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Posted 11/5/10 , edited 4/21/11
Hello, Everyone,

Welcome to the group. First of all, thanks for joining. May you have a wonderful time here role playing Kyou Kara Maoh! (Kyo Kara Maou!) with your friends here. Second, my user name is BakurasPriestess, but it's okay to call me Mina or MinaVonB ((so as to avoid confusion with another user who's name seems to be 'Minna' and well known here on cr??)). It's nice to meet you. ^^

I have way too much spare time on my hands. Which is why I spend ninety-eight percent of the time on the internet, role playing. The rest of the time I'm either surfing the web for pretty images to use as backgrounds, watching msn videos ((usually 'Must Love Cats' videos), or just general stuff that I find interesting, or searching for interesting facts and information about Kyou Kara Maou.

I don't think there's much I can tell you about myself that you'd find interesting, so I'm going to leave this here for now and hope that you'll introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself here on the forum.

Take care.

- Mina Von B.
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Posted 5/7/11 , edited 5/7/11
Hello I'm Chainkiller, since this is my user name here in crunchyroll. you can call me chainkiller or chain for short ^_^
The creator of this group and my happen to be my buddy here made me the first moderator of this group. I'm exited to add ideas but I'm still in the stage of searching cool stuffs to contribute here so my friend Mina won't be disappointed lol.
Anyway my stats is a ful Mazoku (you can ask Mina to change your status) since I've always wanted to be on the level of "my Wolfram"

I hope all of us will have a great time rp'ing and doing cool KKM related stuffs here in Shin-Ma-Castle

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