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Inevitable -

that was one word that popped into my head -

Pain. That was another;

Because I loved him all the same...

[ . . . ]

The hot tears streamed down my face and into my palms, I clutched my hands with my face after a moment, burying my face in my tears. I couldn't even catch my breath; it beat like a time bomb, and my knees felt so heavy, that they dropped limp in an instant, my whole body was shaking with fear too much for a 10 year old boy.

But worst of all - it was the betrayal.

Everyone in the orphanage was painted one color, and one color only; red.

And I knew all it took was one wrong move, one wrong look, to tick him off.

And then your head would come off.

He was new to the orphanage; a couple months. When I first lay eyes on him, he had this dark aura orbiting around him, and his eyes were so dark that I could barely make out any pupils, I'd get chills whenever he'd catch me staring at him. But I wasn't afraid. Everyone else was, they told me to stay away... they heard rumors from the sisters' here that, he'd killed his whole family.

'He'd stabbed his mom to death, shot his dad once in the forehead, and strangled the already corpse mom of his.'

Who in the world would...

But a part of me- a really stupid part- believed the stories were all lies, and believed I could make friends with him, believed I could change his 'evil ways', believed I was his God.

I became to live in this orphanage home because of my parents' sudden death, and my sister whom didn't want to take care of me anymore... because, one night... the night of my parents death -

I watched silently from the staircase as she invited her boyfriend over, it was 1:05am, and he touched her a lot. They started on the couch. She'd first enjoy his playful kisses, but then he got more aggressive. She'd squeal. She's say, 'Not now... not while I'm babysitting my broth-'

He didn't care one bit.

All I heard for what could have been an hour were her screams of being raped. I really didn't know what was going on... I was so young.

I thought I would go deaf by all her screams... but do you want to know the deep, twisted secret of that incident?

I was the one who called him when my sister wasn't looking, because I was bored and wanted someone to play with. She just happened to want the same thing.

[ . . . ]

The psychopathic smile followed into the dark corners of my mind, and I simply couldn't get his face out of my rumbling mind.

Way before now, when he'd first made his appearance beyond the cold world outside with the sisters' closely near him, everyone was terrified to look his way, and some began walking away without care of a simple handshake, but I looked at him square in the eye, and said... "H-hi there... my name is-"

The next 3 moments knocked the air right out of me, and he jumped me, both thumbs to my throat.

"I don't care who you may be, you're existence is a bore since the day you came here; don't ever look at me like that again. Or you die."

Who would have thought he would keep to that promise?

Footsteps came from the stairs, each slow step was a mental pierce into my chest, and it seemed like... he was dragging something.


I was too scared to look up and open my eyes, I didn't want to see...

But then I realized the cry of his victim.

One of the sisters' that cared for all of us...

I finally couldn't take anymore and shot my head up, he was dragging her by the hair behind him, and a blood trail followed behind her, I almost gagged.

Then he'd thrown her over to me like trash.

I stared at the petrified expression on her face; her bloodshot eyes were peeled wide open, and her mouth was open wide to expose more blood, some of her teeth were missing... she was already gone.

I heard a sigh come from him. "She just simply wouldn't stay in one place, she ran like everywhere.- she ran into some of my traps, but it wasn't nearly as fun to use my own two hands-"

A cold chill went through my spin, his traps... the ones he used to use on me when I would come by his room... I didn't even want to think about it.

"How could... you?"

"She looked at me the wrong way,"

I didn't know what to say but just stare straight at the Devil himself.

[ . . . ]

He'd finally exposed what was behind his right arm, a bloody knife.

He took a step closer. I tried crawling back.

"W-wait...! I can help you! W-we can leave this place and-"

He smiled, tilting his head to the side.

"And what? Now that you know the REAL me, what makes me think you'll accept me this way? Cute begging, though."

I winced, taking a final glance at the corpse beside me, shivering, closing my eyes shut and opening them again to see him,

he touched his finger to the tip of the knife, and pointed it at me.

