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78 / F / California
Posted 1/10/08 , edited 5/14/08
Oh, and it's best if you explain why =]

1. Elfen Lied - It's really worth watching. There's lots of really gruesome and obscene things in here, but the general story plot is extremely sad, and has a lot of meaning.

2. Clannad - A lot less action, but has a lot of deep, intense feelings inside. It's somewhat sad, I supposed, but still a great anime!

3. Gakuen Alice - I never imagined myself as the type of person that watches all that little kid magical stuff, but I think this show is actually really cute.

4. Lucy Star - There is absolutely no reason why I like this. I just think the characters are so stupid they're hilarious. XD

5. Zero no Tsukaima - It seriously reminds me of Harry Potter, but it's good anyways. A nice plot, and really good characters.
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Posted 1/10/08 , edited 1/11/08
1.Bleach- It has a good story line and the fights are really good too, you dont find that in alot of mangas/anime

2.Full Metal Alchemist- Its short but its really good, it has a really sad storyline and its very intresting

3.Death Note- Like you said, the supense and stuff. i mean theres no other anime like it!!!!!!!

4.Ruroni Kenshin- its a romance manga/anime, but it still has fight scenes and there really good.

5.D.N. Angel-my first manga
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28 / F / wookieland
Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/12/08
1. Naruto - i really like naruto. i love to watch it together with my cousins when I babysit them. lol.

2. Full Metal Alchemist - i love this anime. i love the story. it is so sad. it is not dragging. you will get addicted to it.

3. Yuu Yuu Hakusho - this is my first anime. i watched this when i was seven and i have watched it for many times already. i remember my dad going home early to catch this anime when it was aired in prime time in GMA. lol!

4. Nana - this is the first mature anime that i've watched. i love this anime. it makes you happy and sad. it is also a tearjerker. this anime has great song. great plot also.

5. Bleach - i just started watching this last christmas vacay and so far so good. i'm really loving it.
Posted 1/12/08 , edited 5/13/08
1. Elfen Lied - Although there are a lot of mature contents in this Anime, the overall plot and character development is amazing. How the genres are so eclectic and has been developed to it's full extent was truly incredible. The way Lucy and Nyu changed throughout the whole story was really touching.

2. Air Gear - Well this is based on my preference. I love to watch Shounen Animes and this one gave me the most suspense.

3. Fate/Stay Night - The Anime which gave me 2 weeks of depression. How it made me cry for one single character is just too unbelievable. Not only are you getting a wide variety of character types through the servants, but their abilities and clashes make for some seriously awesome fighting scenes. The characters.... Man I hated the main character Emiya Shirou for the first half of the show. He is condescending, and ungrateful towards the heroine, Saber. She saves his life and his response to her is that "Girls shouldn't be fighting and wielding swords". But he changes and you notice that he changes so it became very intriguing to see what he turned into, which later on discovering he could be a genius. God damn the emotions I got after this show... I listened to FSN songs every single day for 2 weeks and I just couldn't accept Saber's death... even now.

4. Kanon - Another touchy Anime. I'd have to say this was one of the most well-constructed anime i've ever watched. It keeps you entertained throughout the whole series and brings out many aspects to keep it alive, such as humor, romance, and some action too.

5. Death Note - I cannot describe the beauty of this Anime in words. It is a word of art. There is only one word that can truly sums up to define this Anime, and that word is perfection.

So those are my top 5.

6. Code Geass

7. Full Metal Alchemist

8. Kaze no Stigma


9. One Piece - Sorry, but OP has currently just became my favorite Anime. I highly recommend this to everyone.


I admit that the perfection of this Anime is not in it's art-style, but in it's character development that goes along with the storyline. The storyline of One Piece is simple and deep, which is the best combination for a long series in my perspective. Luffy is going to become Pirate King and along the way he recruits nakamas who have different dreams of their own that can only be accomplished by going to sea. Even though the Straw Hat crew member's dreams are different, they assist each other in order to turn their dreams into reality. And such unity exists because of their loyalty and trust in one another. The story seems pretty straight-forward and easy to pick up on from the start, but the plot just keeps thickening and keeps getting deeper in order to get the viewer wanting more. The crew have personalities that are contagious because they captivate you with the way they show their emotions and thoughts through attitude and dialogue. Each character has their own distinct traits that make them unique from others. They also have their weaknesses which they have to overcome time and time again in order to survive and do the right thing. It's interesting to watch how their different personalities can stick together in one group. The element that pushes most people away from this Anime is the art-style, not animation. After a few episodes, you will get used to it and feel that it's very warm-hearting and especially suited for this type of series. OP really is top notch in its animation. During any battle scenes, the movement of Luffy during his Gomu Gomu no... attacks and his Gears are flawless (of course, other characters too). Furthermore, the animation is paired very well with the voice acting, though it can never be perfect, it is of a very high standard. The series also has it's emotional parts too. Scenes such as Robin's cry for help and Going Merry's last wish are tear jerking (Yes, I cried. I'm 16). OP is also one of the Animes that made me laughed out loud. I enjoyed every moment of it's comedy. From Luffy's stupidity (but a genius in battle), to Sanji's love for girls, to Nami's obsession for gold, to Ussop's exaggerated lies, and much more. Oda elaborated the characterizations perfectly along with the story. Everyone is thoughtfully developed. I can't see any flaws in them. To me, they're flawless. Other Shonen Animes like Naruto and Bleach became insipid afterwards, but OP just keeps me wanting more and is never boring. The art-style is odd at first, but in time you'll get used to it and fully comprehend it's richness that goes along with the plot.

