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29 / F / Dancing on a star
Posted 11/16/10 , edited 11/17/10
Everyone have some kind of sleeping habit,
boring,fun,unusual,interesting,embarrassing it can be anything,
thought it could be fun to share!
Maybe you realize that you have the same sleeping habit as someone else?!
Did you have a sleeping habit as a child?
Do you still have it?

If you don't know or are unsure,ask your parents or friends,or boyfriend/girlfriend.
Maybe you learn something new about yourself

My sleeping habit I've had since I was a baby.
I sleep the best on my stomach.
my parents were always scared that I would suffocate with my head in the pillow.
They still come in sometimes to see if I'm alive and still breathing XD
Because I still find sleeping on my stomach the best (^_^)

I have another sleeping habit too.
I always kick of my covers!
It's really annoying for me because I always wake up
because I'm freezing or because I'm to cold.
I would love to change that sleeping habit!

well there you go..
even if they might be a bit boring habits they're still my sleeping habits!,

so what's your sleeping habit/habits?
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F / Over the rainbow
Posted 12/24/10 , edited 12/24/10
LOL ! Bara, I kick my blankets off too
when i was young(er), everytime i kicked them off, i would curl into a ball to keep warm
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