Making Avi's
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Posted 11/8/10 , edited 11/8/10
I've scoured the forums & i cant see anything & was wondering if someone can help me out?

Im looking for a tutorial on how to make avi's as i would like to learn. I mean i dont even know what programmes to use or anything ><! Would be very appreciative if anyone could point me in the right direction :3 ?

Thnx yoo in advance ^-^
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I don't know either would like to learn!
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Some great programs I like to use is Photoshop and Gimp (which is free and downloadable online).
I like to download lots of good fonts at
You can find lots of tutorials on how to use brushes, textures, and all the tools online. Just use google.
A really popular spot to get resources (textures, brushes, gradients, etc.) is
You can inbox me or something if you need any help finding links or something.

General explanation how to make avatars

Avatars (or avis) usually start with opening an image on your program and cropping it to your desired size.
For crunchyroll, I like to use 200 pixels (width) x 500 pixels (height).
After that, you start adding brushes, textures, patterns, and other things to decorate it.
For example, there are paintbrush splatter brushes, grungy textures, and ribbon renders you can find online.
After you finish decorating, you add your text using the text tool and put it on your desired size and colour.

Text can be decorated too. For example, you can add a gradient on the text to make it have different colours that blend.
After you add text, I like to add .psds, which imo makes an avatar look more complete.
Afterwards, you add a border and save it as a .png file to keep the quality high.
I find that when you save an avatar as a .jpg, it doesn't look as great as a .png.
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I made my avatar using Gimp, which is free to download. It's more simple than you think. They have a bunch of torturals on YouTube, so you should go there. Also, I don't recommend PhotoShop, since it's expensive and slows down your computer.

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