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** If there's any Grammar mistakes or spelling just tell me i'll correct it xD Cause i know there's grammar freaks *Cough*Embie*Cough* In this group.


I - She Pricked Her Finger And Fell Asleep

"Your joking right?" An echo, a cry. The girl whimpered, unable to grasp whats laid in front of her. A shiver straight down her spine, a glare diverted her way. "Well no use crying over the dead." The voice wasn't at the least pitiful, it was a purr, a taunt. Three eyes were plastered to the body that was bleeding in front of them, one sobbing, one snickering, one staring. They didn't know what to do. A sin committed due to impatience, a handful of guilt dropped upon the murders shoulders, a hing of regret. Yet stood that smirking woman, full of delight of the sight in front of her, a smile plastered against a pale face, this room is too mocking to be a murder scene. She bit down onto her lip, hoping to at least sacrifice an amount of blood to the body that's lost all of hers.

"Shut up Kimie, this isn't the time for jokes!" A hiss fluttered in the voice of the tall red haired woman -- Sobbing of the crime her and her friends have committed, If you count Kimie as a 'friend' A smirk curled around her lips, almost as she was daring Ama to repeat her threat. And she obviously took that as a dare, I swatted them both, glaring them down. "Lets focus on more important matters." A sigh left all three lips, focusing their attention onto the dead blond girl; Staring at her like stares would bring back the dead. "Oh my..." A short little boy walked in, mirroring the woman who laid dead on the floor, appeared with amusement struck all around him. Kimie hissed in pure annoyance, Obviously bothered by his agonizing presence.

"Jun does look much better covered in blood --- I always thought she did."

The smirk left his lips, crouching down to the little girl, stroking her long blond hair, frowning in disapproval. "And just were did you come from, Len?" He didn't even spare a glance at Ama, he just continued to smile at his dead twin sister. A reflection it looked as, ivory pale skin, glowing softly against the dim light, azure blue eyes, smiles plastered on their faces; even if one laid dead.

II - She Lays Asleep, Waiting For Him To Dash To Her Side

Roses fluttered slowly around the air, petal's detaching at the last moment, fluttering around longer, red and white, yellow and pink, mixing themselves in the air, twirling and falling, swirling and crawling. The most amazing that stood out was blue, dashing threw the air, swirling around over the sleeping girl, almost as if she was Snow White. Waiting patiently for a prince to dash to her side, and kiss her pale pink lips, for her to open her eyes. There was a prince by her side though; An evil one. He stands there, forcing down tears, people muttering words of pity as he snickers to the dead girl, telling her about how funny she looks, almost as if she could hear him. 'Just maybe the boy does miss her?' The girl stroked her long navy blue hair, frowning at how she had to put it down due to this unnecessary funeral. The only person that girl had in her life was her twin brother --- Len. But their he stands snickering, and fake crying, obviously no pity is given to the girl. Not even from the ones whom killed her

The boy turns, his fake tears rolling down his pale face, a Cheshire grin plastered to his pale lips. He giggled lightly, people looking at him in disgust, Kimie looked at the murder -- Hitomi, almost as if she was asking her 'What is he doing?' The boy held out a finger, pointing it out to the 3 girls, a grin slowly leaving his face, a solemn smile to replace it, A lonely smile. He opened his mouth, ready to scream or yell, or too speak, yet he just closed them again, glancing at his dead sister, and walking off. dashing by the three, he gave them a sadist smile, stopping right at them, "She wanted to know who killed her." A chuckle, followed by a taunting purr rolling off his tongue. "She'll hunt you till your dead ~ She'll make you bleed when your asleep ~ She'll hurt you and beat you ~ Until guilt is poured all over you!~" Laughing, he skipped away, like he hadn't said anything to disturb the three girls. Almost as it was normal to talk to dead people.

III - She Sang Him Her Heart

She chuckled skipping down the long hall, arms crossed over with the sulking two. Giggling even more to it.
"Cheer upp!" She bobbed her head lightly, making her curly pigtails on the side of her head wiggle, cotton pink hair glossing against the sun's rays. Her brown eyes sucking you into an illusion almost giving her the look of innocence. But this girl was far from this, her childish attitude was only a cover to her two-faced one. Sparkling and giggling, dragging you into her, until every last bit of your life is revealed to her, Than for some reason the whole school knows the next day. Odd isn't it? The navy haired woman growled under her breath, trying to squirm her arm free, eventually giving up and letting herself be dragged, Ama still pushing and biting agaisnt the monstrous strength of Candy. "Owww --- Common' Ama! I'm only having some fuuun!" Irritation was increasing in the red-headed girl, the slur of the girls words irritated her, she wanted to snap that neck in half, than stomp happily on her death. 'Only if it was legal' She mentally cursed at herself for stupid unreasonable laws.

