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Where would you go and what would you do?
Posted 12/17/10 , edited 12/18/10

manzi wrote:

GheyDeer wrote:

I doubt 10k is enough to do all that.

OP said 10k USD so that's around 44k PhP. so it's more than enough. if you're just spending for yourself.

Yeah, but all those activities require gear, and mountaineering guides.

Going to another country and staying there would eat up a big chunk of that 10k with hotel cost, food, and car rentals.
Posted 12/17/10 , edited 12/18/10
First of all: You lucky son of a bitch

Secondly: I would save it, I came into some money once and I blew it all on crap well I got a new TV and some consoles, and a car....but the rest was wasted! Buy things you need and save the rest.
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