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Amu's been living a miserable life since her father died,her step family isn't any better,Ami's gone,Her friends are all she's got left,but what if a certain prince knocks on her door? Will he make things better?
This story does not belong to me. It belongs to a girl on, her username is kouhaixsempai. Support her please:):):D
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23 / F / ♥♠♣♦In the Land o...
Posted 10/31/10 , edited 11/1/10
This is/her first chapter...enjoy:D

Chapter 1: Prologue and Characters

Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara

Authors Note: This is my first Shugo Chara fic. It's an Amuto by the way. Please read and review. I'd like to know if you'd want me to continue with this story or not. Thank you : )

-This is an AU & the charas are Human here, I didn't add them all though.

-This may be a bit like Cinderella, or something of that sort

-Pairings are: Amuto,Kutau and Rimahiko

-Sorry about the age, I reduced Amu and Ikuto's age gap to 4 years

-Rima and Nagihiko work with Amu in the same place

-If there are any confusions, feel free to ask : )

-Thank you and please do tell me what you think : D


Amu Hinamori was once a care-free and free living little girl. She had a wonderful mother and a loving father who both cared for her dearly. Everyday was a happy and fun filled day in Amu's life…but that all changed. A few years after her little sister Ami was born, he mother died of a sudden illness. It was a depressing day for the Hinamori family especially for Amu, because that was the start of her life turning upside down…

After her mother died, her father wed a new wife and Amu and her little sister had a stepmother and a stepsister as well. Her father married someone from the Yamabuki family. And Yamabuki Saaya, that woman's only daughter, soon became Amu's stepsister. A few more years after, her father shared the same fate and passed away.

It was then decided that Amu was to work for the family for a living. Amu was used and asked to do house chores all over. She had gained help from her friends and some of the other workers but she was the one who was abused the most. Her stepmother worked her day after day and often punishes her for her actions. Amu decided that it would be best if her little sister were to stay away from this family.

She sent Ami to a friend who was willing to take her in. She gets to visit her sister every so often when she gets the chance. And her friends are always there for her when she needs them to be. She has her reasons to be happy and she works hard for her sister's sake, even if it should have been her who inherited all this when her parents had died.. Her life as it is now isn't what she expected at all, but little does she know that when the time comes, something might soon change her life forever…

Characters: (Major & Minor)

(There may be some add on characters in the future but just the side line ones, I'm pretty sure that these are all the characters I'm going to use…please inform me if I missed any though…thanks : ) )

Hinamori Amu

Age: 17

Amu is one of the remaining daughters of the Hinamori family. When her mother and father died, her stepmother had decided to make her work for her stay in the family. She is being made to do chores and countless house work., she also has a stepsister who also orders her around.

She keeps up a strong façade on the outside and hides her inner feelings towards others. Those who can see through her are her dearest friends. On the inside she's just as shy and caring as anyone else, but she keeps up an outer personality for others to see. Her life as it is now is something she never wanted nor was it something she anticipated. But a certain someone might just knock on her door and turn it all upside down.

Hinamori Ami

Age: 5

Ami is Amu's little sister. She's active and she admires her older sister a lot. Amu sent her to live with a good friend who was willing to take her in a few weeks after her father had passed away. Amu did this for her own sisters safety so that she could assure her sister to be away from harm. She currently gets to see Amu during her visits to the Kingdom's village.


Age: 17

Ran is one of the workers in the household. She's a verry good friend of Amu's and she's known her for a long time now. Ran is athletic and energetic and she also has the huge tendency of being really loud at times. She handles the cleaning in the house just like Amu and they're very close. She has a positive attitude and is excited about many other random things. She somewhat the opposite of Amu's outside character.


Age: 17

Miki is another one of Amu's closest friends. She usually works at the garden and tends it to. She loves to draw during her free time and she has a very artistic side. She has a really good fashion sense and often helps others pick out clothes. She also has the talent of designing outfits and making them for other people. Miki is nothing like Ran's energetic personality, she's a bit more silent and quite the opposite too.


Age: 17

Su is their cook at home. She works on different dishes of food and she's very talented in the field of hose work. She loves to cook and bake and she's a very gentle and sweet person. Just try not to make her angry… Su, as the chef of the household, tends to kitchen duties most of the time but helps out in any way she can when necessary. She's also close to Amu and she often consoles her about her different problems in life.


Age: 17

Dia has a very bright personality. She reminds other about their inner shine or radiance as she's like to put it. She's also talented in singing and standing out in a crowd. Dia helps out in almost all the housework chores and is close to Amu as well. Like Ran, Miki and Su, she helps her friends through their tough times and always reminds them that whatever happens their inner radiance will always be there and all they have to do is to continue to believe.

Mashiro Rima

Age: 17

Rima is one of Amu's closest friends. She works at the house, she was hired there after her parents have abandoned and left her alone. She found refuge in the Hinamori household once when Amu's father Tsugumu was still alive. As soo as he passed away though, Rima was also put to work and is rarely getting enough rest.

Rima might be cold on the outside but on the inside she enjoys making people laugh and seeing them smile. She loves to hear laughter of others and enjoys entertainment. She became very close to Amu and they're now really good friends.

