anime characters which doesn't fit with the seiyuu's voice acting?
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Posted 11/20/10 , edited 11/20/10
The anime characters are okay but the problem is...

their voice didin't fit with the anime character's personality or looks....

Posted 11/20/10 , edited 11/20/10
all the main characters in LILPRI ZOMG ;A;
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Posted 11/26/10 , edited 11/27/10
I just couldn't tolerate Goku, Goten, Gohan, and other male characters voiced by Masako Nozawa in DBZ. Not insulting Masako Nozawa but I just think she doesn't fit for them. For Saber Marionette J, I just think Otaru's voice just doesn't fit.
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Posted 11/27/10 , edited 11/27/10
Sho Kazamatsuri
- I was expecting either Takeuchi Junko, Souchiro Hoshi or Miyu Irino. Not some unknown seiyu who i doubt is hardly doing animes

Lag Seeing
- a total disaster, with the seiyu

Maka Alubarn
- I'm sorry to say this, but FUNimation's actor does a lot more better job then the seiyu

Ryo Kanzato
- hearing him cry just ruins the character. Takehito's really not fit for this character

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