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Posted 11/21/10 , edited 12/18/10
Welcome to Koei Warriors Special Event

Its Bishounen Host Club, for all of you out there, also lots of fanservices, Dont worry guys there also Lovely Ladies here to serve you as well although one of them is sure is feisty. Now Introducing our Host & Hostess.

He an Rebel and a Bad Boy, He always gets what he wants and sure he stubborn, but if you rejected him he will try many ways to catch you that's how persistent he is to capture you.

cold and antisocial, he always by himself but guarantee that you will fall for him no matter how much he tries to keep his distance and cold exterior, it will soon melt and show his true side to you and soon you will be swooning over him

he playful always sweeping off anyones feet wheter a man or women he loves you all, he a player so watch people, and he wont take no as an answer so plz be gentle with him *wink*

NAGAMASA AZAI - Lu-Bu-TheTerrible
He an very nice gentlemen, he might what you ladies be searching for a white knight shining in honor. He quite a ladies man, but deep inside he not hurtful but very kind and Prince like quite oposite of Inahime...but he quite a catch if you know what i mean, he will warmly greet you.

ZHEN JI - Kaileena
A little seductress we got here wooing lots of men, you better be ready boys because she got wrap around her finger. Not only she a seductress, but she is very proud to herself and also arrogant. and most important she a has elegant and beauty such like a rose that will prick your fingers, she quiet dangerous and she a rose that is very hard to pick.

INAHIME - Silent_Sky
Here comes Inahime our one of the kind Ice Princess, She may seem cold and serious all the time but she also has her sweet and caring side

a teasing yet modest woman,with a charming and gentle heart,always with a mysterious smile playing on her lips,as if she knows something you don't,and you jut want to kiss the secret of her tempting lips.

Now if you want Fanservice from these Warriors Fill Out This Form Sheet

Username -
Name -
Host/Hostess you want to be served by -
Payment:[invite 5 of your buddies, screen shot]

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