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Posted 1/10/08 , edited 1/10/08
Judging by the Trilogy, and the new games I'd say there will definitely be more out in future. Let's see...

Alice was cloned millions of times at the end of the last film...and turned again Umbrella.

Doubt she will be in the 4th film if it comes out. I think it will be about Leon's adventures in 4 or Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii.
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Posted 1/27/08 , edited 1/27/08
Please no more the last one was not so good, but it seems like their goin for code veronica in the nx movie, cuz they took the chopper to antartica, rt?

this pic os from up comn RE 5!
Posted 2/15/08 , edited 2/15/08
Yeah it seems like it hmm.. it better be good if that's the case
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Posted 8/20/08 , edited 8/21/08
I read that there will be another movie with Alice if they can come up with an awesome script otherwise there won't be another one cause they don't want it too suck...Lets hope for an awesome script and for RE5 to come to the wii! (doubt it but i can hope!0
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