my fufilling day at school today!!
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Posted 11/26/10 , edited 11/26/10
almost didnt even bother leaving the house but since i was sure i had class i finally headed out.

right into the turn into campus was a BUS that had squishyed a SUV in the front.

emergency response wasnt even on scene yet and the direction the bus was rather well blocking (it was coming out of campus going straght in a 4 way intersection) the north lanes yet there were not that many cars backing up yet.

i waited for a bit trying to figure if it was ok to just shift around the rather well blocked left turn. and eventually the cop,ambulance,firetrucks came.

i was running low on time and finally decided to just go ahead with the left turn signal, got past the wreck and into campus, which was totally deserted save one or two parked cars......

apprently no classes today meaning i just completly wasted a trip lol

that SUV was totally trashed in the front... the bus pretty much looked normal save the glass which must have poped at impact lol...

when i got there the wipers on the bus were still running even lol the driver had not turned them off so they were wiping nothing lol.

so what i did today in class..... NOTHING.. save see a wreck in the middle of the road that made it annoying to get to class lmao...
Posted 11/26/10 , edited 11/26/10
What a good waste of a trip, wouldn't you say? Being able to something like that.
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