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Posted 11/5/10 , edited 11/6/10
Okayy -- Since this group is the first one I've ever done then I might as well do it right! :D
We need to get more kiddies in the group and to make it look more flashyy! Only problem -- I suckk at a couple things (Maybe a lot) so this is where YOU the coolest people in the world come in!

By the wayy, here are some qualities I look in a good GG mod!

--- Active (It's okay if you have an excuse like school or a crappy computer, we've all been there)
--- Nice & kind to the members (Who likes mean assholes?) It's a plus if your funnyy!
--- Fun (It's 'cause I loveee funn people!)
--- Open, when I say this I mean your open to telling me new ideas and anything that's on your mind.

Here are some open jobs...

--- Graphics Mods (We could use a lot of these...)
Does graphic request, help change layouts, makes avii, anything really that involves photo editing.

--- Forum Mods (A great helper)
Always on the forums, answering questions, making new threads, this job requires some qualities...
// Must have at least a background in makeup, clothes, fashion, etc.
// A nice person in general...

(Uhh... I can't think of anything else but those two things are veryyy important!)

--- Picture Uploader//Researcherr (So loveableee)
The smallest job of the list but still VERYY important, all they need to do is search the wonderful webb for pictures of the latest Japanese fashion! Post them into the album and picture threads, works with the forum mods to post any news, advice, etc.

If your interested ;D Pleaseee fill in the form and wait for my approval!

Position Wantedd:
Background (Pictures// What do you know// etc.):
Why do you want to join? (I'm okay if you just write: Because it seems like funn):
How cool do you think you are xD :

That's about it...
... What are you waiting for? Come join the GG familyy todayy!

GG (Gyaruu Galz) MODERATORR -- Roo (bubblelovexD)
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