Souma Kukai

Age: 18

Kukai is more like Amu's brother figure. He manages a shop that sells a variety of meat, a butcher shop, with his brother. They also manage a small restaurant beside it. He gets to see Amu whenever he pays his weekly visits to deliver meat or when Amu gains a bit of freedom to visit the village. Kukai has an active and athletic personality and he is one of the people who can easily penetrate through Amu's façade. He consoles her with her problems just as Su does but he often gives her more of a brotherly advice. He's older than her for a year and they've met when Amu was still very young.

Kukai is always full of energy and he's always there to help out when someone needs him. He's always seen with a huge smile on his face, one that brightens up someone's day.

Souma Daichi

Age: 17

Daichi is Kukai's younger brother. He helps Kukai with work and the two of them are quite close. Daichi, just like Kukai, also has an active personality. He loves to go out and is always just as full of energy as his older brother. Daichi has a very sporty and sometimes tends to compete with his older brother. He's also a good friend of Amu's since they've known each other for quite a long time.

Fujisaki Nagihiko

Age: 17

Nagihiko Amu's first best friend when she was still very young. He was once known as Nadeshiko because of his family's rules of dressing as a girl. After Tsugumu died, the Fujisaki family were the one's who took Ami in. In replacement for Ami's freedom, Nagihiko offered to work at the Hinamori household, to be able to help his best friend during her time of need. Amu was against the idea but soon had no choice but to agree as Nagihiko insisted to work there on his own will.

Nagihiko originally lived with his older sister right after her parents had passed away. He is also known as Nagi, it was the nickname that Amu had given him after finding out that he was a boy. The two of them are very close and he often gets into misunderstandings with Rima for she argues with him on who Amu's best friend really is.

Fujisaki Temari

Age: 20

Temari is Nagihiko's older sister, she teaches dance at the village and is the one who is currently taking care of Ami. As Ami was left with the Fujisaki family, it has always been Temari's job to look after her. Ever since their parents passed away, Temari was the one who worked o earn money for their family. Nagihiko helps as well as he is currently working for the Yamabuki's. As of now she wishes her brother and Amu well and she promised to make sure that Ami is free from harm's way.

Yuiki Yaya

Age: 16

Yaya has a childish personality and tends to act just like a little girl would. She treats Kukai as an older brother and often goes to him for help. She studies dance with Temari and often goes to the Fujisaki household to go and play with Ami and keep her company. She knows of the hardships that Amu has been through but keeps it a secreat just like everyone else.

Hotori Tadase

Age: 17

Tadase is a close friend of Kukai and Daichi. He's one of the richest families around and has close ties to the royal family. The Hotori Family has always been very close to the Tsukiyomis so he himself is well known throughout the kingdom. He often visits the village to visit his friends and helps them with problems whenever he can. He's only met Amu once when they were kids and he's currently wondering where her whereabouts are now…

Tsukiyomi Ikuto

Age: 21

Ikuto is the only son of the royal family a.k.a the prince, since he's the oldest he is often pushed to wed when they were little kids. He often has girls throwing themselves at him and he doesn't want to marry any of them to the very least. As of now he's still being forced to wed by his father and he hopes to find someone other than those girls that he's already met.

Ikuto tends to hide himself from others and he tends to be quite a mystery. He has the tendency to be perverted when he feels like it though. His true personality is yet to be revealed to others as he is still hiding and not yet willing to show what his personality is really like. A lot of people would give anything to have his position but for Ikuto he'd rather live a normal life. In secret, Ikuto is also talented in playing the violin. What other people praise him to be is something he thinks of otherwise.

Tsukiyomi Utau:

Age: 19

Utau is Ikuto's younger sister, and the only princess of the kingdom. She has this over protective brother complex thing on Ikuto but still wishes him the best. She used to have a huge crush on her brother until it finally sank in that there was no way for them to be together. Now, she shows him her support as his sister and still continues to care for him deeply. There are times when Utau is also forced to meet different suitors just like her brother and she is really sick of it.

Utau has a rough and strong personality on the outside and can be stubborn at times but she's also kindhearted and loving on the inside, somewhat like Amu. She's a talented singer and she loves to sing. Her voice reaches the hearts of others just as her songs do.


Age: 17

Yoru is a good friend of Ikuto and Utau. He was found when he was still very young and was taken in the palace. He offered to work there as a payment for letting him stay. He is currently in charge of monitoring Ikuto and Utau and following them around, somewhat like their bodyguard. He has a sly personality and often loves to tease others. He's ery close to the Tsukiyomis and is very grateful to them as well. He's one of the few people aside from Utau who knows what Ikuto is like deep down.

Sanjo Kairi

Age: 15

Kairi is Yuiki Sanjo's younger brother. He's a very smart child even for someone his age. He's the youngest one who's ever made it to be very respected in the palace. He's a very good informant as well. He likes to make everything as planned out and as well thought of as possible. He and his sister go to the palace to often help with different issues of the kingdom. And for that, Kairi is known to be a very well educated boy.