Her friend staring at her boredly of her violent attacks against the overly happy one. Until they halted, sending them both flying, they quickly sat up, growling at the girl, who only stopped due to a boy standing right in front of her, grinning ear to ear, Len. "What a nasty look on your faces, I say, shouldn't I be the one glaring?" Both are faces dropped, due to his words. Because it was overly true. Ama cursed under her breath, in a low un-audible voice, that could only be heard to the demonic boy, Len. It realize amazed Hitomi that Len hadn't already broken off his face. 'Due to how big his grin is, maybe his face is stuck?' She stared boredly at the boy, not willing to admit she couldn't read him, one bit. He was like a deranged child, that was raised near dead bodies, got to hard to control in hell, so the Devil came and dropped him off in Earth, were us lovely humans can put up with his craziness. That's exactly how it happened. The evil smirk on Ama's face was growing, completely freaking out her friend. Cause she could only fear the weird things Ama was thinking of.

"What do you want, Len?" She tried to sound reasonable, Hitomi was actually really trying to be nice to the boy, after all he just lost his sister. But it failed, she partially hissed his name, causing him to chuckle to himself. It wasn't her fault he scared her to living day light's that his twin sister was going to haunt her and her friends and for some odd reason the next day all the lights in her house were broken. Truly she can't be blamed. She rubbed her temple, trying to ease her tired black eyes. "What I want...? Hmmm, World domination?" Candy gagged in disgust, not from Len, no from the weird aura coming from Ama, which Len was getting quite a kick from. "Good Morn-" The tall muscular boy stopped, looking straight at them all, knowing he just entered a dangerous area. The short blond boy turned to look boredly at Tenshi, warning him with a glare to leave, now. The brown haired male just laughed nervously, obviously not getting the vibe.

Len just skipped by him, giving him a smirk, and a mixture of dirty looks. Whispering something no one heard but him.

IV - She Lost Her Shoe, But He Brought It Back To You.

A tormented gasp swung across the air, she groaned under her breath, it hitching at the next swing. A smile crossed over her face, as she slowly hit the floor, mouthing the taunting words as blood gurgled in her throat.

A glass smashed onto the floor, sending the sleeping girl straight up, skipping a whole heartbeat. A sudden pain suddenly hit her body, staring down to her bloody dress, she lifted it -- A scar. She stared, unable to remember getting such a big gash on her stomach in her life time, or why her dress was covered in blood. She looked over to the end of her bed, seeing her fluffy white cat sleeping without a sound at the end of her bed. She hitched her foot for it too wake up -- It didn't move, again, and again, till she crawled to it, her black eyes widening, a gash straight down her cat's stomach, screaming covering her mouth. 'Was someone in my house?!' Her eyes slowly filled with tears, as she pressed her navy hair behind her ear so she could stroke the cat's blooded red fur.

"So your telling me you woke up in the middle of the night with a gash over your stomach, that's no longer there, a blood covered dress and a dead cat?" She nodded slowly, suddenly regretting her choice of talking to. Ama bursted into a full fledged laugh, echoing around the halls into rooms, disturbing everyone in their peaceful classrooms. "Ama! This is serious, don't you remember what Len said at the funeral?!" Her brown eyes were blank for a moment, but the sudden rejoice of the memory made a chill creep down her spine. "What does that have to do anything with this?" The black eyes rolled to this stupid comment, she was really regretting her choice now. She coughed into her hand, preparing her voice, than mimicked the best 'Len voice' she could manage:
"She'll hunt you till your dead. She'll make you bleed when your asleep. She'll hurt you and beat you. Until guilt is poured all over you!~"
Ama stared, her big brown eyes blinking with excitement, fear and entertainment. Which all together looked of homicidal glee. The fire headed girls lips opened to speak, but closed. Maybe from shock? Her friend gave a bored look, waiting for a strange reaction. But she had to admit, this was the first time in her life she's seen her so scared, it was out most amusing. "Well your being haunted." A groan escaped her lips, "I'm certainly aware of that. If Len's that crazy I'm fore sure his sister was just as nuts." Both just stared at each other, trying to contrap a plan. You can't just run away from a ghost, right?

