Forum Rules and Regulations
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Posted 10/27/10 , edited 11/2/10
Rules and Regulations

Here it is.. Finally xD I just found these on the internet. (Too lazy to make my own..) but, good news is it can be implemented here with a little revision by yours truly haha..

Warning Structure:
1.) First Warning
2.) Second Warning
3.) Third Warning - will result from removal of member from the GROUP.

1. No offensive language in posts or private messages towards another player or a moderator. Excessive swearing, flaming, and trolling will result in the offender receiving a warn.

2. Spamming is not allowed anywhere on the forums. Do not create repeat topics either, as these will be read as spam, and a warning will be given for it.

3. Do not ask or campaign to be a moderator. Doing so will just decrease your chances of ever receiving an invitation. It is the Creator's decision who is/are going to be the moderator/s.


In Character
In Character means that the player is speaking as the character they created on the game, or another fictional persona for the sake of a RP. Anything said is spoken from the viewpoint of that character and has no bearing on the player’s emotions or feelings in real life, or on the game mechanics.

Out of Character
Out of Character means the player is speaking as themselves, a human sitting at a computer, playing a game.

As for the final rule. Enjoy chatting and RP-ing here :)

These are the rules and regulations for now. Soon to be updated.
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