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"Ve~" Italy said as he went inside the room.
all Nations as in the Allied, Axis, European, Asian, American or African yes every nation was to attend a slumber party held by America. They are to sleep in one big room and eat there too all together.
"Hey! guys I have and Idea!" America yelled.
"what is it you bloody git!" England yelled.
"Let`s play truth or dare!" America jumped.
and everyone either groaned or didn`t care but they have no other choice for they know how the American can get.

*Ok guys that`s the story line!
Now this is how we`ll play....
You can move any character as you wish as long as you follow the story line mode also you must use your own character... so I`ll start Kay?*

America looked at Japan "Kiku! you go first!"
*Ok the it`s goes to your POV*
I stood up and had a hard time choosing who to Dare or ass Questions to, then My eyes fell on a certain blond.
"Igirisu-san?" I said, and he stood.
"Bloody hell? why me" he whined
"umm sumimasen" I bowed my head "umm T-Truth or Dare?" I asked.
"Dare" he said.
I thought of a dare, an easy dare something that won`t humiliate him.
umm I dare you to Drink that glass of water with your eyes closed" I said pointing at the glass of water.
"sounds easy" He walked towards the glass but little did he know as he drank Prussia decided to tilt his cup.
He almost choked and spitted the water on the said Prussian.
"Bloody hell!" he said.
and they all laughed, even I couldn`t help but giggle.
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Posted 11/22/10 , edited 11/22/10
" Darn you all " I thought as I wipe myself.
" Iggy it's your turn!!!!!! " I heard America said.
" Bloody hell " I breathed out before looking for someone.
" I know " I smirked " Poland, I dare you to wear this geeky uniform "
" What?! no way that's so unfabulous!!!!!!! " I heard him say.
" Oh suck it off " I said as I threw the uniform at him.
" I'm so gonna get you Arthur " The Polish said before changing.
After what seems like forever he finally came out
" This is so not my day " Poland twitched.
I just smirked at his remark as everyone started laughing again.
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