Yukairi Sanjo

Age: 27

She is the older sister of Kairi and works under the palace. She and her brother help with the different crisis's and issues of the Tsukiyomi Kingdom. She's in charge of gathering information and reporting it to the palace. She's close to Utau and helps her sometimes with her singing. She's quite clumsy at times and often asks Kairi for favors but nevertheless she still is his older sister.

Nikaidou Yuu

Age: 28

He is one of the cooks of the palace. He's been working for the Tsukiyomi Family for years and has seen both Ikuto and Utau grow. He's very loyal to the family and he's trusted by everyone inside the palace grounds. He seems to have a dual personality from time to time. There are times he can be strict and serious whereas there can also be times where he is clumsy and carefree.

Tsukiyomi Aruto

Age: 43

Tsukiyomi Aruto is the father of Utau and Ikuto. He's also the king of the Tsukiyomi Kingdom. He often forces his son to wed and his daughter to meet all kinds of different suitors, but he' still a caring father he just wants both his son and daughter to end up happy and responsible of the Kingdom. He was also a talented musician at a young age, but his duties for the kingdom hindered him from continuing his musical dreams.

Tsukiyomi Souko

Age: 37

She's the mother and the queen of the Kingdom. She's loving and caring and loves her children dearly. She cares for their well being and wants them to live freely and happily as any ordinary person would, but due to social status they rarely have that much freedom. She's well respected just as the king is and she thinks of what others may need before her own. What she wants the most is for her two childen to find their own happiness in the near future.

Yamabuki-sama/ Lady Yamabuki (Saaya's mother.)

Age: 39

(Don't know her name I am so sorry, and I can't think of one please bear with me here.)

She's Saaya's mother and Amu and Ami's stepmother. She married Tsugumu and as he passed away, she took full control of the Hinamori household. She and her daughter have been ordering people around the place and they get what they want when they want it. She's really demanding and often punishes the workers if they go against her will. She is currently forcing Amu to work and treating her like someone who never even belonged to the family. She took the money and the belongings that were supposed to be passed down to Amu as soon as Tsugumu had died.

Yamabuki Saaya

Age: 17

She's Amu and Ami's stepsister. She gives people orders and doesn't really care whether or not that person is either older or younger than her. She claims to be able to sing well, whereas she really can't. She idolizes the prince and she's also taken a liking at Kukai and she's a very manipulative person. She treats Amu as a common maid and all the others as just trash. Like mother like daughter. She's one of the reasons why Amu's so miserable at times.

Authors Note: Please tell me what you think, weather or not I should continue this story. Thank you and please review : )

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Posted 10/31/10 , edited 11/1/10
This her real first chapter...enjoy:D

Disclaimer: I do not own Shugo Chara

Authors Note: Thank you for all the reviews everyone : ) Please read the additional Info below:

-Pairings I forgot to mention: Miru & RanxDaichi

-Thank you to the ff: xxxUtauloverxxx, Sk8terGurl315, Hime Cullen Tsukiyomiand an anonymous reviewer named 'Q'

-I also want to say thanks for adding this story to the community Moonlight Serenade& Strawberry Joker & Neko Violinist

-Thanks for listening to all that…now on with chapter 1 !

It Begins: Arrival Of The Royals!

It was a bright and early morning inside the Hinamori household. Amu woke up with the sun brightly shining outside. She got up and fixed her room and made sure that everything was set in place. After getting dressed for the day, she was supposed to go and greet her friends, but unfortunately a voice that boomed and shook the entire household broke her smile.

"Amu! Where are you, you wretched girl?" yelled Lady Yamabuki.

Once again Amu sighed. This was how her day usually started, if she was lucky she'd get to greet and see her friends before any if this yelling. "I'm coming, Yamabuki-sama." She called back. Ever since her mother passed away and her father had remarried, she never dared to call her stepmother mom. She never liked this woman and it occurred to her that she never would.

Amu walked towards the large stair steps and entered her stepmother's room. "Yes? You needed me for something Yamabuki-sama?" asked Amu

"Took you long enough. Now I want you to go to Saaya's room immediately, she wants a dress to be sown and her room to be made spotless. As you know, we'll be having guests later this afternoon, so I want this whole place to be spotless. Do you understand Amu?" asked Lady Yamabuki in a serious tone.

"Yes, of course. I'll get it right away." Said Amu. As she bowed and closed the door behind her, she gave off a sigh. "Great, this is going to be another long day…."

Amu walked over to Saaya's room. She knocked on the door and heard a voice telling her to "come in". She walked inside and saw Saaya throwing dresses and other things out of her closet, this resulting to a big mess inside her room. "No wonder they wanted me to clean this place, it's as if a tornado hit it."

Amu soon stopped her thoughts and spoke "Um…you needed me Saaya-san?" Just like her stepmother, she never regarded Saaya as a part of her family either.

"Yes I did. Amu, I want you to clean this mess up! I can't have visitors around the house when my room is a total mess. I also want you to fix these dresses and make sure they're perfect! I can't choose what to wear just yet so make sure I can choose from those." Said Saaya "After all, I have to look my best for my prince."

