magazine while listening to a music by Rob Zombie. The doctor stares downwards, puffing his cheeks, Come on… leave already… at the corner of his eye, he sees a picture of a sunflower. He turns his gaze to it, and smiles.

It’s a picture of Van Gogh as he paints a sunflower… An artist painting himself painting a sunflower. Such a simple looking piece of art, but shows different layers in itself. What better irony than this? He makes another peek to the right and this time, the seat is empty. Hyde rushes towards the painting and unhooks it. Turning it around, he discovers a concave built in the middle. Perfect. He rushes back to the room… Tapes the box and sample serum very securely… and with a thick cloth over it, he carefully shoots staples on the sides to cover the entire back. With another peek on the hallway and finding the warden on the phone with his back turned, he hangs the picture back the way it was, and exits.

Here’s hoping that I don’t have to retrieve this serum if the permanent one is finalized. He speeds back home with a few hours to spare before he gets called in to report for work.
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The stomping noise start get louder as it getting closer to fate "That sound...." Fate focus on that direction as elephant break through the stalls attacking fate. He dodges first attack "How did it...?" Fate keep moving behind it while find a way to do something with it
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It struggles.... bulges.... and grew some more until.... SPLICHHH!! PLACK KRRRRRRK!... it cracks open and a slimy tendril comes out, making its way down the ground...

"(How many?... One... Six... Nine.. hmmm...)" Sway makes a frontal attack as she creates a direct double stab on the mutant's chest and carves it downwards towards its groin. The creature that still held on its back squeals as its host has been ruptured through. SKREEE-EEE-EEE-EE-EEEEEE KEEEEEEE-REEEEE-EEEEEE-SKREEEEE---!!

"Enough!! Hahh!!" ...Sway makes a slice from the back, cutting it in half. The corpse went SPLAT! as both host and creature spat its own gelatinous ooze.


“A serum, you say?”

“Yes, sir. They’re making a permanent serum to counter-act the strain.”

“Are you certain of this? Any temporary one made at the least?”

………… a pause………… Hyde’s hand clenches and unclenches itself as he reports to Mortis. He stands before him like a private soldier reporting to a drill sergeant.

“N-no. None, sir. If they have made one, then I should know that by now.”

“I….. see…” Mortis sits on his chair as he slowly swivel it to and fro. A long silence filled up the room, before he continues once again. “Hmmm…” he ponders about something as he rests two of his fingers down his lips, “you know what? I think I’ll have the Final Wave postponed for now.”

“W-What? Sir?” Hyde couldn’t believe what he’s hearing. “Uhm, I don’t understand. We’ve worked so hard to get to this final stage. If you don’t mind my asking, why have you decided in such a move?”

“Because I say so.” His employer merely shrugs his shoulder.

“B-b-but Sir ---“

“Until that permanent serum is done, I am not pushing this project. That’s all I’m gonna say.” With a polite smile, he looks at him in a relaxed manner.

He can’t be serious. We have worked so hard to get to this stage, and then he cancels it?!? What sick joke is he trying to pull?! I, most of all, would like to see through its end. Does he not know that my scientific curiosity is killing me? And this, all for the sake of a serum? What am I to tell him? Should I reveal the temporary one instead and tell him that’s the permanent? It won’t do. If he’s easy to spot anomalies in his company, then he’ll figure out that I’m lying. If I give out the temporary and he eventually finds there is a permanent, then not only myself but my family in Colorado will suffer. And my journal. He eyes the drawer where it’s kept. I need to get it back. For now, I must think of a way for the final project to push through. “And uhh, what if they never produce one? What if those two failed in completing a serum. What then? You can’t hold off the project much longer.”

“Oh, they will.” Mortis looked at him nonchalantly, “If they can finish through a project where a strain can be controlled by sound, why not a serum? Its only logical. Anyways, doctor. Thanks for the report.” With that, Mortis turns his back, instantly dismissing his presence.

Hyde took a full minute rooted there as he examines the man’s back. What exactly are you thinking, Mortis? Your explanation may sound simple, but you always have some other agenda behind it. What?

“Doctor, staring at my back doesn’t magically transport you to your workstation, you know.” His head gestures towards the glass as he can see him clearly standing there still.

