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Posted 11/6/10 , edited 11/6/10
AKB48's Sato Natsuki and KARA's Goo Hara are now BFFs

Recently, girl groups KARA and AKB48 took selcas together at the ‘2010 Asia Song Festival‘, and now AKB48’s Sato Natsuki demonstrated their friendship even more by exhibiting ‘couple cell phone charms’ made with KARA’s Goo Hara.

Sato Natsuki uploaded a picture onto her blog with the caption, ‘Hara-sshi and Natsuki, matching couple cellphone charms‘. The picture of the ‘couple cell phone charms’ shows Hara’s ‘H’ and Natsuki’s ‘N’ branded on a cell phone strap.

Sato Natsuki also wrote, ‘I’m very happy! My friend is so pretty. I wrote the Korean word for ‘friend’ phonetically in Japanese. I will study Korean even harder!”

The two groups are friendly rivals in the Japanese music industry, and both have been receiving a lot of attention in the media. During the ‘2010 Asia Song Festival’, a lot of media members from Japan came to Korea to cover the two groups.

Yeah that's pretty cuute xD Please Jpop, Kpop, be friendly towards eachother <33
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