Amu rolled her eyes at that comment, of course how could she ever forget today? It was the day that Saaya's been looking forward too all this time, she's been screaming her head off when she found out about it.

Soon enough, Saaya started throwing dresses at Amu. Those were the dresses that she wanted done. "You can leave for now, clean my room later. Deal with the dresses first I want them finished before our guests get here." Ordered Saaya

"Yes of course, I'll get to them right away" said Amu and then she left the room and headed back downstairs. "Well, I better get these done. I still have a lot to do for today." Thought Amu as she began to walk back to her room to sew and fix the dresses that Saaya had handed to her.

Meanwhile….At the Palace….

Ikuto woke up from his bed and walked straight for the dinning room. There, he met with his parents and his sister Utau. His mornings were the same as usual, he guessed that a few minutes from now his dada would be talking to him about getting married again. He sighed as he took a seat beside Utau and as NIkaidou delivered their breakfast for today.

"Thank you Nikaidou-san." Greeted Tsukiyomi Souko with a smile to the chef.

"It's not a problem Your Majesty. I do hope you enjoy." Replied Nikaidou with a bow before he left the dining room and went back to the kitchen.

As they were eating, Tsukiyomi Aruto opened up another topic for them to talk about. "Now, Ikuto…Utau, as you both know we will be paying a visit to a friend of ours today. We will be going to the Hinamori household, you see the daughter of Tsugumu is currently having her 17th birthday today." Explained Aruto

"Isn't he dead?" asked Ikuto in a bored tone.

"That isn't very nice Ikuto." Replied Souko "Yes, Tsugumu passed away years ago but he still has a daughter. If I remember correctly, he has two actually. Midori died after the second child was born."

"So what's the point of visiting? Won't it be a waste of our time? If both parents are gone then how would you know where their daughters are?" asked Utau

"I have not received any news of them moving, and as I remember correctly Tsugumu remarried before he passed away so I'm sure his daughters are in proper care." Said Aruto

"We haven't seen his family since he passed away, so since today is supposedly his daughter's birthday we decided to pay her a visit." Said Souko

"We'll be leaving later, we've sent word of our arrival there and in return they have invited us to dine with them." Said Aruto "I want you both to be on your best behavior today."

Utau an Ikuto just nodded at their father's statement. Soon as their meal had ended the two siblings decided to take a walk around the castle with their friend Yoru. "Well that was a surprise want it Ikuto?" asked Utau

"At least he didn't say anything about me getting married this time." Said Ikuto with a sigh "But to think we'd be visiting the Hinamori family…I don't even remember meeting Tsugumu's two daughters."

"Neither do I, but father's orders are still orders and we don't have much of a choice. I wouldn't mind going though, it beats staying here all day doing nothing." Said Utau. Ikuto had to agree with that, it was better than listening to the kingdom's leaders talk about their heritage and some other stuff that he has to do once he rules the kingdom.

"You know, you guys have another bright side to this.~nya" Said Yoru

"And what might that be?" asked Utau

"You get to go out of the palace and see what the village is like too~nya." Said Yoru

"Hey, can I ask you something. Do you have to keep saying the word 'nya' in every sentence?" asked Utau looking at their child-hood friend.

"Not really~nya I guess I just got used to it." Said Yoru with a smile

"You can't really blame him can you Utau? He's been like that since we were kids, not that it's such a big shock is it?" said Ikuto "And back to his statement, Yoru does have a point there. At least we get to get out of the palace for once."

"Yeah, you're right about that….I want to go back to my room for now. This is getting a bit boring." Said Utau as she looked at her brother and Yoru. Then a few seconds later she got an idea "Ne Ikuto, could you do me a favor?"

"If it's got anything to do with going out with you then no." replied Ikuto

Utau looked at him with a pout and spoke "Please, I told you I got over you already didn't I? It's got nothing to do with that kind of stuff."

"Fine, what is it that you want?" asked Ikuto

"Can you…play the violin? I feel like singing right now….is that okay?" asked Utau with a pleading look.

"You know, you can be so nice to me sometimes but you're mean with other people. Not to mention you're extremely nice to Ikuto~nya." Said Yoru

Utau has always been like that. She can be stubborn and mean in front of others but she's nice and the complete opposite of it all when she's in front of Ikuto and Yoru. She's especially stubborn when in front of her suitors…not that anyone blames her for that though.

"You know I have my reasons. So Ikuto? Is it okay? You haven't played for a while now and your violins like a display." Said Utau hoping her brother would say yes.

"Fine, I have nothing better to do anyway…" replied Ikuto. He headed down to his room to grab his violin while Utau was smiling happily.

Back in the Hinamori household…

Amu was just about finished in sewing and ironing the dresses that Saaya wanted done. She was happy that she was able to restore the dresses into a nice beautiful form. It made her wonder what Saaya did with these things to make them look trashed. Soon a knock was heard on her room door and Dia came inside.

"Amu-chan, we've been waiting for you. You haven't eaten anything yet and we were starting to get worried." Said Dia

"Gomene Dia, demo I had to do things for Saaya today. She wanted me to sew these dresses and I just finished ironing them too." Said Amu "You didn't have to call me, I'll be fine."

