Your Most Recent LOLWTF NERD Moment
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Posted 11/13/10 , edited 11/14/10
Here's my LOLWTF NERD moment.

it happened last night while I was watching a random pierce brosnan James Bond.
I was watching/ reading the title sequence which of course was a fancy montage of naked gal silhouettes, and one of the names that came out was Robbie Coltrane.
At first I thought, hey sounds familiar, and proceeded to watch the film.

and then, He Appeared.
I was all like, "HE LOOKS SOOOO FAMILIAR!!!"
and I pondered on my couch for a good 2 minutes, then it randomly clicked in my head, and through my mouth,

OMG ITS HAGRID FROM HARRY POTTER! pointing at my tv screen absurdly, and shamelessly, forgetting my father was sitting next to me.

I immediately realized my nerd moment, and ran into the kitchen, where I lost my dignity.

Therefore, I will fight the massive urge to not watch the 7th film, part 1, where Hagrid is prevalent.
(but part 2, I shall watch)

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