"I want you to smile for me," he traced the blood finger acrossed both my cheeks, and over my chattering mouth. "just like you always did. Just like this."

I was completely petrified to even move at his touch, but I could smell all that blood on him, I could feel the stinging smile on my face like I was the one who murdered countless of innocent good people.

He held his knife again and continued to smile down at me,
"I'll give you 5 seconds. We're going to play hide-and-seek~"


The voice didn't even sound like my own, it was a pitiful plea that sounded so vulnerable.

"We are playing, it's my FAVORITE game! Repeat it after me,"

He held my chin up with his bloody hand, leaving blood trickling down from under my neck.


Was he serious...?


I stared.



I broke away stumbling into a run, as the tears just wouldn't stop, and my eyes could not even see where to run next, I just... didn't want to run away anymore.

I ended up choosing a spot in his room closet, but I knew he'd always check there. Just like old times.

I heard the final number being said as it sounded closer and closer,

and I was found before I could even breath 5 times, and dragged out of the closet onto the floor, shoulders held down by his grip, his knee pinned against my gut, I couldn't escape this time.

And he'd won the game easily.

I was going to die...

He was going to kill me.

I gave him the look. The look from before then, when he'd threaten to kill me if I gave him that look ever again, the look that, everything was going to be okay.

But he seemed to forget that look.

"Do you want to know the real reason of why I killed everyone else, and let you live?"

We were nose to nose, and his foul breath invaded my own shallow breathing.

I wish he would just end it already!

He tilted his head to seek my lips with his, slowly reaching them, "It's that look of yours...."

I watched his twisted smile grow more and more, enchanting and strangling my pitifully broken heart, paying no attention to the hand with the knife, rising...rising...rising...

and my heart stopped.

"Because I love you."

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and twisted.
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well.. that's what i was plannin on xD
'totally strange twistedness' owo
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... so he died at the end or not??

"rising, rising, rising"
Made me think dirty thoughts |D

Kokochii you have a sick mind I think ;w;
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well you seee ~
there could be maaany ending to this storii 8D -cackles in my twisted mind-
...but yeah mainly the appropriate one is HE DIEDDDDD : (

...that's- ...AHAHAHHAHA xDDD
i only JUST thought of that... THAT didnt even cross my ind. LMAO.

I doontt have a sick mind! :'D im KOKOCHIII. "CHIII" ~ FOR CUUTEE 8) this was juust a one time creepy yaoi thing :>
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. . . .


I Think SOMEONE'S A little insane.

Just a little.

But you know, The story was good, even

if it creeped me out and made me cry.

Still wonderfully written. ;DD
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...nooot insaaneD:

& arigatou homo : )

yes... i made her cry! just one more step closer ... >:3
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One step closer to what?! D:<


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mwahahahahh !

hollyshiet BUT I CANT EVEN READ YOURS XDDD i had to put it on 'quote' mode to read... xD


yaoipornstarlieksto"ride"femalesandeattheircrackers,asforguys,she sexually touchesthemintheirbutts.EMBIEWATCHESWITHAVIDERECORDER
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I do not 'ride' girls, since theres nothing to

ride ON D:< Get your sex facts straighttt D:< Yah well....

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Wow, you guys have such interesting conversations |D

@Big LiLi :: AHAHA I RIDE A DRUGGED UP UNICORN... |D Sounds awesome XD

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-small voice- guys.. can we NOT talk about riding things in my psychopath story... kthanksbye c:

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Don't we? We have the most amazing conversations.

(Mostly revol around Insults and swearing and yaoi and chickens?!XD)

Wow I just realized how odd are convo's really are o-o

OOMMMG. Chicken butt face, wanna try NOT Insulting each other for
4 hours, whoever loses gets to be a slave for a day D:<

*Evil laughter*

Also Emem.... I dunno... Just go back to Mr.Unicorn and Mexico. XDDD
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