"If I didn't call you, you'd most probably be overworking yourself again Amu-chan." Said Dia in a knowing tone. She was right, Amu would just be following orders and not even worry bout her own health that she sometimes gets to tired the following day to even wake up and eat a proper meal.

"*sigh* Amu-chan why don't we go to the garden together. Su's prepared tea there and a meal for us to eat. Miki's just about done with her morning duties as well. Nagi and Rima are there too." Suggested Dia

"Alright, let's go." Amu gave in to what Dia had suggested. She knew that she was only forcing her because she cared about her welfare. Thinking of the bright side, she'll finally be able to see her friends for the day.

Amu walked with Dia to the garden and there she saw Su, Rima, Nagi, Miki and Ran. She was greeted by all her friends in the garden with happy smiles and some with worried and confused looks.

"Amu-chan! You're finally here!" called Ran "We've been waiting for you."

"You're much later than usual, did something come up?" asked Nagihiko

"No, it was nothing special. Saaya just wanted me to sew some of the dresses that broke and iron them for her." Explained Amu as Dia led her to the table and she sat on one of the chairs in between Nagihiko and Rima.

"Again? She's asking you to do her chores for her again?" asked Rima, she didn't like Saaya and her mother, in fact none of them did.

"Yes, but I don't mind really. I should be used to it by now." Said Amu with a sigh as Su was pouring warm homemade tea into their cups.

"That's what so bad about this situation. She shouldn't let you do anything like this, especially not today." Said Miki. Everyone knew what was so special today, I was Amu's special day. But it was the same every year, there was no celebration. Her friends would hold one for her and then she'd just spend time with them for a couple of hours. She was forced to work weather it was her day or not.

"Amu-chan, today of all days. You should go to the village today and we should celebrate. It is your 17th birthday, shouldn't it be a special day? It looks like all you do for your birthday every year is work non-stop." Said Miki with a sigh.

"Besides, you shouldn't be even working for them in the first place. When Tsugumu-san was still here this place was so much fun." Said Ran

"They should be the one's working for you not you working for them. They owe you Amu-chan. The inheritance was supposed to be yours, it doesn't belong to that witch!" said Rima with a huff.

"Now just quiet down Mashiro-san, if she were to hear you, Amu-chan might get punished…again." Said Nagihiko with a sad tone in his voice. The last time Amu got punished, she couldn't even manage to carry herself or walk for days.

"This is abuse I tell you, she wouldn't even have to be in this situation right now. It's just not right." Said Ran

"Not to mention we're getting a visit from the royal family today~desu. They're coming here to greet Amu-chan aren't they?" asked Su. The main purpose of the Tsukiyomi's visit was because of Tsugumu's daughter and it had nothing to do with the Yamabukis.

"True, but that witch might just make up some excuse that Amu isn't here or something like that. She knew their reason for coming from the moment she got the message. There's no way she didn't plan anything." Said Rima

"That's undeniable, she must have thought of something to get Amu-chan out of the way. I'm sure Saaya wouldn't want anyone else to get near her precious prince." Said Dia

"As if the prince would ever go for someone like her. She's the complete opposite of the words nice, caring and kind." Said Rima

"This is going to be a long day. Amu-chan won't even get to see Ami…" said Miki. They all saddened at the name of the sweet little girl. It's been months since Amu last saw her and she's her little sister too.

"It's okay you guys, Ami understands. It won't change anything, even if I keep sulking here. They aren't going to grant me any freedom today even if it kills me. Besides I get freedom to go to the village every so often, I'll see her soon." Said Amu. Deep down though she missed her little sister and she even wished that Kukai and Daichi were there to help her.

The others could see she was lonely on the inside. Nagihiko put an arm around her shoulder and spoke "One day, Amu-chan, we will get you out of here. All of us will, soon the truth will be exposed about what they've been doing to you. You deserve better than this Amu-chan."

The others nodded in agreement, if there was one thing they wanted right now it'd be to be free from this prison. The Yamabuki's had been in control for long enough. They knew Amu had something to look forward to and being in this house isn't the answer to her happiness.

It wasn't long before a sound was heard, the royal family had finally arrived at the household. Amu and the others were tending to there household chores and duties for the moment and were made sure not to be seen in front of the prince and the other royals. The didn't really care weather the royals saw them or not, either way it didn't bother them and they didn't try to complain.

Rima was cleaning the halls of the large mansion when she heard footsteps down the stairs. She looked up and saw Saaya approaching her as well as Lady Yamabuki. "Good morning Saaya-san, Yamabuki- sama." Greeted Rima. She wanted to be nice, at least for this once she didn't mind. It's not like getting angry about anything would help.

Lady Yamabuki just turned away from Rima and spoke "Remember your role in this household. You and the others are nothing more than mere maids to be told what to do. You are not to make close contact with any of the royals do you understand? Just as a reminder, do not defy your orders unless you want to get punished again." And with that she was walking down to open the door "Now get out of my sight child."