So if you haven't seen OP (Subbed), I recommend you to watch it right now.

10. Prince of Tennis
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25 / M
Posted 1/13/08 , edited 1/13/08
1.Zero no Tsukaima - Comedy and romance.Perfect blend.The last ep made me sniffle.Louise and Saito were totally made for each other.

2.Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn - Tsuna in his Hyper Dying Will Mode PWNS.Nuff said.

3.D.Gray-Man - Who does'nt lyk the battle against evil using giant metal arms,flying boots,super-sized hammers and humour to boot?

4.Lucky Star - Konata is lyk so many of us out there.How can u not luv her?And Kagami isn't really a tsundere if u ask me...

5.Bleach - I lyk the fact that Ichigo still has more to learn even when he's still so strong.The only reason why i still watch bleach is cos of that(and the vizards).And I jus realised the Bount Arc was a total waste of time....
Posted 1/13/08 , edited 1/13/08
Wow, this is incredibly hard. Well, here are my Top 5 in no specific Order

1] Heroic Age - Great SciFi War/ Action anime. This is definably superior to any other SciFi war anime. Don't like Scifi? Well, you'll love this one anyhow. It's that good.

2] DN Angel - A perfect anime with a perfect mix of Magic, Romance, Action, and Drama. It's a must see for anyone with even a slight interest in anime.

3] Clannad - A very good touching story line along with character development puts this anime at top in my charts. I personally love every minute of it, but this is a school life/drama anime so people who just love violence won't find this anime very good.

4] Death Note - Perfect, just Perfect. Nothing more to say. Just watch it.
Recoomended you end at ep 26 for the preferred ending =P

5] Da Capo - Magic, Romance, Harem, School life anime that just screams out to be watched. After Da Capo , it goes Da Capo Second then Da Capo II [just to clear up any confusion]

High Hopes: I really think H20: Foot Prints in the Sand and True Tears are both going to be awesome animes and they're both subbed by m.3.3.w fansubs so they're easy to download.
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28 / F / Seiretei
Posted 1/14/08 , edited 1/14/08
1.Bleach I simply LOVE this anime. It has action, it is funny it has great characters and unbeliavable battles!

2. Neon Genesis Evangelion What can I say, it is epic and it is a classic.

3. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei It is one of a kind! Cynical, sarcastic with great unique characters and the most awesome leading character!

4. D.Gray-Man I am not sure, but this anime has this something....

5. Fullmetal Alchemist Cool villains and really funny chibi Alchemists! Really good anime, I like it a lot!
(I might have put Lovely Complex but I am more of a shonen girl after all....)
Posted 1/14/08 , edited 1/14/08

washio-risuta wrote:

1.Bleach I simply LOVE this anime. It has action, it is funny it has great characters and unbeliavable battles!

-_-. I think Bleach comedy really fails... Naruto comedy fails even more. Haha.

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28 / M / Clow Country
Posted 1/17/08 , edited 1/18/08
1) 5 Centimeters Per Second
There can be no greater anime. It simply dominates the entire medium. It has perfected everything that is good in anime: animation, plot, music, and just overall high quality stuff. I can't recommend it enough.

2) Ef ~ a tale of memories
Holy crap I was stunned by this anime. This is seriously sugoi stuff. It recently dethroned Air TV as my top anime series. It has a beautiful style that is both original and well fitted to give more depth to every scene. It's unique method of delivering emotion hinges on many elements that will completely wow you. It manages to make your typical romance amazing.

3) Air TV
Despite being dethroned by Ef, Air was still an astoundingly good anime. Tragic, tear-jerking, and powerful, many of my favorite moments in Anime are contained within this brief series. Kamio Misuzu is my hero!!!

