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[Movie] Hotel Rwanda
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Posted 4/8/08 , edited 4/8/08
i hate bill clinton 4 hypocrasy. They could easily stop it. UN forces watched how they killed each other. Why USdoesn't ever send troops 2 those countries? US helps 2 israil much more than whole Africa.Rwandan women sued UN and won as I remember.noone sued them before
Posted 4/8/08 , edited 4/8/08
America could have helped more but, as usual, they procrastinated. I still remember the gigantic pile of dead bodies from the movie.
Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/11/09
I remember watching this and basically crying the whole way through it. It made me feel so...ahh like how people could do those sort of things simply because they were from a different tribe! And yes in my opinion the other countries and the UN most deffinitly should have done more. If they had acted sooner then maybe fewer people would have been killed. But no, they left them and only evacuated the europeans and americans. That made me really angry. It was up to the Hotel manager to save them at the risk of losing his own life.
Posted 6/23/10 , edited 6/23/10
I didn't like watching this movie. It made me so sad & angry. it was heartbreaking.
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