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Posted 11/25/10 , edited 2/11/11
The desert prison is isolated by hundreds of miles of desert with hidden traps
low security compound

high security compound

Maximum security compound

Wardens changes every time someone completes a jail break mission

Dr. Curian A.K.A wheel of fate (house of the dead 3)
Power: electrokinesis (control over electricity)

Head guard: DEATH (house of the dead 3)

powers: super strength, EXTREME durability.
constantly patrolling hallways and guarding maximum security prisoners

Security cam watcher: SUN (house of the dead 3)

powers: can heal its self very quickly, VERY HIGH health.
never sleeps or blinks can instantly alert guards and DEATH if he sees you on the moniters

Under Warden: Fool

powers: very quick, INSANE stamina
do you really want to mess with this guy?
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Posted 11/27/10 , edited 11/27/10
"Rasetsu, I've brought news of the criminal you have been watching." I raised my eyes to the sheet that he had come to bring me. Slipping it into my hands, I opened the folded sheet. And upon it was a summary. But my attention reverted cleanly to what was in fine print... Capila of the Lambs had been captured. Out of controlled anger, I crumbled up the paper into my pop. "What is your next action Rasetsu?" Resting my hands on the top of my desk and pushing myself up onto my feet. I looked across him.
"In turn we will capture her from her prison cell. No doubt they will attempt to corrupt he bodes of power with experimentation of their own. For as she is an interesting subject to currently watch from afar, I think its time that we take it up close. Noel are you prepared to go out on the field with me?" Noels hands pushed into his pockets and his back moving slightly back.
"Oh yeah, I've been preparing for a day like this for a long time. I even got information on the current warden." I glanced upon him as I stepped from him.
"No thank you I think I would prefer surprises, you shall be in charge of the warden specifically." Noel's smirk became more efficient as his steps shadowed mine. I led his path outside. Already he had placed Cloud and Pyramid upon his back, now standing still behind me. As I used my telekinesis to form plates below our feet.
"Now where did you say they were located Noel?"
"Middle of nowhere, the desert." I nodded to his answer and the plate rose up. Eyes closing as I looked ahead several hundred miles at a time. Being still for nearly twenty minutes, I began to see the desert. I slashed the void before me, the rip opened and devoured us. Once inside everything was dark (black) yet completely still. Noel glanced around having seen this at least only once before. He perceived this without emotion as he (Noel) opened the palm of his hand and watched. The orb was as strong as ever... wishing upon becoming a perfect experiment... He discontinued this course of thought and close his right palm of hand.
"There it is," I spoke. In the distance, right in front of the prison, high/low maximum security, an eye began to appear. Once all of its detail became visible, it opened and then shattered. The glass flew past them and created such a suction that it sucked them in. Noel was not yet use to this and stumbled as I was completely still. "Regain your composure Noel." He did his best to do so as we appear back, this time in front of the prison. All of the guards that stood guard jumped at such an appearance. Cloud melted down into several bullets of its own and fired back at them, piercing through the prison walls and hitting many of the guards. Any bullets they fired back were caught up in my telekinesis. Stopped mid-air, Noel captured them into his control of metal, and fired them right back. The guards were absolutely no match and already the it was going on a full shutdown. I watched them closely as I looked up the rooms that were slowly becoming shut by my view. The final door struck shut and all entrances were closed off.

Magellen, whom appeared not surprised nor shocked at our appearance, came forth and so did Noel.
"Go inside doctor, I have this under control." Slashing the void before me and envisioning what I had seen before, that room, I entered and the rip closed. Noel looked to Magellen and frowned. "I never thought I would be fighting the devil himself." Magellen gave a short chuckle but all the rest of his humor melted off.
"I will destroy you once and for all." Noel smirked.
"I would like to see you try!" Magellen smirked, covering himself in a layer of his poison and placing the horns upon his fingers. Darting in Noels direction, Noel used the metal from the guards guns to fire at him. Yet each one deteriorated in the poison. Shocked, he dodged as best as he could. Once finally gaining distance after having dodged several times, and sacrificing sheets of metal to his poison... he huffed. Three yards apart from the warden, he glared and stood up right.
"Tired?" Noel smirked at Magellen.
"No, just warming up, you...warden?" In the palm of his hand the orb summoned into sight.
"Enough of THIS!" The poison had risen up forming into that of the three-headed hyrda. Coming up to at least 10 yards high, Noel closed his eyes. Selecting certain areas to throw pressure upon, he crushed the oncoming magellen. Creating pillars of gravity around him to ensure that he was untouched by this lethal poison. Gravity lifted up around him and Noel moved away, forcing the pressure upon Magellen more and more until he was sure he would not rise again...

The inside of the prison was rather beaten up, after entering I had broken the neck of a near guard. And took his appearance as my own. Traveling amongst the others, I thrashed them against the wall splattering their blood upon it. They were of no match and so far this was a cake walk. Unsheathing my true appearance, the prisoners banged against the bars. Many requesting to be released or simply shouted insults or propositions.
"READY--" I noticed several of the guards gathering around. Many of them... half of them had set up and were ready to fire. I snickered. " SET" Popping my neck and viewing them casually, I popped my neck. They were all in position. All eyes were set upon me, I simply wondered one thing... Could they keep up? "FIRE". Bullets went flying, I leapt up grabbing the wall and rebelling from it. The prisoners pulled back into their cells to seek cover. While I landed upon the center tower. And released a blast of telekinesis to thrust them all back. Guns were jammed, clips were missing and currently, they were disoriented. I passed my eyes over those there in their cells before spotting her. My legs pressed together and I held out my right arm as if accepting her hand for a dance.
"Ah, there you are... dear Capilla of the Lambs. Might I capture you and set you free from this prison?" She came up to the prison door and viewed me from below. The guards were not dead... but I was sure that would soon change. The cell doors popped off and the prisoners peeked out rioting out from their places. Using my telekinesis to step up to the cell door Capilla of the Lambs resided. I held out my hand as she stepped out from it. I removed the shackles upon her that restricted her use of her abilities. Once out, her pet reformed from the void beside her. Climbing upon it, I smiled and the side of the prison pulled upon. Outside, awaiting was Noel. Standing, he gave a bow to Capilla as he lamb stepped out.
"It was all for nothing... Doctor Kutsuu." I smiled at her words.
"Maybe... maybe not dear lady Capilla." Creating a path down for her, she rod off and was easily out of sight and gone. I walked out to view Noell's progress and saw that he had taken a souvenir. I smiled.
"Well done Noel, now, lets make haste. Its time to go." Opening a rip, we entered and vanished from the area.
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