"What if Len's just messing with you?"

V - Jack And Jill Went Up The Hill

The two --- Three. Girls quietly in row walked down the graveyard, sure their plan wasn't full proof, cause 1.If she's crazy like Len, she sure as hell isn't listening too the people whom killed her. And 2.What if she's getting a kick of this? She wouldn't want to stop. When they were semi close, Kimie stopped them, glancing them a glare, they looked ahead to see someone standing there --- 'Oh god please don't let it be Len.' Hitomi began nipping the inside of her cheek, out of nervousie, and desperation. But as they stepped closer, they realize it was a woman, a long blond haired woman, with blue eyes. Looking as a grown-up Jun. The woman turned slowly, realizing she was being approached. "Who are you?" A glare struck her eyes; almost as if it was wrong to visit a grave. "Friends." For a second, she regretted saying that, cause the woman began to laugh, just like Len. 'Is everyone Len in contact with crazy?!' Ama hissed at her thoughts, regretting all the more agreeing to come to Jun's grave with Hitomi. "Jun has no friends. She never wanted them, her and Len never wanted them, they just wanted each other."

"Gee, you have faith in your kid." Kimie stared blankly, unamused that this woman was just talking away like she understood. "Well I am her mother, I would know." All three took a step back, not taking the chance of getting in contact with another deranged child -- or woman. "Aaah, Jun, what have you gotten yourself into? Len's probably so sad..." She spoke with such sincere, and truth. Almost biting yourself, guilty to yourself for taking away her precious child away. Hitomi, punching herself in the gut, kneeled down to the grave, placing down flowers, putting her hands together, and praying. Not for her to stop haunting her, but for her to have a good afterlife. Apologizing, for taking away her precious life, and that she'll take care of Len. For a moment she could almost swear she saw a smiling girl in front of her, is that all she wanted? Someone to take care of her younger brother? --- It was almost unbelievable.

VI - She Ran Away From Home; Too Only Be Found

A boy stares out the window, lonely and unhappy, a ghost who faded away from this Earth, disappeared in ease. And this girl wasn't about to let her promise go to waste, even if Len didn't want it, she would be his best friend. The teacher asked us to go in groups of 2, I quickly shot up my hand. "Can I be with Len?" A gasp clenched at the air, people staring her like she was crazy, Ama almost having a heart attack at the point she was replaced by a crazy devil child. His big blue eyes blinked widely; 'What the hell?' Was she doing it out of pity? Out of boredom? Does she plan on dieing? The blond only turned his head back to staring out the window. Frowning, to his reflection, wishing he had his older sister to make that pest go away. "Uuuh...Sure Hitomi..." A grin crossed her face, as she skipped away to his desk, pulling her chair right to the side, plopping herself down. He chuckled, turning himself to face her, grabbing out a paper, and writing the cruelest words alive. 'I don't know what's your goal, but being nice to me won't make Jun's ghost go away.'

And he was right, that night, she woke up with bleeding legs, That healed in a moments notice. Was she dreaming? She couldn't tell anymore, her eyes were blurred and she was dizzy from awakening so fast. "I DON'T GET IT! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!" Shivers were sent down her spine, hearing a low chuckle echo into the room. The black eyes fluttered as a doll of Len was placed onto her bed, needles jabbed into every spot of him. Blinking over and over, trying to grasp what was going on, the cold draft disappeared, leaving absolutely no trace. Grabbing it into her soft pale palms, she looked at it, 'Does she want me to voodo her brother?' A hint of disapproval was in her thoughts, she didn't get this girls train of thoughts, one moment she's asking her to take care of him, the next asking her to voodo him? Inflicting pain on her? It didn't add up, her actions, nothing. Flopping back down, she stared at the roof, waiting for another sign, but none came.

Her feet dragged right against the floor, groans of pain mumbling in her voice, rubbing her fire-red hair, her body hurt like hell. Her eyes flickered, when a blood stained piece of paper was taped right against her door, grabbing it fast, she opened it, to see a poorly drawn map, her brother? Skipping merrily, she stopped at the spot of the X, were it said to dig until it's found ---

She found a dead cat.