Rima was starting to loose her calm outer character, she tried to remain as calm as she could while walking away from the halls. She soon caught a glance of the royal family entering and so she became the curios cat. She hid behind the walls, just behind the staircase to listen in on their opening conversation.

Lady Yamabuki opened the door and soon the royal family came out of the carriage. She and Saaya bowed and invited them inside. "Welcome sire to our humble abode." Spoke Lady Yamabuki with a smile

"This is my daughter Saaya." She introduced as Saaya bowed.

"Hello Your Majesties, it's a pleasure to meet you all." Said Saaya as politely as she could.

"The pleasure is ours, thank you for having us today." Said Souko with a smile. "Oh yes, let me introduce myself. I'm Tsukiyomi Souko, this is my husband Aruto and these are our two children. My oldest son Ikuto and my daughter Utau. This is Yoru, he's a close friend." She introduced them one by one pointing to each one of her family members.

Ikuto caught Saaya's attention, he was as the rumors had said. Mysterious and handsome, and he was fit to be the kingdoms prince. She was practically doing nothing more but stare at him while her mother talked with the other guests.

Ikuto noticed Saaya's stares and so did Utau and Yoru. Ikuto simply shrugged it off and looked away, it was nothing new to him. This was why he was never quite attracted to girls, all they ever do around him is swoon and stare. Utau was bit disappointed and at the same time a bit disgusted by Saaya. She never would have expected Tsugumu's daughter to turn out like this. Yoru was…well he didn't know how to react to this girl in front of him, he just found her weird. Period.

Then after a few more minutes, Queen Souko brought a question up. "Saaya, you must be Tsugumu's oldest daughter. You just turned seventeen am I correct?" she asked with a smile.

"Oh! My apologies." Said Lady Yamabuki "I'm afraid you're seeking for my other daughter yes?"

"Other daughter? I thought you only had two? Isn't the other one just a little girl?" this time it was Utau who asked the question.

"Well….yes. But you see, it was a sad event for us all. After my husband had died, his oldest daughter from his first wife was in a state of depression. She soon ran away from home and she took her little sister with her. I haven't seen them for a long time, I've heard that she sold her sister to another family and took off." said Lady Yamabuki and she had a sad expression on her face.

"Oh my….that's so sad." Replied Souko

"I apologize for not telling you when I got your message that you will be paying us a visit. I just couldn't bring myself to…" Lady Yamabuki acted as if she was about to cry as she told the tale.

Souko put a hand on her shoulder to comfort her and spoke. "I am so sorry to hear that. It's alright, it must have been hard on your part."

"Both my stepsisters are no longer with us. I don't blame them for running away but I hoped it could have gone better." Said Saaya as she was also faking a cry.

Meanwhile Rima was furious. "How dare she! That she witch! What does she mean ran away? Amu's right here!" Rima was getting angry, she wanted to go over there and expose all of Lady Yamabuki's lies. Rima was so angry that she didn't notice she was walking further and further away from her hiding place. Soon she got exposed…

"Mashiro Rima!" This was definitely Lady Yamabuki's voice. She was approaching Rima with the royal family by her side.

Rima gulped, she's done it now. If they knew that she heard she'd be dead by nightfall, or worse, Amu could get hurt. "Yamabuku-sama, I apologize I was just…" Rima kept calm and pit out her outer character façade. She was doing well enough, except there was one problem…she had no excuse.

"What did I tell you? Were you here this whole time?" asked Lady Yamabuki, she was speaking as nicely ass she could as to not expose her anger in front of the Tsukiyomis.

Rima knew her voice was a lie, heck her whole tale earlier was all a fib. "I…I was just here to…" Rima was about to run out of a excuse when suddenly…

"Oi! Mashiro-san! Did you get the bill from Yamabuki-san already?" Rima turned to the sound of the voice and saw Kukai heading her way.

"K-Kukai…." Muttered Rima, she was shocked to find him there "How'd he find me here anyway?" she thought

"Hey, did you get the payment like I asked?" asked Kukai as he ruffled her hair.

"Payment?" asked Rima as softly as she could.

"Yeah, for the deliveries today. Man, you must have been day dreaming or something, I leave you for five minutes and you totally space out!" said Kukai with a smile and Rima could have sworn that he winked at her.

Kukai then turned to the Tsukiyomis and bowed. Then he turned to Lady Yamabuki "Gomen Yamabuki-san. I asked Mashiro-san here to collect the payment for our deliveries today so that my brother and I could store them out in the back freezer. She just returned from cleaning the halls and said you were still here so asked for her to go back." Said Kukai. Rima knew he was lying, she never went back and she never met Kukai on her way either. She knew where he was getting at and man was he right on time.

"Sorry Kuakai, I was about to head back when I saw Yamabuki-sama talking to His Majesty and Queen Souko. I didn't want to be rude. Then you suddenly come along." Said Rima, she was playing along Kukai's little act.

"No biggie, come on. For that you have to help me store all that meat in the back fridge. Daichi must be freezing in there." Said Kukai with a laugh. He gestured for Rima to go on ahead. As Rima passed him he whispered "Go on, I'll meet you with the others kay?"

