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Secure Masculinity vs. Homophobia
Posted 12/9/10 , edited 12/10/10

Aryth wrote:

The difference between males and females are strictly biological (Born that way or otherwise acquired).

Masculinity and femininity are merely social labels created to try to differentiate the psychology, and rarely physiology, of the genders. Trying to sort out the correct adjectives that are strictly masculine and feminine is almost a joke.

I get what you are saying though, according to the very loose definitions of these labels, there are those who appear to be secure in their masculinity and those who do not, however you cannot know with absolute certainty who qualifies for which label. Therefore, I find that this risks serious misconceptions of people. This could then lead to unnecessary discrimination.
How indeed.

And indeed I am free, for the man-box itself cannot offer the inclusiveness and diversity that I know I have within me, that I want to share with the rest of humanity.
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