Subtitle Caption Contest!
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Ok! Here is something pretty random I'm gonna give up Till Dec.26 @12am (mst -7)
I'll pay for 3 months subscription time for the person that can make this picture crack laughs the Hardest (1st place)
I'll put up a 2nd prize if this thread receives more then 50 CAPTIONS.

Please use SPOILER here only for the CAPTION of the picture.
-1 Entry Per person, (don't edit cause that is cheating)
-If you laughed at what the last person said in their "Caption" Give them a thumbs up and rate 1out 10 in QUOTES!
-No vulgar language that.
-and absolutely no complaining, or degrading comments about Other Captions (as also required by CR Forum rules),

This is a Contest.
(my caption is an Example)
Oh, and this aint my cat.
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Posted 11/4/10 , edited 11/4/10
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