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Posted 11/23/10 , edited 11/24/10
Avi For Sale :
*How to pay? List this group as your fav group and load at least 5 imuyasha pics in the groups album. Dont Forget to Invite your friends to this group, it is a rule( :. The first to claim the avii will get it, but you have to make sure you pay then post the claim.*
*Where do we pay? In the forum "Pay Here From My Fav Avii".*
*What should I post when I already payed? Just say that I payed the following as requested and I want Avii No. _____ in the Miroku & Sango category, And say any specific "quote" you want me to write, username, or even your own name or anything else."

From, Kuchiki_Rukia12
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