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Posted 10/26/10 , edited 10/26/10
Domo! We are the Twins of this Host Club.. the COOL type.. We are incharge of this room, this forum room.. And we are .....
Kaito( anne_nicole ) & Kyuketsuki( cenasobelle ) ....

This is the Host Club!! let us explain about this.... ^^

We have 8 hosts but the one is actually twin, meaning, they are two, but we count it as a 1.. ^^ and they have different types... and in one room, there are two host.. ^^ except for where the twin is, they will be three hosts all in all in one room.. .. these are the types.. ^^ and some info.. ^^

Room 1:
1.) Prince Type

2.) Flirty Type

Room 2:
3.) Loli Shota Type

4.) Cold Type

Room 3:
5.) Wild Type (Hyper)

6.) Silent Type (Emotionless)
- (reserved)

Room 4:
7.) Devil Type (Mischievous)

8.) Cool Type (Smart; Greedy)
~ Kaito( anne_nicole )
~ Kyuketsuki( cenasobelle )

You can sign up or get what type u want to be, if u want to be one of the host ok.. just post in this forum if u wanna be one of the hosts.

Name of the host:

and for the customers, just post in here too if u wanna be one of the customers of a specific Type of host.. ^^

Chara's name:
Host Type:

++++++> soon to open.. ^^ please wait for it... ^^ ok? *winks*
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