Rima bowed to the royal family and soon left, Kukai turned back to Lady Yamabuki and her guests. "My apologies, that stuff was my fault. I shouldn't have ordered her around like that." Then Kukai turned to the royal family's attention "I'd also like to apologize for interrupting your conversation." He spoke with a bow. As he got back up he saw Utau looking at him. She looked confused and as if she knew, he was trying to help Rima a while back. He stared back at the blonde princess, but soon they were interrupted by Lady Yamabuki's voice.

"Souma-san, I suggest you and your brother tend to your duties. I will pay for the deliveries later. I'd like to put my guests first." She told him

Kukai smiled, but he was smirking on the inside. For one, Kukai knew all about the punishments and harsh things that Lady Yamabuki can do to her workers when they disobey her. He knew that if he admitted this whole thing was his fault, she couldn't do anything to punish him cuz he doesn't work there. "Firing me wouldn't do any good either, unless she wants to loose all her supplies that is."

Kukai turned to Lady Yamabuki and spoke "Of course, I'll get to work right away. Once again I deeply apologize for all of this." And with that he gave Utau a last glance and flashed her a smile and walked away.

Utau looked at him walk away wide eyed. She was shocked about the whole smile and staring thing that just happened a few minutes ago. Ikuto looked at his sister with amusement in his eyes. He smirked at her reaction and soon shrugged it off.

Then Lady Yamabuki faced her guests as soon as Kukai was nowhere to be seen. "I apologize, my maids can be a bit disobedient at times."

"Your maid seemed to be quite young." Stated Souko

"Oh yes, Mashiro Rima. She was abandoned by her parents, I took the poor child in and tended to her. She offered to work here to repay for living here it was rather kind of her." Said Lady Yamabuki.

Not knowing that Kukai was still near the area, he heard all of it. "Another story filled with lies…" thought Kukai as he sighed and completely walked away from the main halls.

Kukai walked into the garden and he saw Miki there with Dia and Amu. He went to offer Diachi some help, but it turned out that he finished all the work on his own anyway. He walked over to his friends and soon Rima was there with Nagi.

"I can't believe that witch!" yelled Rima in an angered tone. Amu and the others stopped what they were doing and looked at their friend.

"Did something happen, Mashiro-san?" asked Niagihiko with a confused look on his face.

"A lot happened. Trust me you wouldn't want to know." Kukai's voice was heard. Amu shot up and ran to Kukai and gave him a big hug.

"Kukai! You came!" greeted Amu as Kukai hugged her back

Kukai gave out a laugh and spoke "Course' I came, I wouldn't miss it birthday girl. You growing old today Hinamori." He teased

"Hey! You're way older than I am." Said Amu with a laugh.

"That's true." Replied Kukai, as they broke from the hug, he ruffled her hair just as he did with Rima.

"Oi Kukai, I' done with everything." Daichi's voice was heard and everyone turned to see him walking to the garden with Ran. Daichi went over to Amu and waved "Look who just turned seventeen." He told her

"Hehe it's nice to see you too Daichi." Said Amu. Then she noticed that someone was missing "Hey guys, where's Su?" she asked looking around

"Not here. She's been told to make lunch for the guests. She's probably serving them now." Said Dia

"That witch isn't worth her time." Hissed Rima

"What happened with her?" asked Ran as she looked at the others hoping for an answer to Rima's sudden anger issues.

"Don't know, she was like that when she got here. She was screaming something about the witch, which I'm guessing is you-know-who." Said Miki. They all knew who Rima called a witch, it was pretty obvious.

"So what'd she do this time? Another punishment?" asked Daichi

"Nope, this time it was a bindle of lies to match." Said Kukai facing the others

"Bundle of lies?" asked Nagihiko

"So…what exactly happened anyway?" asked Ran "Mind sharing?"

Rima told her part of the story and as she was doing so the others were all shocked and most of their mouths were pretty much wide open by now. "And she even said that Amu sold Ami to another family and ran off. I mean, the nerve of that woman!" said Rima as she finished.

"Woah, that's just….woah…." That was all Daichi could muster to say he didn't know how to react to that. He never thought someone would actually go that far.

Nagihiko looked furious by now. He was looking at Amu and saw that she was trying to control her anger too. "That was going a bit too far…even for her. Lying like that….it's unforgivable."

"She's making it look like Amu-chan was the criminal here." Said Ran

"Amu-chan would never do anything of the sort. Sure she was lonely when Tsugumu-san had passed away but there was no way she'd run away without a trace and there was no way she'd do anything out of control like sell her own flesh and blood to someone else." Said Dia

"She told all those lies…what I can't seem to believe is that they all bought it." Said Miki. She never knew that the royals were that oblivious.

"Maybe they did, maybe they didn't, who knows?" said Kukai

"I would never ever sell Ami…even if it was for money. I'd give her a better life if I could." Amu's voice was starting to fall apart.

Nagihiko put an arm on her shoulder and spoke "Amu-chan, you can't let anything she said get to you."

"It's going to be okay Amu-chan. I mean if Su heard this I think she's going to loose it, even if she is all that kind." Said Ran

"Yeah she isn't, especially if you hear what else she said." Said Kukai

"What? There's more?" asked Daichi in disbelief.