Hyde left the office seething. He wanted the project to push through. He doesn’t care anymore for this so-called cure. He wants the project done, not put on hold. Slowly, his gaze lifted towards Derrence and Emma, anger welling in his eyes. Never was I made to wait like this just because other people have to make worldly solutions. I was hired in this company because of the recognition I received from my hard work. MY OWN hard work, not somebody else’s. Now, I won’t see the fruit of my labor because of them. THEM!!

With a resolve that gradually emerges, he nods to himself and grins…… he went to the Evanses and joined them as if nothing happened….. he never told of the postponement. He caught the two looking at each other, maybe suspicious that something’s up with his visit with Mortis, but he did not care anymore. All he ever wanted more than ever is for them to finish the final serum so he can get his report and the reward he yearns the most.

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Reaper reaches the building and enters inside and shuts the door. ("There maybe I can have some quiet to think") He glances around the room and hears a faint humming noise in the back. He follows the noise and reaches a large generator, still functional but wear and tear on it. "Perfect" he walks around it to a control panel and cracks his fingers and gets to work. He manages to rewire the current to send out more power, and transfers a lions share towards the front of the park. "Good now I need a coupling and some jumper cables" His wish is soon granted as he opened a nearby supply cabinet and found the said items "Yes, now to get back to the train, still work to be done" He secures the tools and opens the door of the warehouse and runs out, heading towards the entrance.
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Right after killing the hunchbacked enemy, and not a mutant left around her... "HURRR-AAAAAAAHHH!!!"... Sway starts kicking trashcans... punching through walls blowing holes through on some.... grabbing a floorboard and hitting whatever she could with it --- bottles, countertops... even grabbed a small kiddie car and hurled it towards glass... "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!".... KUH-RSHHHHH!!.... she went kicking... punching... breaking anything.... until her heart tires of it, panting. Leaning against the wall for a mere moment she tries to regain her composure, her humaneness...... he soul that still lives within.


A week before the “supposed”deadline of the Third Wave….

“I knew it. I knew it.” Hyde mutters to himself as he secretly went into Derrence’s laptop. So they did create the formula, but its not in any of his files here. Did he save it somewhere? Wait… he found an e-mail sent to Emma just 4 days ago, a Sunday. It’s a note to meet each other on the other lab under the tunnel… the Cryogenics Lab. So now they’re hiding stuff from me too. They told me that they don’t want me to get into trouble, and yet their real aim was to segregate me from their plans. Even for a serum, they want glory on that as well. We’ll see about that.

Hyde went to the said lab the following day. With an entered code through the department below, he went and accessed the main computer and found what he was looking for….. partly.

“HURRRRRR-RUHHHHHHHH!!!” he punches on lockers and toppled some of the examination tables until he finds himself back to a calming disposition. “I can’t believe that they never left a trace of anything here. Not a formula, not even a single compound to lead me to---“ He stopped, as he found a ‘patient’ record that does not match with any of the test subjects.

“Sway? Sway as in Sway Evans?”

Like water that’s ready to boil with excitement, he went straight to opening the file. There in bold letters was the name SWAY EVANS and the surgery process that the machine automatically records. “A chip…. A microchip…. Sway Evans, age 7, Microchip Implant, Upper Left Arm….. it can’t be.” Is this the reason why they did not tell me where she was sent to? I know they told me that they wanted her protected against the outbreak and that there’s no guarantee that the tunnel is safe enough, but even if that’s the case, I’m sure Mortis would’ve found a way to protect his staffers’ families, right? “Unless they already know that they are being suspected of something and that they know that there’s no guarantee for Sway’s protection any longer. Which also means, that her being away ensures the safety of the serum as well.”

His face now in undeniable rage, he went straight to Mortis and told him that the serum is complete.

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Grim takes out a scalpel and wraps the cloth around his hands and arms. "Alright stay behind me" Grim says waiting for the zombie to get close. "Alright, and if you don't kill it on the first try, I will" Miku says reloading her pistol. Grim quickly knocks the zombie onto the wall of a nearby stall with one hand and quickly stabs it on the head with the other before pulling off and removing the cloth as they caught on fire. Miku then fires her pistol at point blank range with her pistol from the side, blasting a hole on the side of its head. The body then slowly slides onto the ground, not moving anymore. "Looks like one nuisance is gone" Grim says looking at the body as it slow was reduced to ash from the inside out. "Did you get burnt?" Miku asked. "Other than my leg from earlier no" Grim says as he keeled down to apply some ointment to treat the burn. "Good, you really don't need any more injuries do you?" Miku says kinda relieved, "I don't die easy" Grim says as he got up. "Yea, lets head for the train. You probably can't move easily anymore so we'll need the head start on the others" Miku says as she went to help support Grim. "Yea, better for us not to be late" Grim says as they began to make their way to the train.
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"Mother...... Father" Sway's head bowed down. She has placed little trust on people, and for those few, she expects them worthy to have earned that trust. "(Dr. Hyde? My godfather?)"... she remembered the very words that Hyde uttered, as it echoes through her mind~

