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Posted 10/28/10 , edited 10/29/10
Who's your made up vocaloid? If you want to show them to the world, just post 'em here! you can act them too!

Here's mine:

Name: D.I.A.M.O.N.D. or Dia for short

Age: 12

Relationships to:

Miku: Miku's own little sister! ^ ^

Kaito: Frienemy. tries to stop his perverted ways. doesn't think Miku's good enough for him.

Rin: friend, to a point. gets in small fights with her.

Len: Friend. gets along well. helps Len with many things. used to like him, but not any more.

Akita Neru: BESTIES!! ^ ^ tries to let Len know that Neru likes him

Meiko: looks up to her. thats all.


1. Len

2. Kaitou

3. Akaito (current)

4. Kikaito (current)

personality: she's quiet, timid, and studious

key food: Vanilla Milkshake and choco cookies ^^

note: this is a rough draft picture

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