"Yeah, more lies that is." Replied Kukai. He told them what he overheard with that talk about Rima. As Rima heard this she huffed.

"As if! She didn't take care of me! I was fine until she came along. In fact we were all doing fine until she got here!" said Rima

"That's true, Tsugumu-san was making us work and all but at least we got the respect and treatment that we all deserved." Said Miki

"I don't know what my father ever saw in that woman. She's changed the minute he passed away." Said Amu coldly. Her friends knew she wasn't blaming her father she was just mad right now. But who could blame her?

"Come on Amu-chan, we're just about done here. Do you want to go to your room?" asked Dia comfortingly

"No thanks Dia, I think I'll stay here at the garden, it's much more relaxing than my room." Said Amu, she tried to smile, at least to shrug off all the other thoughts in her head.

"We have to get going Amu-chan, we still have to clean some of the other rooms in the second floor." Said Ran

"We're sorry Amu-chan…" apologized Dia

"No it's okay, I'll stay here. I have no further orders but to stay away an keep myself hidden from the royals." Said Amu

"I'll keep you company for a while. Daichi, can you head back to the village alone for now? I'll keep Hinamori some company for a while." Said Kukai

"Sure thing Kukai." Replied Daichi with a thumbs up "Just be back before dark."

"I'll be staying here too Amu-chan. My job is here in the gardens so I don't have to go anywhere else." Said Miki with a smile

"Arigatou Miki, Kukai. You guys better go, you might get in trouble if you got caught here." Said Amu looking at her friends. They all nodded and left, Amu was soon left in the gardens with Kukai and Miki with her

Su was busy making lunch in the kitchen and serving them in the dining table. She was serving them to the royal family and she heard some of their conversations. She heard Lady Yamabuki apologize to the Queen as well. "I am dearly sorry that I haven't told you about my daughter, it is her birthday today. I hoped that I'd be able to see her…"

Su was pretty much confused with this and thought "What does she mean by that~desu? Amu-chan's right inside this house." She shrugged of the disturbing thought and delivered the food to the table.

"I hope you enjoy your meal~desu." Said Su as she bowed and placed the dishes on the table.

"My, you have such a young cook." Said Souko as she took a bite of the dish that Su had made "And she's quite talented too."

Su smile and she was pleased that the guests were enjoying their meal, then she caught a glance of Ikuto and Uatau. She knew who they were, but to her they seemed bored and uninterested at the moment.

Su was right, Ikuto and Uatau paid no heed and attention to what Lady Yamabuki was saying. They had their reasons for that, then soon Utau spoke up. "Mother, we'd like to take a little walk around if that's alright."

"But of course Princess you're quite welcome to do as you please. In fact, why not let Saaya accompany you? She can give you a grand tour." Said Lady Yamabuki

Utau didn't like that idea, she was hoping to walk alone with Ikuto and Yoru. If they needed a tour guide she definitely didn't want it to be her. Then it's as if Utau's wishes were answered as Su spoke "If you'd like I could give you a tour~desu I know this place from top to bottom." She said happily

Lady Yamabuki was about to object when, for the first time since they got there, Ikuto spoke "That'd be fine. We wouldn't want to interrupt your meal Saaya-san." Ikuto stood up from his seat and Yoru did too. Su followed them, and as Saaya was about to object they were already away from the dining table.

Su took them to different places around the mansion and she smiled as she noticed that her guests were somewhat paying attention. "I might get punished for this later on~desu, but it seemed like they weren't comfortable with Saaya as their company." Su smiled, as much as she didn't want to get punished, she figured it was worth it.

Soon they reached the part of the garden. Su didn't know that Amu was there with Kukai, but as soon as she saw a silhouette of Miki she wanted to stay safe. She hurriedly took them away from the garden hoping that no one would notice Amu and Kukai there.

Unfortunately, as they were walking passed the place Ikuto caught a glance at the pink haired girl and stared at her as she was laughing with Kukai and Miki. For some reason, Ikuto was immediately attracted to this girl. Utau didn't seem to have noticed her and neither did Yoru.

Once they were almost away from the garden, Su sighed thinking that no one saw and she was in the clear. But she was wrong, because a few minutes after that Ikuto spoke. "We have to go back to the garden. Now." He told them

"What are you talking about?" asked Utau

"Let's just go." Said Ikuto as he made his way back to the mansion's garden.

"Wait~desu. You can't…." but before Su could say anymore, Utau and Yoru were already following Ikuto. She sighed, she knew it was too late to stop them now. What more could she do?

"I hope Amu-chan knows how to tell fibs~desu She's going to get hurt if she get's caught by Yamabuki-sama again…." She followed them to the garden and hoped that they wouldn't find out the truth.

The truth that the girl Ikuto saw was actually Hinamori Amu, Tsugumu and Midori's first daughter, the one who should have inherited all this. And most importantly, the girl that they heard was lost forever…

Authors Note: That's it, the first chapter. I hope you guys liked it. Please tell me what you think of the story : )

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