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22 / F / My Wonderland
Posted 10/28/10 , edited 10/29/10
Show us your own poems and lets us know how you feel in life
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Demon's Rant

I bathe in the spray of arterial flow.
I sleep in the sound of infanate sorrow.
I come and claim what is promised to me.
When the world turns to hipocracy.
I shall never again be lost and alone.
For now my life is free to rome.
Your death is swift and soul set free for me to claim in the darkness of misery.
I sing and laugh with a joyous smile while my heart cries for me in reched bile.
In a group I'm no different from the rest.
When I'm alone I curse my own breath.
My soul stays in a pit of sadness as I carry on without a sign of madness.
I live and work in my own sorrow.
To dwell on my thoughts of tomorrow.
I sit and eat with my head held high.
As on the inside I began to die.
I shed no tears over one's death.
For I have none within my mind set.
I am and will always be alone in this life.
No one will ever know of my great strife.
For one to read this they must now know that where there is my sorrow I will surly go.
I rep and die with a heart so black.
That I now shine as an evil slack.
To those who knew me as a friend.
Your sadness will soon end.
For I shall return one way or another.
To take you down with me to the utter chaos of my true soul.
Your inner demon.
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love is a slow form of suicide: By me of course
nine one one this is an emergency yes what is the problem sir the emergency is that I'm dieing inside and i don't know how to stop the bleeding. Sir that is not an emergency please don't call unless it's a real one.Well here we go again i loose faith again in angle devil god and man i don't trust in or believe in anything i just go home shut the blinds and lock the doors and walk up that lonely staircase to my

cold room. i sit at my desk and i rant rave cry and yell to god why then i slit my wrists or gouge my thighs because i think its an escape from this life from this pain from everything i want to leave behind in this room. This fucking room is not a room it's a cell it's my own personal mental person that has no windows doors or vents or ducts to use to break out to break free.I'm stuck here by my self pitting

hating and being disgusted by my self so i push every one away with cruel words and with seething Mr 911 operator after hearing all of this can you still say this is not a emergency.when I'm dead and gone will you open your eyes and awake from that deep blind sleep and see that i was crying out for help for a place to heal these wounds and a place to call my own with friends and family to help me

through my nightmare.Or will you keep on slumbering as i lay on this dirty floor unable to move and lastly unable to speak as my soul slowly slips away and my blood ceases to leak from my shattered heart as my world comes apart right before my very eyes as i peacefully and quietly pass on to the next world forgotten and left all alone to bleed out on some dirty bathroom floor i have never seen before.
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from the bottom of a bottle by me
From the bottom of a bottle i view the world and my opinion changes i see only the dark and scary places.I change with each new sip i take from that cold and lonely bottle of bitter sweet poison.I cant see my self in any other place or time but here in this short moment of selfish sinful self indulgence. I take no pleasure from this cocktail of bitter hatred and lonely pessimistic self destructive views on life.
Posted 10/30/10 , edited 10/30/10
a fleeting dream by me
i contemplate so many things i ponder i wonder i think many different thoughts i make my plans i make my plots i see things my own way no matter what you say I'm me I'm no one else i may not be free but i still can dream i can dream big i can dream small it don't matter what kind of dream it is cause no one can touch it no one can hold my dreams back no one can force them down in my dreams i can walk my

own path i can see the world in my own light i don't have to be held back by my friends my family my bosses my teachers or the rules and laws of this world i may be walking the wrong path but its all in my dreams so no shame hate or harm can come from them i know my strengths i know my weaknesses i know I'm chipped cracked and flawed cause hell im just human i mean why do you think i turn to my dreams just to be free i am not pretty hot sexy cool or cute im ugly fat and flawed in most peoples eyes

but that's OK because i don't have to be forced into a mold i don't fit into i can be me in my dream I'm beautiful I'm powerful I'm cool I'm popular I'm wanted I'm liked unlike in the real world in my dreams i rule it all I'm not just a dot on the map of the world I'm not just a nobody I'm someone and Im happy but i know it will all come to an end when i wake up so i sleep in as much as i can because if my dreams don't come to an end i don't have to wake up to my nightmare that i just call my one and only life
Posted 10/30/10 , edited 10/30/10
The Vulgarity Of Vanity by me
once upon a time i was beautiful i was proud and i was blindly vain i could not see the wold around me i was lost in my own reflection reflected upon the waters surface i could not look away as my friends my family my lovers and my rivals all passed me by slowly one by one i was left alone to wallow in my own intoxicated vanity no one loved me no one cared they all dissipated like my tears in

that same pound that i could not tear my self away from i thought the tears where of joy and of the passion i felt for my self and the mindless joy i felt when i saw my self smile but i was wrong they were tears of pity and of selfish hate for all of those people that called them selves my lovers my family and my friends that left me behind to grow old encased in a little bubble of my own perverse

lust for my self and of the sicking shallow love i felt towards my self now as many years have passed and they have all lived fulfilled lives and they have experienced many new and wonderful things that i never even knew existed in this little shut in world of mine and they have had many new lovers and done many many good deeds and exciting things i come to see that i have nothing i have

no one and no one and nothing even cares if i live or if i die because i let my life fall by the way side in the pursuit of fulfilling that sick and vain lust i had for my self but only for my looks i never took the time to understand that i had feelings other then the ones i had for my self i never even thought i had a heart for other people and i thought there words be they good or bad could never reach me in this

world that i created for my self just because i was not brave enough to face the world and all of it's hardships and i was not human enough to let other people into my life for any other reason but to use them for my wants and my needs and my endless greed but now i see all of the things i found in my self and that i gathered for my self by crushing other peoples hearts are pointless shallow and

meaningless lies that have no weight in my life and now i can see past what i want to see and i can see the real me and I'm ugly I'm vile twisted and deformed and my soul is not pure and wight it's black moth eaten worn battered and torn so i shed new tears form all of my new regrets and my new fears and they turn my precious lake black and red

as the tears end and the blood comes and i scream to the heavens above I'm sorry for what i have done and for what i have become and for all of the evil things i have done and for the great burden i have bin on everyone that i should have cared for and loved more then any Poisson and more then my self and my vile and wicked life so with this knife this gleaming saint of steel that i press against

my supple and paper then skin i end my life with a flick of the wrist and a swift strike of that beautiful pure white knife and I'm at last at peace with my life and with my self as I'm falling into that endless pure white abyss that is the realm that lies between heavens calm glory and hells fiery wraith
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22 / F / My Wonderland
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wow nice poems
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