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Posted 1/7/11 , edited 1/7/11

Hana176 wrote:

Hai333444 wrote:



UserName : Hana176
Rp Name : Hana
Rp Age : 20
Link to your Zanpakouto : In pic
Bio : I am a happy girl and a funny girl and i like knowing a lot of people and like to rp. And i plan to live the best the life i can and be myself and i like being myself and i don't like people telling me what to do and i like trying to take care of myself.
Image in Spoiler :

Proof you Invited Buddies : I will see in group wall.

Plzz Quote this Message~

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FadedLife wrote:

Hana176 wrote:

FadedLife wrote:

Your Bio is basically your past, and how u came to be here. So plz edit that ^^ And also.. i dont see your zanpakuto in the zanpakuto forum... did u make one yet? if not plz do ^^ Anyway, other then that everything's fine^^ So just edit your bio and your character's ready. tho u wont b able to rp until you make a zanpakuto^^

oh i see and nope i haven't looked at zanpakuto yet ,

Plz make a Zanpakuto then ^^

just did .......
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Posted 4/28/11 , edited 4/29/11
UserName : Miss_Fortune
Rp Name : Mizuno
Rp Age : 21
Link to your Zanpakouto :

Bio : Mizuno lives un Rukongai very peaceful fellow always helping others at the same time hiding his own power. Mizuno knew he was gifted but did not like to show it off when people got sick he always stood back and allowed those he admired (Gotei 13) to do the job. There was one day that a hollow attacked as even the shinigamis had trouble fighting it (not the captains) Mizuno did not want to but in, though it was the only option he had. Aiding his support in using his reiatsu (water) to help those in need gave him a spot in being part of the gotei 13 and into the academy. He did not want to brag but since he has this opportunity it is his goal to go to captain level.
Image in Spoiler :

Proof you Invited Buddies : Haven't yet but will do
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Username : Grimoire-VIII
Name: Grimoire
Age: 20
Link to your Zanpakouto: Page 4 Sumizome Hoshi
Bio: Grimoire's mother was executed 14 years ago for a certain information that got leaked. Grimoire has trained with his mother many times, at age 12 he unlocked his shikai. He promised his mother that he will keep training to reach bankai. At that time Grimoire secretly went on missions with his mother, at the 9th mission he got wounded severely and was taken care of at the 4th squad barracks. Soon he got all healed up but started to train on his own to reach bankai. Two years have passed and Grimoire received a letter saying that her mother got executed...6 years passed. Within those six years the promise to his mother has been accomplished, Grimoire has gained bankai at age 19. Now he will move up...
Personality: Grimoire is a calm and an independent person, who is generally kind but will attack people if need be. He only speaks when spoken to.

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