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Resident evil Storyline

The world has been dealt a serious blow with the outbreak of Raccoon City going global and affecting many locations all over the world. While people struggled to survive, a congregation rose out of the ashes of Umbrellas evil ordeals in order to fix the Corporations mistakes. This group is simply called “The Organization” and worked along with the remaining government and survivors of the world to commence the massive cleanup that would take a more than a decade in history to complete. During this time many pockets of resistance took arms to fight the remnants of Umbrella and whoever was left that was connected with the Corporation; survivors, soldiers, and victims of the Raccoon City incident all put an end to the evil doings of Umbrella.

2009 marked a year to truly commemorate as the official stamp of approval deemed all previous infected locations clean and resolute towards the complete eradication of all ghouls and Umbrella subjects. From this point onwards the rebuilding began, no longer did anyone fight, but instead helped to reconstruct the derelict cities of the world. Once again, The Organization handed out manpower to help with the reconstruction of buildings and improve their stability. Slowly, the cloud of Umbrellas tyranny began to leave the minds of people as they restarted their lives; the overall population of the world being calculated below 3 billion as of 2010. With the amount of man power going into the cleanup and restoration of the worldwide locations, a fraction of that was spent on preparing for the horror of an outbreak, an even smaller amount spent on developing weaponry for such scenarios.

One consideration that no one ever thought about was the information that Umbrella had accumulated over the years, searching for such information and destroying it was a difficult task, with the lack of Umbrella employees though it wasn’t considered as important as the ghoul cleanup and would be picked up further down the track. The idea of such information going into the wrong hands never struck anyone; it should have been obvious that the leftovers of Umbrella would make their way into the hands of terrorists.

A worldwide terrorist operation occurred in 2012, the T-Virus being spread across Countries and over Capitols via air traffic methods and by sky spraying all at the precise same moment of each other. Pandemonium would be an understatement. How such a precise attack could have take place was close to impossible by the terrorist group that presented itself. Talk among survivors and other untouched metropolis landed on the terrorist group being aided in their attack; quickly the fear of Umbrella making a return spread amongst the living while the dead grew in ranks. All anybody could do was move to the next safe location, while people who were more daring towards the Corporation went about their way to investigate the happenings and bring the truth to whatever light that may be left over at the end, if any at all.

Will you survive the horror?

(Note: Please be sure to read the storyline first so that your character fits the timeline, as well the starting location to create your character please click here to start. )

Raccoon City Locations:

« City Center »

Once where the town hall and other government offices were located. There are shops with broken windows and doors, fires everywhere, broken down cars and very few people wandering around. There are hungry zombies as well, looking for something to feast on.

○Raccoon City Hall

○City Center Apartment Complex

○Fallout Shelter

○Raccoon City Fire Department

○Raccoon City Correctional Facility

○Pawn Shop

○City Carnival

○La Bronse Car Dealership

○Construction Site

○Shopright Super Center

○St. Sebastian's Church

○Raccoon City Nuclear Power Plant

« Uptown »

A section of Raccoon City which doubles as an uphill battle for the military. Some of the stores and buildings are left alone and others are destroyed or guarded by the military.

○Sunset Hill Residence

○Uptown Street System

○Raccoon City Public Mall

○New Sonata Hotel

○Raccoon City Zoo

○Starlight Road Residence

○Guns Galore

○Raccoon City Times



« Downtown »

The Downtown area is being rebuilt by the US Army and civilian contractors. This area has been walled off and people are returning to their normal lives here.

○Raccoon High School

○Maple Tree Mall

○Raven's Gate Bridge Checkpoint

○Holley Medical Triage Unit

○12th Armstrong St.

○Pika Pika Middle School

○Jackson's Theater

○Doggone Pet Shop

○Von's General Store

○Apartment Complex

« Eastside »

The eastern side of Raccoon City. Various stores and other places - as well as zombies - can be found here.

○Raccoon City Airport

○Dale's Pharmacy

○Library Ruins

○Apple Inn

○Raccoon City Bank

○BuildiT Hardware Store

○Raccoon City Cemetary

« Transportation Hub »

Movement is harder than it was before the outbreak, that doesn't mean it's totally useless though; if you want a quick and useful method to move around Raccoon then this would be the suggest place to go.

○Checkpoint Romeo

○Central Subway

○The Streets

○Gas Station

○Tram Station


○Bus Station

○Sky Monorail

○Raccoon City Central Station

« RiverSide property »

This area of Raccoon City is located by the water. It includes the docks, Museum, Stadium, and the Park, as well as Raccoon University.

○Raccoon City University

○Water Treatment Plant


○Raccoon City Stadium

○City Park

○Raccoon City Museum

○St.Michaels Clock tower

○Riverside Condos

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« Outskirts »

If you were here when the outbreak occurred then it's likely you had enough time to prepare and get out. The Outskirts of Raccoon are quiet, more quiet than the city central.

○Road to Arklay Mountains

○Route 104

○New Prague

○Sunshine Society

○Mysterious Underground Tunnels


○Triple J Broadcast Station

○Englewood Residence

○Raccoon City Rail Yard Cemetary

○Clover Park

○Caravan park/Camp site.

○Road to Stoneville

○ATV Dirt Circuit


Raccoon City Map
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Natsumi and Kuya were walking in town looking around. They had nothing better to do anyway.
Kuya walks next to Natsumi on her right side.
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