Snow white fur, tainted in blood red, a pink fluffy collar wrapped around it's bonny neck, parts of it covered in dirt. It was unmistakably, Hitomi's cat. Why was it here? In her back yard? The next day at school, she explained to her friend, both of them looking down on the cat. "Sooo?" Hitomi grunted, rubbing her forehead furiously. "What exactly does she want?!" The brown eyes were open wide open, she didn't understand anything her friend was mumbling or groaning about. "Ahaha! Maybe she want's her stupid little brother buried here!" A glance went to the laughing child, almost like she was saying: Your right! In her eyes. But for them to drop in disappoint, remembering that kind woman's words. 'Len must really miss you' Surely if they cared so much about each other, they wouldn't want one dead. Than again, Len was pretty pleased when she died. That smirk on his face was of pure glee.

VIII - Hansel And Gretel Found A House Of Candy

Most really didn't know the white haired girl, she didn't like close friends or family. But she loved going to the mental hospital and volunteering, it gave her ease. She smiled to herself, walking down the long paved road, stopping at the sight she saw, A blond woman covered in blood, an arrow drawn above her head pointing to the hospital. Her eyes blinked widely, "L-l-l-len's mom?!" Running, screaming, unsure of what just happened, she did what the arrow told her, walked straight in, and asked about A boy, Len LaTette. Surprising enough, he had a file here. Why? She was unsure, but the woman at the desk, quietly read her the folder.

"Len LaTette, has a mental disorder, Obsessive–compulsive disorder. He was placed under three categories; Aggressive needs, Paranoia and the need to fix his twin sister. He believed she wasn't 'perfect' enough. But she'd let him off the hook this time, since he couldn't help it, but when she asked the desk woman, she shaked her head and said 'You can't know that'. Unclassified, means it's a serious problem. If so, why isn't he in here?

Her phone rang, dangling in her hand as she stared at it blankly. What does it mean?! It was ripping apart her brain, dancing in her mind,


"Kimie, It Hitomi, Has anything really strange happened to you?"

"Kinda, Why?"

"Tell us. I think Jun is trying to tell us something, by giving clues to all three of us."

IX - Be Killed Or Kill

It was decided, Jun wanted Len dead. Wanted him in the ground and beaten. They asked him this, he threw them a folded little folder. Walking away laughing and grinning, almost pleased that they found it out. But they weren't ready to face the true reality that they have faced --- It was classified cause Len constantly beat his sister, stabbed himself a million times for it, feeling guilt, killed his father because of his 'imperfection' when really, their imperfections were that they abused him first, driving him to a crazy state, till he began doing it to them. Jun wanted him dead though, cause she suffered the exact same thing.

--- Even if they rushed to go find him, he was already hanged in their classroom, already dead.

Wooow, I really rushed the ending. XDD But i had to hurry before I got bored with this story~ xD Oooh weeelllll.
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wwwoooowwwww... O:




ahahahah xD
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*Cough*I based Len on my brother as the same time crying over some stupid Len and Rin song*Cough*

XD Isn't he better evil though? So much sexir.

Bite me D:<
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-bites...YOUR BIG TOE-

BTW THE TITLE NAME, 'RAINBOW'.. makes me think gay thiiingssssssssss.
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The title will be explained later you crazy chicken XDDD

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...does it involve gayness?
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For the last time.....


I wish though... I thought i should refrain from Yaoi since like half of the people here
don`t like it o-o ! *Gasp*

And you dont gotta --- i`ll just tell you when it`s completely done ;DD
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[Please note i DO this with a lot of stories..LOL. Ask Kokochan and Embiee ~ ~ 8D]
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AND THEN EMBIE. All alone.
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kokochan is number one xD
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it amazes me~ Really.

Your all so lazy~ But you write so

many goddamn stories D< XDDDD
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thats more ilke ME xD
write less. : D
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Embie may have less stories but she's got the highest percent of finished ones |D
PLUS like five of mine are really long... |D

Probably over Thanksgiving break :DD

AND OMG... Embie wants to write Big LiLi a Gay Story... :DD
I can use one of my old RP (NOT this group's RP) characters as a base character <3
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You people amaze me.

It's like i'm an excues too write about gay porno ;DD

And Fuhck Yah Embie <333 You write and FINISH *Cough*Koko*Cough* All

Of your stories. And please do write me a yaoi story ;DD Make the characters
Similar to Shizaya somehow <333 Or the complete oppsite, Ohhh I dont care

It'll be amazing no matter whahhts.
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