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26 / M / Auckland, New Zea...
Posted 3/23/08 , edited 3/23/08
naruto shipuuden- the story is realy good, plus its also funny, and cool fighting
dragonball series- its cool to watch, and also a bit funny, plus lots of explosion
hajime no ippo- good story, funny and boxing is cool
naruto- good story,funny and nice fights
slam dunk- its funny, interesing and really good anime to watch
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29 / The Wired World
Posted 3/27/08 , edited 3/28/08
CLaymore--I love how they fight in this anime and all the claymore's here are beutiful
Rurouni Kenshin-best samurai anime ever
S.E Lain-kinda hard to understand at 1st,but after watching it a few times,it really is good,~~~~~the internet~~~~~
Lucky Star-Konata is my idol,I wanna be just like her orz
Azumanga Daioh-a very funny anime

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28 / M / Germany
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/28/08
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu - Basically a normal slice of live Anime mixed with a lot of other genres but I found it somhow refreshing and watched it about 4 times ^^
Great Teacher Onizuka - Best Comedy Anime ever made. I had to stop every episode several times because I was laughing xD
Death Note - Would be my Number one if they had stopped after the 26th episode...Well it´s still worth the 3. place Awesome Mystery/Detective Anime
Black Lagoon - Best Action Anime in my opinion with really interesting (and fearsome ) characters. It lacks a bit of story but it doesn´t matter ;)
Code Geass - Hm... it´s somehow similar to Death Note if it comes to character development but the plot is different. ( The cliffhanger at the end sucks >.<)

other really good Animes:
Mushishi, Seirei no morbito,Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni,Monster,Ergo Proxy, Berserk....
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23 / F / go stalk me.
Posted 3/28/08 , edited 3/29/08
1. Ouran High School Host Club! :]]
---- Super nice nice anime! really funny! The hosts are cute, and hot, too!! I find it somehow romantic. xD

2. Lovely Complex
---- A story of a tall girl & a small guy.. Very funny and romantic! ^_^

3. Jigoku Shoujo
---- Hell girl (Enma Ai)..ermm..whatever! LOL. It's with the hotline to hell >> .. dunno if that link is true. lol~

4. Bokura ga Ita
---- love story~ lol. It's a bit nice... sad ending =|

5. Death Note
---- Suspence, etc~ LOL! XD A notebook.. chuchuness. lol!!
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24 / M / Philippines
Posted 4/5/08 , edited 4/6/08
1. Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn
2. D.Gray-man
3. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
4. Zero no Tsukaima
5. Clannad
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22 / F / Canada
Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/13/08
In no particular order:

Finally, a good anime where the females don't just stand around cheering. In fact, its that one male thats just standing around being useless.

Ushiro no Shoumen Daare
Sad, very very sad. I really like how the ending is somehow happy, but still leaves you crying. Kind of like a older version of Grave of the Fireflies, only Grave of the Fireflies is just flat out sad while Ushiro no Shoumen Daare has bits and pieces of happiness.

Hikaru no Go
Gives the motivation for the watcher to play Go, its ability to make Go seem so dramatic and important is amazing. Most series go draggy and boring if they are more than 30 episodes but I don't think Hikaru no Go ever left me thinking: "OMG, just get to the point already." If ghosts were real, Hikaru no Go would be Science Fiction then. It seems so realistic even though theres a ghost in it.

School Days
When I first began watching this anime, I expected you're average love triangle between a guy and two girls. But its not your average romance, its much much more. I like how School Days steps out from those happy romance animes with predictable endings. The ending to me is just one huge twist, shy girl goes psycho and kills. In a way, School Days is kind of realistic. I mean, it could happen. Besides, even if it couldn't happen, I'm tired of boring romances where theres a happy predictable ending. >_>

Elfen Lied - Extremely sad, maybe thats why I like it, I just love sad stuff. >_<

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai - I personally liked the second season more than the first. Anyways, I guess I like it because theres hope, a little bit of hope. The viewers get they're hopes up, expect there to be a happy ending after a arc since it seems like there will be, then BAM our hopes get crushed. T_T
Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/14/08
Vampire Knight- it's been a while since i watched a new good anime. I like how its serious and funny at the same time
OHSHC- Too funny, i luv the character personallitys
Naruto Shippuuden- i like who they're more mature, but still funny
Naruto- just too funny
Kanon- im a sucker for shojo beat stuff
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29 / M / Davao CT, Near G...
Posted 4/17/08 , edited 4/18/08
1.)Ef ~ A tale of Memories - The plot was so good and art was great. I really love it specially about its characters and how it was develop

2.)HanBun no Tsuki go Noboru Sora- really short anime but in that short time tell us about how short life is

3.)School Rumble- So funny anime, you can't predict whats gonna happen next. Its very random

4.)Death note- simply great

5.)Nodame Cantabile - love the music and the plot
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26 / F / the awesomest pla...
Posted 4/18/08 , edited 4/18/08
1) Sailor Moon!!!! - the first anime i have ever watched and i can watch it over and over and over again (even though the graphics arent as great as they are now lol)

2) Ouran High School Host Club - hilarious and soo cute!! i just love it and its my fav.

3) Gakuen Alice - also very has that whole superpower thing going on with other things (dont want to spoil it) and i love to watch those kinds cause it lets my imagination wonder ^.^

4) Bleach - i mean come on!! who doesnt like Bleach? its an awesome action/friendship anime.

5) Inuyasha - another awesomely awesome anime ^.^ (my brother got me into watching it xD) still love it eventhough they dont show it on tv anymore

and you know for good luck

****D.Gray-man - more action/drama/friendship/ maybe some love in the future XD dont know yet ...but i stayed up sooooo many nights just watching it and im still not close to what they are up to >.<
Posted 4/19/08 , edited 4/20/08
1- KateiYoushi Hitman Reborn
2-D. Gray-man
4-Death note
5-Soul Eater
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24 / F / ♥ Crunchyroll DUH! ♥
Posted 4/19/08 , edited 4/20/08
my top 5 is:

2.Gakuen Alice
3.Shugo Chara
4.Junjou Romantica (Yaoi)
5.Hayate no Gokuen
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29 / F / in the middle of...
Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
vampire knight
one piece
ouran host club
pitchi pitchi pitch(mermaid melody)
death note
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26 / M / land of promise,...
Posted 4/20/08 , edited 4/21/08
1. Bleach - the plot is so cool so as the characters, especially the captains and vizards.

2. Deathnote - such a cool and thrilling anime. There are so many twists and, idk i just like it.

3. Eyeshield 21 - cool characters especially hiruma and riku.

4. Full Metal Alchemist - so nice anime. and also funny but it has a sad ending, though.

5. School Rumble - funny characters and plot. especially when tenma did the arrow thing for karasuma. hahaa.
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Posted 4/22/08 , edited 4/22/08
Shari's Top 5 Favo Anime:

1) Kodocha
2) Fruit Basket
3) Nana
4) Kanon '06
7) Honey And Clover

I really love them all
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