"Many things have changed, Sway. You shouldn't have come here in the first place. You're risking more than you think."

"(Is this why Mortis is after me? You told him? You're not content with dealing with my parents, so now you wanted me dead too? Then why are you warning me off of Mortis? Or is it all for your personal gain once again? Where then are my parents? Where are they?)"

When no answers came, she sighed.... stood up.... and tries to calm herself back to how she was before she read those papers.... Slowly, she heads for the train.


"Thank you, Hyde. This is the best gift any mother could hope for." Emma smiles towards her visitor as she takes the family photo through the jail bars.

Hyde could only look at her helplessly, "Emma... I--"

"Its alright. Its alright." She smiles at him and added, "At least they've agreed for my husband to be here in the same cell with me. I guess its the only left privilege we have of Tricell, even if we did nothing wrong." slowly tears glides down her cheeks. Derrence instantly goes to her, hugging her close.

"I am so sorry. I dont know what else to say." Hyde felt like breaking.

Derrence answered for him and his wife, "You didn't do anything wrong. You were always with us through the bad times. You are our friend. Don't say such things. I dont even know where Mortis got such an idea of slander, but I have a feeling that even when we were properly represented by an attorney, I'm sure he was paid handsomely under the table by that man. So its okay. Don't blame yourself."

As Hyde went out of the correctional facility, he just had to clutch his chest and rest by the corner of the building. Tears welled out of him as he'd never knew possible. He had told Mortis the existence of the serum and yet, he postponed the Final Wave anyways.

"But you said, you'll push it through once you were told of it." he pleads.

"Uh-uh. I dont have the serum on my hands. That does not help me at all, if its mere words." Mortis waves a finger.

What astounded Hyde more is the fact that Mortis never told his employees that the final wave was postponed until the very last moment. This, just made Hyde hate his employer even more.

Not long after, the couple wasnt seen working in the lab for many weeks. The doctor even paid them a visit, but they weren't there. It wasnt long after that the Evanses were court martialled for slander against the government. The trial did not last long for their attorney didnt put much of a fight. The media suddenly have their heyday and was interviewing anyone who's anybody in Tricell, including the doctor. As he made the first visit, the first thing he noticed were bruises in their faces, as if they were brutally tortured. He had asked but they merely change the topic or remain silent through it all.

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Fate climb on elephant while ramble around the carnival and fate shoots it's head few times uses magnum and it finally fall down. He decided to go back where he come from train
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Reaper runs down the steps of the subway and reaches the train, the area still dark but not for long. He checks the train but no ones onboard yet ("I better fix it and alert the others") He attaches the cables to the rails behind the train car and finds a nearby circuit breaker and attaches the otherend to it. "Please work" He flips the switch, sparks shoot out from the box, and tracks as electricity pours thru them, illuminating the area. "Perfect, now to find the others" he turns and begins heading to the steps when he spots his teammates approaching "Its fixed, lets get out of here" he motions to them as he heads to the door before turning "Dont touch the tracks unless you want your ass fried" he turns back again and heads inside to the cockpit.
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Sway found her comrades heading towards the same direction as her.... She gave a sigh of relief knowing that all of them survived another fight.... Despite some differences, even when they each came from different walks of life, they have that bond, a bond indescribable...

Her anger has abated, but there is still much to be done. She was about to scratch her left arm again, when she realized where her habit came from. Instead, she held on to that arm, and quietly glanced at Grim before focusing on the train that's ready to board.... and makes a run for it.


