Second Enrollment : Zanpakuto Training
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Posted 11/13/10 , edited 11/13/10
Instructors of This Class : Captain Kenshin

~Walks in~

*smiles slightly* As you all already know me... I'm Kenshin Captain of the Third Squad.

This is the Second Course to Swordsmanship, Zanpakuto Training. Zanpakuto Training is Very Diffilcult. You must trust yourself and never lose hope.

You will always need you Katana here.

There are Only 5 Lessons in this Class. All Very Difficult. There are No Rankings Whatsoever.


1. Listen to the Instructors
2. Do NOT begin Lessons until your Instructor Arrives
3. Be Respectful, Patient and Show Determination

If you do NOT follow these rules there Will be Consequences.
1. Simple Warning.
2. You will be sent to the Disciplinary Squad.
3. Kicked out of this Class
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