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Posted 10/29/10 , edited 11/13/10
What do I do to Start Rping?

-Follow the Steps. Do Step #1, #2, #3, and #4. Then you can Start RPing.

Whats Rp?

-Rp stands for "Role Playing" So you act out the Character you created.

How do i become a captain?

-You have to Complete Steps #1, #2, #3. In Step 3 you will Enroll for a Class. To be a captain you have to take ALL 5 Classes and Complete them

How do i become a Seated Officer or Vice-Captain?

-Same as how to be a Captain but you must take at least 3 Classes.

What do i do once i become a Captain // Vice-Captain // Seated Officer?

-Each Squad has a Role to play in Soul Society. Make sure you know what it is and what you're supposed to do.

I know what Role my Squad Plays in Soul Society but dont know what im supposed to do. What should i do?

-The best idea would be to Ask you Captain. If you're a captain and dont know then Ask one of the Mods.

Can i Start a New Class as an Instructor?

-You may make up your own Class AS LONG AS its not the same as the other classes and the MODS APPROVE of it.

Whats the "Role" Everyone Plays in Soul Society?

-Every Squad has a "role" to play. Some are Investigations, Security, etc. Its pretty much what your squad does.

I cant think of a Zanpaktuo

-Many of our Mods have good Ideas!! Feel Free to Contact them and Ask for Help!!!
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