Years had passed...... the Evanses were never seen again. Their cell clean except for the picture that hangs on the wall. They were not extradited or pardoned. There wasnt any obvious proof of escape or a break-in from the outside. They simply vanished from their cells. It wasnt til later that Hyde found them again.... but somehow, instead of sadness, his face went into a sneer. It is well-deserved. Friends that we are, and I love my goddaughter, but justice is justice after all. No hard feelings. Hyde went to Mortis's office. He smashes through the locked drawer until he gets his journal... walked out of the office and out of the building, uncaring of the mutating figures that runs around.... and seeks his own personal refuge to write the entries that he wanted to write. My companion, my companion that I may part with soon enough, my journal. He cries.... he laughs... he frowns.... and cradling himself with it, he grins.

---------------------------- END OF ENTRY FOR THE LOST PAGES --------------------------------------


***EPILOGUE: This was written by Dr Hyde as his last entry in the journal... It was part of an entry he wrote as he spirals down into madness.........

The once bustling city now lay barren and desolate. Life was scarce. The wind howled, and the trees swayed from side to side, in the eerie wind, the clouds were dark, and the rain was heavy, the fields were waterlogged, and the streets were flooded. It looked like something from a ghost movie. blood ran down the stone walls of buildings, ending in pools at the sides of houses.

corpses were scattered around, more like random bits of human that weren't finished off by them

It came, like a sudden plague, sweeping the entirety of the city, corrupting most of the people. what ever it was. people suddenly seemed to get a lust for blood, and started killing each other. but as it went on, they stopped attacking one another, as if they were linked some how, becoming less a collective of brutes, and more like a single unit, devastating anyone who wasn't one of them. the they killed mercilessly, and underwent cannibal like eating rituals, tearing the flesh from the bones of those unaffected, the sound of pain rang through the village, as the monsters savaged everyone of that town. even modern weapons weren't enough stop them, as many had found out. the bullets hit, and pierced the flesh, but it didn't hinder their progress, and only a few of them were killed.

this is the tale of the survivors of that horrendous event

"This is Hide... I fear that my life may be in danger, so I'm going to write my findings in this memo.

I can feel it snapping... my mind. i don't know how long i have left.

The "Third Wave" was originally created to help cure humanities problems. it would stop cancers, and stop people dying, before their time. thats what it started out as... we didn't want to play god, to cure death, or anything like that. just help people. thats all. but some how...

We tried three times, and the third wave was the "perfect product"

I see... darkness... its all around me. they say you see light when your dying, rights? all i see are shadows... dying would be a nice fate...

People were saved by its miracle, and nothing seemed wrong. but when the wave was released...

What happened? some people said it was "Divine retribution" for defying god, but i don't believe that. that cant be it... right? this isn't the next "Noah arc" is it?

I shouldn't keep running... the facts are: people are dying by it, being corrupted by it, and changing into monsters because of it.

Their were people working on a cure, but i don't know how their research is coming... its too late for me anyway...

Its here! The darkness has befallen me! i cant escape it now! Its over for me!"

The blood red ink from the explanation mark falls to the base of the page, drawing a shaky line, signifying the end of the document.

*** EPILOGUE taken from the main page of the rp group

-------------------------------------------------- THE END OF DR. HYDE'S JOURNAL -----------------------------------------------------------------

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A man stands by the doorway of a dark room. Light shines upon his face as he looks over his shoulder and say~

You shouldn't have come back, Sway....... You're risking more than you think.....

An echoing sound of a door slamming.... darkness all around.... a little girl cries as she sat there with knees close to her chest.... the sorrow of being alone..... her tears hits the ground in splotches... her heart asks if there was any hope.....

.... Her sobs stopped as a hand reaches out to her.... she slowly looks up... and recognizes... "Father?"

The man quietly smiles, his eyes reflects love and assurance. The girl makes a small nod, and with little hesitation, she takes the man's hand and stood by him. He spoke to her, "Remember what your mother and I have told you.... whatever happens, you must always be strong. Keep that promise to your heart and never doubt our love for you." He wraps his arms around his daughter, and adds, "Do not be sad... we're always there... always there for you."

Her eyes finally opened... It was but a dream... She never realized that she passed out that badly after their escape from the so-called "Kiddie Area". Now, as she looked about her, Sway realizes that everyone felt the same way.... exhausted, but willing to fight through till the end. Her thoughts lingered once again to the journal and the lost pages retrieved, before she wondered as to where this train will lead them... she prays it heads for the very place they have been searching for... Tricell.
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