Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally
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Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally was written by Tomomasa Takuma. It portrays an alternate reality in the same time frame of Code Geass R1 through Code Geass R2.

However the main character of Nightmare of Nunnally is Nunnally not Lelouch. Since the official announcement for Code Geass products in 2010 it seemed many people got doubtful of the announcement as nothing new has been published. .

However Project Levy Delta a video game "recording" Youtube channel has decided to put together all 26 chapters of Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally into video format and post on youtube.

So for everyone who hasn't read Code Geass Nightmare of Nunnally or even for them who have never heard of it. This is now your chance to read all 26 chapters.

Of course the process of converting the manga to video format and making it easy to read while still making it move seamlessly and keeping it in one video file is time consuming so it appears one chapter shall be released every other day.

Chapter 1 is currently available on their youtube channel (here direct link) You can thank them for stopping their game recordings to do a job as big as this one!

As to note this is not to compete with other videos of Nightmare of Nunnally Manga. If you wish to read ahead by watching other videos that other people have made or wish to read the manga yourself if you have it, by all means do so.

This project consisting of releasing all 26 chapters to Youtube is to have a recent and current complete list of all 26 chapters by putting them together in one channel and making them a playlist when the chapters are all uploaded.

Please buy the Manga if you ever get the chance in order to support the original creators.

Also please support Project Levy Delta as well
(the link may take a while to load but it is no cost to you it seems the advertisement on the page generates income per view.)

Thank You all for your time! Arigatou~

Also here a little spoiler for the end of Chapter 6
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awesome, thanks for putting up the link!
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Hello, Everyone again!!

Because of Thanksgiving which was today as we all should know. Project Levy Delta completed chapter 2 this morning after pulling an all night-er in order for them to be able to break for Thanksgiving this afternoon.

Since Chapter 2 was already done, they also decided to upload it to Youtube a day early. (maybe chapter 3 might take a bit longer to put together)

Either way Chapter 2 is now up.

I will update this post in particular with all the chapters and the links as I find them completed!

Chapter 1: nunnally awakens

Chapter 2: clash nunnally vs purity league

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