4) Voices of a Distant Star
Like 5 centimeters per second, this anime was directed by Makoto Shinkai, and follows that ever-so-painful theme of distance between two people. I'd say that this movie is an absolute masterpiece. In a brief 32 minutes, it managed to make me weep heavily. Though the animation isn't as good as other works by Shinkai, Tenmon's music and the incredibly done plot combined with a unique style really made this anime a powerful piece.

5) Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
Okay, so the show is insanely bloody, and totally maxes out the disturbing crap meter, but it does it amazingly. Its scary, but it's also enticing and thrilling. Needless to say, I got hooked early on, and was pretty much dragged through the first season in the fetal position. This is such a memorable experience, that the scarring from it warrants my top list any day. I highly recommend this mysterious horror-thriller anime.
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23 / F / in my house
Posted 1/18/08 , edited 1/19/08
1) CLAYMORE!!<3333galatea and teresa its a bit gory but it rocks!!!!

2) BLEACH-i like the part when they save rukia the best the rest r good 2

3) DEATH NOTE-i hate sad endings but the story was really good

4) ZERO NO TSUKAIMA-i really like the songs and its really good!!!

5) ROSARIO VAMPIRE-i like manga better but mayb its cuz theres more chapters. i imagined kurumu-chan w/blonde hair though.
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30 / M / Trudging on throu...
Posted 1/28/08 , edited 1/28/08
Note: This is not in any particular order because it is difficult for me to assign ranks to anime since they are all special and different in their own way. These are just 5 of my favorite anime and the reasons why they deserve being my favorite.

Major -
Well if you've seen this series, you will understand why it's my favorite. It's pretty funny, because I don't even like baseball. First of all the characters are great. Second the story and drama is amazing. Third, the action and suspense of the game is intense. I don't know about you, but if it can take a person like me, who doesn't much care for baseball, and make him cry and laugh with the characters, then I'd say it's pretty amazing!

Clannad -
This anime is flat out superb! It has made me laugh so hard that I cried, and made me cry so hard that it's not even funny. It is a well balanced anime. The characters are once again very loveable and funny.

Air -
This is made by the same people who made Clannad. The vibrant colors and brilliant art make it a feast for the eyes. It's an ideal series for creating AMVs. The storyline is great; it has a mysterious(in a good way) aura about it. Let me warn you though, please have a box of tissues or two while watching the last episode.

A Dog of Flanders -
A classic masterpiece of pure magnificence. It induces a feeling of sympathy for the main character, Nello. This was an extremely sad and heart wrenching movie.

Samurai X OVA (Trust and Betrayal) -
What can I say, this OVA speaks for itself. A powerful anime that impacted me a lot. If you have watched Rurouni Kenshin, this OVA series is all the more powerful and profound. (Warning: this series does have quite a bit of blood, so watch at your own discretion.)
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Posted 1/29/08 , edited 1/29/08
Gosh, I hate having to choose only five, it's so hard. But anyways, here they are:

I first assumed that I was more of a shonen-anime person, but one look at the first episode got me hooked. I love everything about it, from it's emotional romance to its occasional flat-out comedy. It's so heartwarming.

2. Claymore
Although I didn't like gory animes too much at first, this one was really interesting. All the warriors are women, and it has some awesome fighting scenes. It's very addicting.

3. Fullmetal Alchemist
Yes, I'm a shameless FMA fan.

4. Death Note
One of the first animes I ever watched. It's very thought-provoking, because no matter how convincing Light's and L's theories of justice are, you just can't decide which side to choose.

5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Such a cute anime. It has everything, from accidental perverts to genki girls!

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24 / M / hiding in one of...
Posted 1/29/08 , edited 1/30/08
1.elemental gelade
2.Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora
3.death note
(sadly licensed)
4.history greatest disciple kenichi
(sadly licensed)
5.hayate no gotoku
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Posted 1/30/08 , edited 1/31/08
1. Myself; Yourself
2. Hikaru No Go
3. Death Note
4. Bokura Ga Ita
5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Posted 2/2/08 , edited 2/3/08
Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni-The reason I started watching more anime.
Fate/ Stay Night -I just loved Saber so I started the game and loved it more.
Suzumiya Haruhi No [insert here] -Awesome anime Haruhi is so cool!
Jigoku Shoujo -Enma Ai is really cool and I like how theres always new stories like Higurashi
Code Geass -It was similar to Death Note and the Euphemia part made me cry (no spoiling there)

Shakugan No Shana
Hayate No Gotoku!
Kanon 2006
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